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Year 4 – Mandela Class

What a state!

Our science topic this term is 'States of Matter'. Today, the children grouped different materials into solids and liquids, which created some really interesting discussion. Then they had a go at being the particles in solids, liquids and gases.

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Ancient Egypt

Take a look at our paintings of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses...! The class also had a go at writing their names in hieroglyphics - the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of our alphabet.

Welcome back everyone - I hope you enjoyed the half term break! I look forward to seeing you all at Parents' Evening next week, but in the meantime, here's what we will be getting up to this term:


In maths, we begin the term looking at written addition and subtraction methods before moving on to geometry. Our literacy work at the moment is centred around the wonderful picture book 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne and will be followed up by a short novel called 'The Wolf's Footprint' by Susan Price. In science, we will be learning about states of matter (solids, liquids and gases); and our new history topic is all about the ancient Egyptians! A project linked to this topic will be set on Friday.

Crocodile Rockin'!

A fantastic time yesterday had by all! A massive well done to Mandela Class, who performed their version of the Elton John classic 'Crocodile Rock' with great energy and enthusiasm. It's been wonderful to hear how much they've enjoyed our 1970s topic. They've worked so hard and this was a great finale.


Keep listening out for more competitions and events throughout the year linked to our 60th birthday!

Hot off the Press!

On  the shelves today: Mandela Class's 1970s magazines! The pupils have been working mega hard all term to bring you all the hottest information on music, fashion, entertainment and what life was really like in the groovy seventies. You don't want to miss these totally radical editions. Can YOU dig it...?!

Science: Organism Hunt

Our science topic this term is 'Living Things and Habitats'. This afternoon, we went on an 'organism hunt', looking for different plants and animals that live on the school ground, and we discussed the conditions of their habitats, e.g. dark and damp or light and airy.

Hi everyone! We've had a couple of weeks to settle in now and the children have been working really hard in Mandela Class.


In maths, we have been revising and extending on the pupils' understanding of place value (including rounding, ordering and comparing 4-digit numbers) and in literacy we have been working on developing basic skills and recognising different types of sentences. Next week, we will begin a new literacy unit based on the book 'The Chocolate Touch' by Patrick Skene Catling.


We've been having lots of fun getting immersed in our history topic about the 1970s! Thanks to everyone who has sent things in for us to look at or to go in our 70s memorabilia box. Any photos etc. that you have from the era would be great to see! (We saw some lovely photos of a certain headteacher yesterday - with a lot more hair on his head than he has now!)

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Welcome to Mandela Class!


Welcome back to school everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic break over the summer. It has been great to get to know the children over the last couple of days and they have done really well at settling in to new routines.


I do hope to meet you all at the Back-to-School meeting on Thursday, but please feel free to pop in any time if you have any questions.


Miss Ogleby 

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