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Reception – Brunel Class


Welcome to our class page!




The children are doing amazingly this term. Mrs Parsons and I are surprised every day at their fantastic achievements in their learning. 


We have been learning lots about writing letters this term and we are getting ready to send out the important ones to Father Christmas! If you do any letter writing at home it would be great for us to see this too. 


In Maths we have started adding small groups together. See how your child gets on with some problems at home. E.g. There are 2 boys and 3 girls at the table how many altogether? You have 1 teddy and 4 babies how many altogether? 


All children have now been given a key words book. This can be used how you wish but it is a central place for them to have their key words. The red words can't be sounded out and need to be learnt through memory. The black words are common words which would help the children to read without sounding out. 


Handy information 


  • Please make sure you return your slips to get Christmas performance tickets! 


  • The children now have phonics books. Please make sure the book is read 3 times before it is changed to build up the child's confidence and comprehension. 


  • Please remember we have a nut intolerance in class so please no nuts for snack or in lunchboxes. If you sent your child in with grapes these need to be sliced in half long ways. 


  • Please send your child in with a coat. We will go outside every day in all weathers as we feel it is very important for the children to have a good run around. A waterproof coat will help protect your child from catching a cold in the up coming months. 



Please feel free to speak to myself and Mrs Parsons if there are any issues, worries or concerns. At the end of the day we usually speak through with parents if there has been any problems so they are fully informed. Unfortunately unlike nursery we are not always able to speak to each parent everyday because of the ratio of children to adults so please do approach us if you would like to discuss anything! 

We will post important dates and messages on our class noticeboard in the window as well as on the website. 



  • 13th & 14th Nov - Parents Evening 
  • 11th & 12th Dec- Christmas Performance 
  • 19th Dec - Chirstmas Jumper day 




Miss Millard and Mrs Parsons