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On this page we have gathered a number of resources, documents, videos and links to other websites to help you successfully navigate through the ever changing face of the internet. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact the school. We would be only too pleased to give you any help or advice about keeping you and your children safe whilst online.

E-safety Curriculum Overview

Really useful information about current social media apps that your children may well be using:
This document is an overview of e-safety teaching by year group.  Our e-safety lessons may form part of our PSHE and/or Computing teaching.

How To Keep Children Safe Online

10 tips to keep our children safe online.

Cyber Bullying Lets fight it Together

Internet safety for 8 -10 year olds

Keeping your personal information safe online.

Internet Safety - Newsround Special

Internet Safety

Child Internet Safety Summit 2013

The amount of information on the subject of internet safety can be bewildering. Below we have presented a set of quality resources which should provide you with all the information you need to know, to help you keep kids' online activities safe and fun. 


Wired Safety

Wired Safety is another American website providing information and guidance on internet safety.


Virtual Global Task Force

The Virtual Global Task Force is made up of police forces from around the world. It provides a range of advice, information and support.


Stop Cyberbullying

The Stop Cyberbullying website is a help guide for parents and carers. This American website has some elements not applicable to U.K. It does however provide valuable information about cyberbullying by age group. There are also useful questionnaires and guides to web etiquette.



Safe Kids

An American website covering all aspects of e-Safety including a useful section on mobile phones.



The NSPCC website provides advice on bullying, e-Safety and links to help-lines.



Internet safety information and guidance for adults and teens. The website has a 'kids' link to a child friendly area.


Net Family News

American website providing information and guidance on internet safety.


Missing & Exploited Children

The American national resource centre for online child protection.




Kidscape helps to prevent bullying and child abuse. The website has useful sections for parents and young people, and discusses what bullying is and what can be done about it.


Internet Watch Foundation

Internet Watch Foundation - the UK hotline for reporting illegal content. Information includes protecting yourself and your kids online, filtering options, website ratings, success stories from the IWF, the police and sister organisations, public campaigns.



Get Net Wise

An American website providing excellent information and guidance on internet safety.



Frontline - Growing Up Online

A US journalistic website which has produced a TV programme with several chapters addressing the issues surrounding 'Growing Up Online'. The website highlights 'the things parents need to understand - and teach their kids'...

Provides videos, quizzes, polls and interactive classroom activities, in addition to information for parents/carers.




The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre website helps you understand some of the new technologies that young people love to use. It updates you on potential risks children may come into contact with and empowers you to get involved in helping them be safer in their online experience.




Kidsmart provides e-Safety information and guidance, whilst offering games and competitions for young people.



Childnet International

Lots of information for young people on e-safety, including scenarios and games. It also provides free information leaflets for parents, a teacher area and factsheets.




Thinkuknow has been developed for young people to advise and teach them how to stay safe and be web wise. It includes information on: gaming, social networking, mobiles, chatting, podcasts, blogs, P2P TV and file-sharing. This resource provides a good help guide for parents.