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Year 2 – Monet Class

Wednesday 6th February


We had an absolutely fantastic visit to Bristol Zoo yesterday.  The children were so well behaved and incredibly engaged during all our activities.  In the morning we took part in an educational workshop which linked to our science topic 'habitats'.  The children learned about an animals basic needs as well as explore some different habitats such as the rainforest and desert.  Those who were brave enough even had the opportunity to hold a hissing cockroach as well as stroke a gecko and a rat.  During the afternoon we were in our groups and spent time exploring the zoo.  Today we will be writing a recount all about our trip so please pop in and read your child's account of our special day out.

Mrs Moore



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Monday 4th February


We hope you all enjoyed the snow last Friday - it's been lovely to hear all about the snowmen/snowball adventures the children had.  Don't forget that it's our class visit to Bristol Zoo tomorrow.  The children will need to wear their school uniform as well as a pair of comfy, waterproof shoes/boots.  The children may bring up to £4 spending money if they wish.  I will pop some photographs from our visit on our class page so watch this space!

Mrs Moore

Wednesday 23rd January 


What a busy few weeks we have had to start the new year.  The children are really enjoying our polar region topic.  Last week they wrote fantastic reports all about polar bears.  This week, the children have been finding out all about Emperor penguins - ask your child about the role of the male Emperor penguin! During our PE lesson on Tuesday the children pretended to be penguins and looked after their slightly unusual shaped eggs - photos above.

We enjoyed an explore of our outdoor classroom to discover micro-habitats within our school grounds.  We founds lots of different insects including 4 frogs! 

Well done to all of the children who have successfully achieved their 30 club bronze level and to all of those children who scores have increased - we are so proud of you.  Don't forget to check out our homework page to view copies of each level of the 30 club. 

Finally, thank you to all of you have returned the permission slips for our trip to Bristol Zoo.  Don't forget to visit the school gateway to pay any outstanding fees.


Happy New Year

We hope you had a wonderful holiday and have really enjoyed hearing all about what the children got up to during their break.  

This term we have lots to look forward to.  We start our new topics - take a look at our spring term curriculum overview to see which topics we will be covering this term. 

We are very excited to be starting the 30 club - a 5 minutes challenge recalling our 2,5 and 10 multiplication facts.  We will be starting this on Tuesday (14th) January so please help your child to learn these timestables.

Please feel free to pop in to ask any questions.

Mrs Ford and Mrs Moore

Whoops a Daisy Angel

Whoops a Daisy Angel 1

Wednesday 12th December


Christmas is here!  Wow what a busy week we are having.  On Monday we were lucky enough to watch a fab pantomime of 'Dick Whittington'.  The children were enthralled by the entertaining version and there were lots of boos and laughter.  Many thanks to our friends at POM's who arranged such a great treat for all of the school.  


This week, the children have been performing their Christmas play 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'.  We are incredibly proud of their hard work and they have been an absolute dream to practise the play with.  Well done Monet Class and we hope you have enjoyed their performances.


Next week the fun continues with lots of christmas arts and crafts as well as a yummy christmas lunch, next Wednesday.  If we don't get the opportunity to speak to you over the next few days, we would like to wish you a very happy christmas and can't wait to hear all about the children's holidays in the New Year.


Mrs Moore and Mrs Ford

Visit from Southmead Firefighters

Visit from Southmead Firefighters 1

Tuesday 27th November 


Yesterday we had a visit from a team of firefighters from Southmead Fire Station.  This visit links to out 'Great Fire of London' topic.  The firefighters showed us their equipment, talked about the role of a firefighter and taught the children how to stay safe in an emergency.  It was great fun!  If your child is interested on exploring our 'Great Fire of London' topic even more there are links to websites we have been using on our homework page.


Christmas is coming and we're getting ready for the preformance of the year 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'.  Don't forget to return your ticket request forms as soon as possible.  Look forward to seeing you all there.


The children have begun to practise their 2, 5 and 10 xtables.  We will testing them on their 30 club, starting in the new year.  Details to follow but any timetable CD's, games or books would make fab presents to help your child to recall these facts.


Bird man visit! We had a vist from the bird man on Friday 16th November - it was amazing!

Bird man visit! We had a vist from the bird man on Friday 16th November - it was amazing! 1
Bird man visit! We had a vist from the bird man on Friday 16th November - it was amazing! 2
Bird man visit! We had a vist from the bird man on Friday 16th November - it was amazing! 3
Bird man visit! We had a vist from the bird man on Friday 16th November - it was amazing! 4

Traction Man is on an adventure! Year 2 have been writing adventure stories about what Traction Man has been up to in school.

Poppy day art work in Year 2

Welcome back to Term 2!

We hope you all had an enjoyable half term. The children have settled back in well.

Next week are parent meetings so please sign up if you haven't already.

Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th November.


Odd socks day on Monday 12th November as part of this year's anti bullying week. Odd socks can be worn to school to show it's alright to be different and everyone is equal.


Image result for odd socks anti bullying

18th October. French lessons !

 18th October. French lessons ! 1
 18th October. French lessons ! 2
 18th October. French lessons ! 3
 18th October. French lessons ! 4
 18th October. French lessons ! 5
 18th October. French lessons ! 6
Bonjour! Our French volunteer teacher Catherine Harvey has come back to teach some French with Year 2 this week. She taught some French classes last year and will be back every fortnight. Today we practised our numbers to 20 in french and sang some french songs.

Tuesday 9th October 2018


Last week the children wrote some fantastic stories based on 'The Snail and the Whale'.  We are very proud of their hard work and the progress they have made since September - please pop in and ask to read your child's story.  Today, we read 'Dear Greenpeace' and will start to research whales in order to complete an information report about them.  Please if your child has any information book at home about whales could them bring them in to share with their classmates?


In numeracy we have been adding and subtracting.  We've added some links to games that the children can play online to help improve their skills.


We continue to work scientifically during our science lessons.  We really enjoyed looking at our results of our 'germ' bread investigation.  Ask your child all about what we have learnt and check out our photos of the final results - YUCK!


Just to clarify we will be going swimming this year though during our back to school meeting we announced that we would be swimming after half term.  This date has changed and we will be going swimming during the Summer Term instead.


Just a little reminder to make sure your child has all their belongings labelled with their names.  Please could you have a look in your child's PE bag just to check if there are any belongings which have accidentally been put in their bag by mistake?


Many thanks



Year 2 paintings of the 'Waterlily pond' by Claude Monet.

Who was Claude Monet?

We have found out all about the famous French artist Claude Monet and have tried to recreate a masterpiece that he painted! The children enjoyed getting the paints out and used their fingers instead of paint brushes.

Wednesday 12th September


We are having lots of fun getting to know your fab children.  They're such a great class!  This week we've been pretending to be scientists investigating how to make the biggest and best bubbles.  We are looking at numbers and working out what their value is.  During our English lessons, we've found out all about Julia Donaldson and have begun to enjoy our new class book 'The Snail and the Whale'. Ask your children what they've enjoyed learning about this week and take a look at our photos.


Tonight is our back to school meeting, straight after school - we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible.  If you're not able to come, pop in anytime after school and we can give you catch up.


The children have being reading so much at home which is great.  Please can you help us to remind them to pop their books in the tray when they need to be changed and to remember to collect their changed books from their own drawers at the end of the day.


Spellings have been sent home tonight.  Please could you help your child practise them.  They will need to bring their books back in, next Wednesday for their test.


*Next Monday (10th) during our science lesson, we will be making slime in the afternoon it would be fab if the children could bring in some old clothes to wear whilst we do this.


Thanks for your support and it's been lovely to start getting to know you all.


Mrs Moore & Mrs Ford   


Welcome to Year 2!

Monet Class.

The children settled in very well last week and have quickly got to grips with the new classroom and routines. We hope to see you all at the back to school meeting on Wednesday 12th September - straight after school.

We will go through routines and expectations for Year 2 and you will have a chance to ask any questions.

Reading books went out last week and we encourage parents to hear their child read at home at least three times a week. If your child's book needs changing there is a box to put it in.

Mrs Ford and Mrs Moore





Climbing wall! On Tuesday 19th June year 2 had a go on the climbing wall. They were all very brave and loved it!

Welcome to Term 6!

This term looks set to be another busy one! Next week is maths week

11th - 15th June

There will be lots of fun maths activities and a chance on Thursday morning at 10:50am to come into class to see what we are learning.


We are reading Roald Dahl books this term and are in the middle of reading The Twits. The children are really keen to read more of his stories and have been finding out about his life this week.


In art we made Mr Twit's beard using different materials and textures to represent the different bits of food he has stuck in it. The children wrote some brilliant poems about what could be lurking in the disgusting, hairy beard!


Pirate day fun!

Pirate day fun! 1
Pirate day fun! 2
Pirate day fun! 3
Pirate day fun! 4
Pirate day fun! 5
Pirate day fun! 6
Pirate day fun! 7
Pirate day fun! 8
Pirate day fun! 9
Pirate day fun! 10
Pirate day fun! 11
Pirate day fun! 12
Pirate day fun! 13
Pirate day fun! 14
Pirate day fun! 15
Pirate day fun! 16
Pirate day fun! 17
Pirate day fun! 18
Pirate day fun! 19

24th May - Year 2 Pirate Day!


To celebrate all the hard work by the children in Year 2 this term, we had a special pirate day. We made parrots, pirate masks and pictures. Then we solved pirate secret code messages. After lunch we had a party and danced. Then we had some delicious party food to share. What a fun day!


Well done Year 2 for all your hard work this term!

Mrs Ford and Mrs Pavier


Enjoy the well deserved half term holiday!

Pirate reading books

Pirate reading books 1
Pirate reading books 2
Pirate reading books 3

Monet Class  - Summer term

This term we are continuing our theme of 'Pirates' and have been finding out about Blackbeard! We have read several pirate stories and written our own pirate adventure stories. The children have enjoyed finding out about pirates and reading about them.


SATs - Year 2 will be taking their SATs tests from 17th May - 23rd May. Please ensure your child is in school in the run up to SATs and for the test days.

The children will have four test papers.

Reading paper 1

Reading paper 2

Maths arithmetic paper

Maths reasoning paper


We are practising questions and preparing the children for these tests during lesson time. All the children are working extremely hard.

Welcome to Monet Class


Autumn Term 2


Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely half term break.  Last term the children settled into life in Monet class very quickly and worked hard during all their lessons.  They enjoyed finding out about Julia Donaldson's books and we spent time familiarising ourselves with 'The Snail and the Whale'.  In maths, we became more confident understanding the place value of two digit numbers and solved addition/subtraction number sentences.  In science we learnt what it is like to be scientists and undertook lots of different (sometimes messy!) experiments. During our topic sessions, we learnt all about the 1990's and we hope you enjoyed our raving/dancing during the recent 60th birthday celebration assembly.



We are looking forward to a busy term ahead of us.  In our maths lessons, we have started to learn about measures and have began to use rulers to help us give accurate measurements.  During our literacy lessons, we have been practising spelling silent w words and have been creating firework poems.  In science we have started our new topic animal including humans by learning the names of baby animals.  In our topic lessons we will be leaning all about the Great Fire of London.  It's going to be a very busy, fun term!

Please keep checking this class page as we will keep updated with everything which is going on in Monet class.  Remember to pop in to say hello/ask questions and you're more than welcome to take a look at the children's work anytime.


Claire Moore & Laura Ford