Brentry Primary School

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Comic Relief 2017

Change Challenge

We had such a fantastic day on Friday, 24th March. The day started with all of the classes lining up their change in the playground. The children have been bringing their spare change in all week and we couldn't believe how much there was! The aim was to get the longest line of money. Altogether, we lined up a whopping 384 metres of change. Picking it all up at the end was a pretty challenging task! Watch this space to find out how much money that adds up to, once it's all been counted by the lovely Miss Mel.


And the winning class was..... FREEMAN CLASS! With an incredible 88 metres of change, they raised the most amount of money for Comic Relief. Plus, they get to choose Mr Clarke's face paint design next week. Stay tuned to find out what they pick...

Sing and Dance for Comic Relief

The day ended with a chance for the children to show off their singing and dancing talent - and what a talented lot they are! It was fantastic to see so many children performing in front of the whole school. They were so brave and very entertaining. Here are a few photos of our superstar children.