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Year 5 – Freeman Class

Welcome to Year 5 and Freeman Class

Week ending 7th December 2018


It has been another extremely eventful week as we race towards the end of term. Rehearsals for our Carols by Candlelight have begun; Rizwan visited the class, after a whole school assembly, to talk about what it means to be a Muslim in Britain today; we engaged in a very interesting and informative discussion about British Values - and completed our viewing of Jason and the Argonauts to support our adventure story writing. Added to the mix were some maths lessons on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 - so the children are fully deserving of their homework free weekend - just this once!

I hope you agree this is a fitting reward for the hard work they clearly put in to their Ancient Greek projects, a selection of which are shown here below.


Next week, we will squeeze in some end-of-term assessments alongside the final touches to our literacy, numeracy, science and history topics. We hope many of you will be able to join us on Thursday to view some of the work we have completed this term in our open morning. These sessions are always enjoyed by the children who are proud to showcase their achievements so do please pop in after 9 o'clock registration. 

Other events that are being eagerly anticipated are:

  • Whole school pantomime of Dick Whittington on Monday 10th December
  • Years 5/6 trip to France on Friday 14th - Monday 17th December
  • Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day - Wednesday 19th December
  • KS2 Carols by Candlelight evening - Wednesday 19th December


Week ending 30th November 2018


This has been a week of mixed emotions as we said goodbye to our wonderful German student Gloria Raus and our long-standing member of staff Jane Parker-Smith. We enjoyed every moment of the time, support and friendship they both gave to our school and wish them every future happiness for their new adventures. A heartfelt THANKYOU to them both. Here, Makenzie was lucky enough to sneak a photo with Gloria before she left.

Picture 1

The class have continued to work superbly this week and have completed their unit on play scripts with some entertaining and engaging writing. We will be moving on to adventure stories next week and are hoping to base this around Greek mythology to tie in with our history topic. This, itself, has seen some learning about the differences between Athenians and Spartans and the children produced some detailed comparisons about the two.

We also investigated some processes of separation for our science unit on Materials. All rather messy at times but it was evident that sieving is definitely the way forward to separate those little things!

A final reminder: the history project is due in this coming week, on Friday 7th December. I have been really impressed with those that have already been completed and look forward to seeing the final products by this date. In addition, the children have been asked to work through the next test page in their Schofield and Sims maths booklet. Further homophones have been provided for their spellings homework.


Week ending 23rd November 2018


This has been a really enjoyable week with the absolute highlight being our ice skating session at Icescape in Weston-super-Mare. The children behaved impeccably and thoroughly deserved this treat as the "best attenders" class from last year. Many, many thanks to Mr Clarke for our day out and to the parents also, who helped out so ably and with such enthusiasm. Clearly, as the photos demonstrate, I have some practice to put in if I'm going to reach the accomplished skating talents of the children!

We have also been busy with our new literacy unit on play scripts. We identified the layout and features of this writing genre and had a practice at converting a short story into a play. We are now in the process of creating a storyboard for one scene in the Greek myth, "Theseus and the Minotaur," ready to use for our own play script drafts.

In numeracy, we have begun our unit on multiplication and division, starting with multiples and factors. Next week, we will build on this and move on to prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers so keep learning those times tables facts: they will prove invaluable in the weeks ahead. Thank you, too, for having such a good go at the new homework booklets. There were some tricky questions in there and the children did themselves proud.

The history topic gathers pace and we learned this week how historians and archaeologists gain so much of their evidence from surviving works of pottery. The class have begun to design and paint their own version of Greek pottery, using original geometric patterns and pictures of everyday life. Keep an eye on the gallery for photos of their finished articles.

Literacy homework has been set, due in for Wednesday 28th November, but there is a reminder attached that the home projects are also due in shortly (Friday 7th November).


Here are a few photos of the work we have been doing in gymnastics. The children were performing their sequences which had to include a minimum of one balance, one jump and one roll to consolidate the work we have been covering this term.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Week ending 16th November 2018


It was lovely to see so many of you this week at Parents Evenings. It is always a great opportunity to catch up with how the children are getting on and to celebrate their work. That work has continued apace and last week's remembrance artwork was completed to make this wonderful classroom display. It certainly adds a touch of colour to the walls.

Picture 1
Picture 2

We have also been working hard on the composition of our gymnastic routines and have now added rolling techniques to the balance and jumping sections previously practised.

As part of anti-bullying week, we discussed the theme of "Choose Respect" and identified lots of examples of how we can show respect in everyday situations. We performed some drama sketches, produced some banners and posters and conducted some really informative conversations about both respectful and disrespectful behaviours. More photos of these activities will be displayed in the gallery shortly but here are some of the Odd Socks Day we held to launch the week and show the celebration of our differences and uniqueness.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Homework this week is a section of questions taken from the first page of a new maths booklet each child has been provided with. A letter of explanation has been sent home to accompany it so do please check your child's bag to ensure you receive it. In the event the letter does not make it home to you, I have attached a copy of it in the letters section above. Spellings will focus on the contractions we have been practising in class i.e. words which have been shortened or merged with another, using an apostrophe, such as don't.


Week ending 9th November 2018


A big welcome back to you all after what I hope was an enjoyable and restful half term break. Parents Evenings will be taking place next week on Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th for which most of you have signed up. If you have missed the opportunity to put your name down, then there are still a few slots left so do let me know if you need me to put you down for one of those: the timetable has been attached in the letters section above.

We have started Term 2 with a vengeance and have been busy already with finding the area of rectilinear shapes, consolidating some comprehension and grammar skills, learning about the symbolism of the poppy as we lead up to Remembrance Day and thinking about our forthcoming history topic on The Ancient Greeks. Below is a display of some of the aspects of ancient Greek life we will be studying and the children are looking forward to contributing their own artwork as we go along.

Picture 1

Anti-bullying week takes place next week and the children have been invited to come to school on Monday wearing odd socks. This is an opportunity to celebrate differences and identify what it is that makes us all unique. A letter was sent home to give a few more details about the activities planned and I anticipate it to be lots of fun for us all. If you missed the letter, I have attached a copy in the letters section above.

Hopefully the third letter made it home to you as well, concerning our trip to Weston-Super-Mare on Wednesday 21st November. This is a real treat for the class who won the highest attendance figures for last year - and includes a free ice-skating session at the Tropicana. The letter does highlight my plea for parent helpers so do please let me know if you are willing and able to help that day.

No new homework has been set today. I would like the children to spend their time ensuring they have decided which of the project tasks they will be completing - and gathering research to show they have begun work on it. There will be a test next Friday on a selection of the words from the Year 5/6 spelling list.

I look forward to seeing you next week - and don't forget to check out the gallery above to see some of the poppy artwork completed this week.


Week ending 26th October 2018


We have survived the first term in Freeman Class and are now fully deserving of a week off to help recharge our batteries in readiness for term 2. It has been a really productive 8 weeks in Year 5 and I have been delighted to see such good quality work throughout and genuine enthusiasm from the children to do their very best. More of the same on return, please!

A couple of highlights stand out for me from the last fortnight: the class performed a "sketch" at the harvest festival and, despite a few technical issues, they kept their cool and stayed focused to deliver some interesting information on how Vikings celebrated harvest and then sang beautifully - well done!

In addition, we received a visitor last week to share her thoughts on humanism, as part of our RE curriculum. I was impressed with the class' thoughtful questioning and responses to the input: a real credit to the school.

Finally, in class, the children finished their newspaper articles - demonstrating a number of budding journalists here in Freeman Class - and they also created their information posters, using research they had conducted on one aspect of Viking daily life.

A few photos of these activities are displayed below.

We are looking forward to beginning our new history topic on the Ancient Greeks when we return and a homework project has been set in order to help the children get motivated and inspired for this. Please do look in their school bags for more information on this.

Have a thoroughly enjoyable half term break and I look forward to seeing you all 5th Nov.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Week ending 12th October 2018


We have managed to withstand the onslaught of rain bursts and blustery winds this week so hopefully the weekend will be a lot calmer. no

The class have made great progress with their Viking newspaper reports, using the Talk for Writing process to help record the article in writing. We are looking forward to using this structure to compile and write up our own newspaper reports for next week.

In numeracy, we have been busy applying all our addition and subtraction knowledge to tricky word problems and puzzles - with some fantastic results. We can move on confidently now to finding perimeters of rectangles and investigating different angles.

The science unit on Materials has thrown up a whole range of technical vocabulary but the terms "thermal conductor and thermal insulator" should now result in a nod of acknowledgement when you mention them to your children... and they should be able to provide examples of each if you ask them!

It was lovely to receive a special visitor from the Dogs Trust early Monday morning. We were treated to a workshop session on Being Dog Smart and learned lots of interesting facts about dog behaviour. Thank you to Helen and, of course, Trekka.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

A reminder:

Harvest Festival is taking place next Friday and it would be lovely to see as many of you there as can make it. The class will be contributing a little 5 mins "piece" and I know the children always like to see a friendly face or two in the audience. Hope to see you then.


Week ending 5th October 2018


It has been another fantastic week and Freeman Class have accrued 12 gold stars already for their hard work, positive attitude and good behaviour. Long may this continue!

With the biographies now complete, in literacy, we have moved on to identifying and using features of a newspaper article. We have begun by learning an account of the Viking attack on Lindisfarne monastery through the process of Talk for Writing - and the results have meant I am already looking forward to their finished products: we have some creative and descriptive writers in the class, that's plain to see.smiley

We have also been working hard in maths, applying our knowledge of addition and subtraction to some tricky problems and inverses.The homework this week is directly related to this - but it comes with a warning: do double check that the answers make sense!

It was good to see that the children knew so much about electricity from previous learning and we will be using this next week to investigate electrical and thermal conductivity as part of our science unit on materials and their properties.

We have also managed to fit in some art activities and once again, I have to say how pleased I am with the quality and detail of their work. Some of their pencil sketches of dragon heads for the Viking long ship design are shown below.

Believe it or not, Brentry classes were given their first taste of Christmas 2018 this week... Organised by the ever-supportive and proactive team of POMs, the children were invited to design a card cover which will be printed up and offered as a pack to buy. Their efforts were commendable - and have been displayed in the gallery section: I couldn't quite bring myself to put them on the front web page this early in October - but I think you'll agree, they are fabulous.


Week ending 28th September 2018


It seems unbelievable that we are already at the end of September but I guess the saying is true: time flies when you're enjoying yourself!

The children continue to work hard and I have been particularly impressed with their decimal calculation skills and the first drafts of their biographical writing on Cathy Freeman. The homework this week relates to the time adverbials which we have covered in class, words and groups of words that add detail to a verb about when it happened.

We have also begun our science unit on materials by introducing some of the language associated with their properties. Below are a few photos of the children working together to help identify some of these scientific terms and match them with the relevant material.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Congratulations to Sophie who continues to win more medals and trophies for her collection through her involvement in BMX competition. Her recent foray saw her awarded 6th place from a starting number of around 140 entrants. Here, she looks deservedly happy and proud.

Picture 1
Picture 2

To end with, here is a date to put in your diary: Wednesday 21st November.

Last year, the class, as a whole, won the attendance award at school and, as tradition demands, the winners are given a reward. This year, Mr Clarke has arranged a day trip for Freeman Class to visit Weston-Super-Mare. The weather, no doubt, will limit our chances of having a picnic lunch on the beach (!) but we have been given an afternoon's ice-skating session at Icescape Tropicana while we are there. We plan to also fit in a trip along the pier but the day's full agenda will be finalised nearer the date. In the meantime, please do let me know if you would be able to come and lend a hand on the day - adult supervision is essential but also I can't face the thought of tying up 30 sets of laces by myself!

A letter will be out in due course for the necessary permission slips.

Have a good weekend.


Week ending 21st September 2018


This has been an enjoyable and productive week, with the children really beginning to show what they are capable of. We have begun to examine biographies and have learned how to organise ideas and statements chronologically, using this to apply time adverbials to our writing and to order Viking events along a time line. We discussed how and why the Vikings invaded Britain and will be looking at the power of their long ships more closely next week.

Within numeracy, we have completed a number of activities to help round large numbers and decimals to the required degree of accuracy.

In PSHE, we discussed the setting of personal targets for the year and it was good to see so many aspirational - but achievable - goals being recorded. Let's see if they stick to their commitment and achieve their goals by the year's end.

It has also been noted what a great bunch of sportspeople we have in Freeman Class: they thoroughly enjoyed and participated in a great session from Clifton Rugby Club: fun, energetic and informative, we are hoping the coaches will be able to run a club at the school later in the term so watch this space! Photos of the session are below.


Week ending 14th September 2018


It seems that the first two weeks of school have flown by yet already the children have mastered their new routines and expectations - and, indeed, the art of navigating the new school buildings! Congratulations to them on such a positive start.

Thank you, too, to the parents who attended the back-to-school meeting on Thursday. It was fantastic to see the familiar faces of some previous siblings' parents but also to welcome those of you I had not yet met. I look forward to getting to know you more over the coming year.

Freeman Class have begun the term with some work on place value, including the comparing and ordering of decimals. We have been consolidating some basic punctuation rules for our writing targets and practising the spellings of words that use the -able suffix. Our history topic has kicked off with examining where the Vikings came from and our class display is a work in progress to show-case some of their artwork.

Picture 1

The highlight so far was participating in a yoga workshop and testing our flexibility and balance. There is room for improvement - but it was great fun and we were taught some useful techniques for calming the mind and body.

See if you can pick up a few moves from our photos!

A reminder: Homework will be set on a Friday and expected to be handed in by the following Wednesday. The first task has now been given out so do please check the children's bags this weekend! You should also have received a parent overview, outlining the curriculum we will be covering throughout the autumn terms. 

As the term progresses, this web page will be updated regularly and aims to keep you informed with all up-coming events, what the class has been doing and provide you with photos and examples of the children's work. Definitely worth checking in with!

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and let's hope we have a little sunshine left for it.