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w/b - 30.3.20


So, we have had a week of 'home schooling'. I hope it has gone well so far. Don't worry if you've done loads or hardly any, this is a strange situation and being out of routine is really difficult. Please do keep trying with the home learning, even if it is only Reading once a day and keeping those times tables fresh in your mind. That will all help. If you can, do something creative each day - sketching, colouring, painting, role play, singing, dancing or cooking. This will help the day go a bit quicker and keep it interesting. Well done if you have managed to get into your own little routine. Structure in your day will help the children know what they are doing and will hopefully keep them occupied. Joe Wicks P.E seems to have been a hit; do try to keep active! From this week, there will now be some directed daily tasks on this page to give you new ideas of how to keep learning at home. 

Data Collection


Collect a load of lego/toys and sort them into their colours. Write this into a Tally Chart and then create a Bar Chart from this information. You could also write it as a Pictogram!



This week we would be learning all about Fractions of objects. Set yourself some mini tasks where you find half, quarter, three quarters or thirds of a set of objects. This could be of all your DVDs, teddies, coloured pens, collectables, anything really! 

Write a Mythical Story!


Use one of these pictures to create your own stories! Think about the character(s), setting, problem and resolution. Try to write three paragraphs. The first should describe the setting and introduce the character. The second should see your character face a problem and the final should include how your character resolves the problem. Do they find a key? Map? Magic dust? Get creative! 

Remember to use:

  • Full Stops
  • Capital Letters
  • Powerful Adjectives 
  • Similes (as dark as a cave, hairy like a gorilla)
  • Exclamation Marks?
  • Question Marks?
  • Ellipsis...
  • Short and Snappy Sentences
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1

Non-Chronological Report


I would like you to choose a country within Africa and write me a non-chronological report based on this country. This can be in the form of a leaflet, PowerPoint or information poster. You should find information and write it up in your best writing. You should also draw pictures to go with the subheadings.


You should split it into these subheadings:

Where it is within Africa