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Year 3 – Gandhi Class

Dates for the Diary! 


As we all know, this term is such a busy one and is already flying by! There are loads of things going on concerning Gandhi Class, so here is just a little reminder. 


Friday 7th Dec - Year 3 and Year 4 Carol Service at Bristol Cathedral. We will be leaving at 11.30am and returning by 3.15pm. We will eat a packed lunch once we arrive. This trip is for the children only, no parents will be let in but I will take plenty of photos! 


Thursday 13th Dec - Whole class term treat - IF they get to their target for Dojo points! 


Friday 14th Dec - Roman Day! Children can dress up as a Roman, will try some Roman food and do some Roman art and design. They will show their outfits off in Celebration Assembly too! 


Tuesday 18th Dec - Christmas Art afternoon - things could get messy!


Wednesday 19th Dec - Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner! Letters should have gone home if you would like your child to have a Christmas Dinner. If you haven't got one, see the Admin Team and they can get you another one.


Wednesday 19th Dec, 6pm - Carols by Candlelight Service. Key Stage 2 will put on a spectacle for you all to see, including all things jolly and festive. A lovely evening to get us all into the spirit. 


Friday 21st Dec - Last day of term!



Welcome back Year 3! 


I hope everyone had a lovely half term and we are now ready to get back into the swing of things! Year 3 are covering The Romans this term and are already getting stuck in! We will be having a Roman Day at the end of this term, so watch out for a letter for that. 


We also have Parents Evening this term; I can't wait to talk about how the kids are getting on! Please make sure you try to fill in a survey as it helps us to improve the school. 


With Christmas coming up, the children will be getting very excited, but please make sure you are still doing all of the important things, such as reading as much as possible at home and getting those spellings done. It'll all help your child progress, which is why we are all here.


As always, any questions, come and find me! 


You have reached your 1000 Dojo Point Target! You now get the treat for the term! Due to your really hard work and concentration, you deserve a special treat! Well done for getting it today, just in time! 

Tomorrow, the children can bring their PJ's in a bag and change into them in the afternoon. They can bring one teddy and a snack to have whilst watching the film. They can wear slippers and a dressing gown too if they like! Just to stress, all children should come to school in their normal school uniform, and change after lunch. They will also go home in their school uniform! It should be a lovely afternoon!

Well done for all the hard work Year 3 and for settling in to Key Stage 2 so well! 



They will be participating in a tag rugby workshop - our topic in P.E this term, so I'm sure they will love it!

Make sure you check out the Gallery of Learning for pictures of what we are getting up to!

Welcome to the Year 3 class page and to the new school year! 


We have begun the year very positively with all of the children throwing themselves into Key Stage 2. They are getting inspired by our Stone Age topic and are enjoying the challenge of getting to grips with being in the Juniors. 


Thank you to all parents who attended the 'Back to School' meeting, as I mentioned to them, if you have any questions or queries, please come and ask! 


On this page, you will be directed to the Class Gallery - please keep an eye on this to see how the children are getting on in class and see what they're up to! Also, see the Spellings icon, where you can see the spelling lists as well as some ideas for how to spruce up spellings. As well as this, see the Home Learning icon where you will find some recommendations for useful websites. 


Now let's just enjoy the autumn term and all it brings! 

Gandhi Class reports will be going out on Friday 13th July! 



Tomorrow is our class trip to SS Great Britain.


The letter outlines all of the information you need and the children were well informed today about the day, but in case you can't find the letter, here are some of the essentials:


  • Children should all wear school uniform and comfortable trainers (colour doesn't matter).
  • Children should not bring any money and they were told this today, as well as it being written in bold on the letter. This is for various reasons. We do not have time in our busy schedule to go to the gift shop. Managing 30 children inside a small gift shop at once will not be possible and going inside in small groups will take up valuable time on the ship. Also, some parents might choose to not give their child money or forget to give any money for the shop, which is fine, but can be upsetting for that child when their friends are coming out with all sorts of goodies, and they don't have anything. This would not be fair on those children and I am not prepared to put them through that. I suggest you take your child during the holidays if you would like to buy them a gift! 
  • The children should bring a packed lunch, unless you requested one from the school.
  • The children should all have plenty of water to drink throughout the day.
  • We will be back to school by the end of the day, unless we face awful traffic. We will let you know about our progress.


I'm sure we will all have a fantastic day and the children will come home with all sorts of information about the ship! 


Term 6


Well, what can I say? Where has the year gone? I really can't believe we are in the final term of Year 3! 

We have loads of things to look forward to this term; trips, workshops, maths week including open morning, climbing walls, celebrations and more! 


The children have been learning about Poetry in English to start the term, and did amazingly well learning poems to perform in front of the class, they are certainly not lacking in confidence! They are enjoying writing their own poems and exploring the different types of poetry. 

We are now preparing for final assessments by revising topics in maths that need a little extra input. They are currently enjoying Shape in maths, pictures to follow.

Our new topic is 'Fashion' and there will be lots of fun activities involved in this - we will be learning about fashion throughout history. We have already covered fashion in Ancient Egyptian times, we look forward to learning about fashion through Roman Britain, The Tudors, Victorians, through the World Wars and fashion of the modern world.


We will be making the most of the warm weather by playing Rounders and Athletics for our outdoor P.E session and the children have been loving Benchball for our indoor session! 

Slumber Party Treat - 1000 Dojo Points between the class is amazing! Well done Gandhi Class! You hit the target!

Slumber Party Treat - 1000 Dojo Points between the class is amazing! Well done Gandhi Class! You hit the target!  1

Term 5 and the sun is shining!


Welcome to Term 5, thank goodness we can all enjoy a bit of sunshine at very long last. Term 5 is set to be a very busy one, here is what we are up to!


In maths we will be covering Shape - looking at properties, identifying 2-D and 3-D shapes, symmetry, angles and much more. 


In English we will be looking at Myths and Legends, starting with The Dragon Slayer. This is a fantastic video from the wonderful Literacy Shed. We will be retelling and innovating the story and will create some brilliant stories I'm sure!


Science this term is a great one for the outdoors - Plants! We will be exploring the Plant Life Cycle, how plants grow, how plants impact human and we will be experimenting with what plants need to grow. We will do this by planting cress seeds and taking away one element that they need in order to grow, we will let you know the results! 


In Art and Design we are looking at Sculptures. We will link this to our science topic this term by creating our own sculptures of natural things. We will be using clay, natural resources we can find outside and even be doing some junk modelling! 

Just a reminder that the new homework policy states that children must be showing evidence of times tables, spellings and reading at home in some way. That might be through practicing in their homework books, a note in their reading diary or some children are even taking 100 club sheets home, which count towards their times table practice. 


Please ensure that these things are happening at home- we are all working together to shape the best future for the children possible!

Make sure to check 'Gallery of Learning' to see the children working hard and learning loads! 

H A P P Y    2 0 1 8 !


Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a fun yet restful break.


The past two terms have been fantastic, the children are really thriving and making good progress which is fab! I know we have all been a bit relaxed about reading, spellings, times tables and all the rest of it in the run up to the big day, now we are back to school, it is routine as normal. The children will be working hard this term, there will be more annoyingly catchy times tables songs (sorry, but they do work!) and more progress. Don't worry though, it isn't all doom and gloom, they will be having loads of fun too. Our new topic is North America, so we will be doing some Street dance in P.E, possibly with a performance involved, we will see how they get on! We will also be linking this topic to their homework and to their English. They will be leaning about Animals including Humans and this will also feature in some of their homework, I will try to keep it interesting!


Anyway, there are loads of photos from our recent huge success of Roman Day! The children had a blast and looked AMAZING, thanks for all the effort put in by all, it was definitely worth it! Follow the 'Gallery' icon to have a look.


As always, come and speak to me at the end of the day if there are any queries!



 On Friday 8th December there will be a Roman Day for the Year 3 children! We will be doing Roman Art, Roman food tasting, extra history and Roman story telling. The children have the option to dress up as a Roman for this day. This is a fun, additional, optional way to enhance their day. If you can't get something sorted, it won't matter, they will still participate in all of the activities!

We also have enough cardboard now, thank you to everyone who donated.

Welcome to Year 3 and to Gandhi Class!


This is where you should find out what we have been up to, see pictures of your little darlings enjoying learning and where to find their homework if they have left it at school one evening! This year the children will be learning in different contexts, we will take their learning outside (as much as the 'Great' British weather allows) and they will be having loads of fun. To see pictures of all of their wonderful learning, follow the 'Gallery' icon.


The step up to Key Stage 2 is one that they have taken to like a duck to water and have all settled in fantastically well! They are tougher than their cute little, butter-wouldn't-melt, faces might show! 


As always, any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to come and find me!


The children have been learning all about The Life of Gandhi, both in and out of school. There have been some absolutely FANTASTIC posters created by the children at home. They should be so proud of themselves! I certainly am, and their posters are slowly making it up onto the walls. Come in and see them all, they really are a fabulous bunch! 


Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term and the children had a well deserved rest. They worked extremely hard over the first term in Gandhi Class and have started to show real maturity! This is fantastic to see! 


I hope you enjoyed their version of 'I'm walking on Sunshine!' and their fab Thriller dance! 









Sabrina's fantastic work beginning to understand The Life of Gandhi.

1980's art!

1980's art! 1 Geometric 1980's inspired artwork! Fab work!








A reminder that on Tuesday 10th October it is World Mental Health Day. The children should try and wear a little bit of yellow if they can! We will be discussing emotions and feelings and ensuring the children are aware that there is always someone to talk to if they would like to, in and out of school. 

Another reminder! 

Year 3 should try and wear anything that looks like 1980;s style on Thursday 19th October for Brentry's Birthday Assembly. Anything neon, think leg warmers and plastic jewellery! I wonder how many mini Michael Jackson's and Madonna's we will spot...


We will be singing 'I'm walking on sunshine' and will have some complex dance routines (a few actions) to go with the words! If you could possibly try and encourage some extra practice, we will all be grateful on Thursday!

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