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The School Council  1

Brentry School Council is made up of two representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. The Class Reps are voted for by their classmates at the beginning of each academic year. The School Council aims to meet every two weeks at lunchtime. The Council works with pupils and adults in the school, sharing ideas, finding solutions and taking action to continually improve our school.


     Over the last few years the School Council has helped to:


  • Compile a Safer Routes to School Report which led to a bicycle shed being built.
  • Encourage pupils to bring healthier packed lunches to school.
  • Research and make decisions on how our new library should be furnished.
  • Produce a child friendly anti-bullying policy.
  • Interview for a new Head and Deputy Head Teacher, and most recently, a Year 2 Teacher.


The School Council purchased an outdoor clock and installed it in the playground. This was an idea from one of our pupils to help them learn to tell the time. The School Council welcomes ideas for new projects from pupils and parents.