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Year 4 – Mandela Class


Building Bridges

To kick start our new topic, the children worked in groups to construct bridges using recycled materials. After looking at a variety of different structures, they worked together to design and then build their own bridges. I was extremely impressed with their creativity and excellent team work skills.


Hopefully this has given the pupils some inspiration for their homework projects.

Trip to St Werburgh's Farm

What a wonderful day we've had today at St Werburgh's. The rain managed to hold off and we even caught a glimpse of sun...!


It was a brilliant taster of things to come on Year 4 camp. We had a tour of the farm, watched a sheep shearing demonstration, made toy sheep from its wool and listened to a story around a fire. It's got both the children and me very excited about things to come on camp!


Welcome back after the Easter break. I hope everyone had a great time and managed to enjoy the good old British sunshine. A short term for Term 5 but lots to pack in! Here are some of the things we will be learning about:



We will begin the term reading the fantastic 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes. We will look at the way that he creates tension and suspense and use some of his ideas to write our own stories.



It's all about fractions and decimals this term. We will begin by using images and objects to help conceptualise fractions and move on to solving more abstract problems as the term goes on.



Our topic is 'Animals Including Humans' this term. We will be learning all about digestion and tooth decay as well as finding out about food chains.



We move on to an art focus this term where we will be learning about realism in art and using a range of techniques to create our own images in this style.

Have an egg-cellent Easter, from Mandela Class
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Science: circuits
International Week

Family read

Thanks to everyone who came along to the family read this afternoon! It was a lovely opportunity to see parents, pupils and staff all reading together and sharing stories.

We are reading the fantastic Big Blue Whale book by Nicola Davies. It's a wonderful non-fiction book with some great illustrations. We are using it to find out all about blue whales and will be building up to writing our own non-chronological reports on these fascinating creatures.


To help us get an understanding of the enormity of blue whales, we went outside and measured the length of them - 30m!


Letters from Nepal

Today we received replies from the children we wrote to in Nepal...

Science Day!

We've had great fun today learning all about chemical reactions. The day started off with a fantastic show from Mad Science and we then carried out our own experiments in the classroom. First, we made lava lamps using oil and water and then we observed what happens to food colouring in milk when you add washing up liquid.

Our heart rate experiment

Pulses were racing today in science when we did an experiment to investigate the effect of exercise on our heart rate. Jumping Jacks and running sent our BPMs (beats per minute) sky high; whereas walking only raised our heart rate by a little.


Remember, it's important to do exercise which gets our hearts beating faster in order to keep us fit and healthy. smiley

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and are all geared up for the new term. Here are some of the things that we will be learning...



Our new book is the fantastic 'I Was a Rat' by Philip Pullman. We will be using this text to write persuasively as well as revise our work on newspapers.



It's all about 'multiplicative reasoning' this term. We will be doing loads of times table work, so a great chance to move up in the 100 Club.



We will be doing lots of practical experiments in science this term linked to humans and animals.



It's a geography focus for the next two terms (look out for details about our geography showcase afternoon in term 4). This term we will be learning all about Spain. Take a look at some of our paintings of the Spanish matador in the style of Pablo Picasso!

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Aww, look at these three reading together. They're looking at the Anthony Browne books which we've read this term.
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Merry Christmas from Mandela Class! smiley
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Virtual Museum

Thanks to all of the parents who came to look round our virtual museum this afternoon! It was a great opportunity for the children to show off all of the history work that they have done over the last two terms; including the fantastic pyramid projects that they've worked so hard on at home.

States of Matter

Today in science, we started to think about the differences between solids, liquids and gases. Coming up with a definition and grouping various materials was trickier than we first thought! Once we felt more confident, we had a go at representing the particles in these states of matter ourselves:

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The Wolf's Footprint

We have just started reading 'The Wolf's Footprint' by Susan Price. Today we created freeze frames in role as the main characters to help us understand how they might be feeling.

We also used a 'conscience alley' to help us consider a character's dilemma.
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Welcome back everyone- I hope you had a great half term! Parents' Evening is next week (a letter will be going out shortly) so I look forward to seeing you then, but in the meantime, have a look at some of the things we will be getting up to this term:



For the first part of the term we will be using a wonderful book called 'The Wolf's Footprint' by Susan Price to inspire our writing and then we will move on to 'Into the Forest' by Anthony Browne.



Last term was all about mental addition/ subtraction and this term we will be progressing to written methods. As always, please feel free to come in and see me if you would like me to go over any of these methods with you - they  may well be different to the ones you learnt at school. We will end the term with some geometry work.



Our science unit this term is on States of Matter, so we will be investigating solids, liquids and gases.



It's another history focus this term: the Ancient Egyptians. The pupils have already told me some of the things that they know about this fascinating period in time and we will be learning more about mummification, pyramids, pharaohs etc. over the coming weeks. The homework project, 'build your own pyramid', will be sent out at the end of the week.


Science: Living Things and Habitats

Today we explored an example of a local habitat - our outdoor classroom. We observed a variety of organisms: from a pear tree to a frog!

Our work on the Anglo-Saxons

We've really got stuck into our topic on the Anglo-Saxons this term. We've learnt all about where the Anglo-Saxons came from and why the settled in Britain; and have used images of artefacts to discover more about what life was like back then.


Here's a sneak peak of some of the work that the children have done; including designing Anglo-Saxon shields, painting ships and writing their names in runes. All this and more will be displayed at our virtual museum in December!

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


Welcome back to the start of the new school year! The children have had a great week settling into Mandela Class and getting used to the new routines. We've started our topic on the Anglo-Saxons and next week we will begin reading Michael Morpurgo's version of 'Beowulf', which is an old Anglo-Saxon tale. In maths we have begun our work on place value in four digit numbers.


Thanks to those parents who came along to the Back to School meeting on Wednesday. It was great to see you. If you didn't manage to make it then I look forward to seeing you soon. Feel free to pop in any time to say hi!


More information to come soon.


Rebecca Ogleby (Year 4 class teacher) 

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