Brentry Primary School

Learn Together - SHARE Success


In this Live Lesson, we will have a chance to discuss the task and different ways of approaching it, but - in case you are unable to attend the Zoom meeting - here is what I will explain:


You may remember our Home Learning Project when we studied the Ancient Egyptians. This gave you the chance to prepare a presentation or model about an aspect of our topic. This term, we will be studying natural disasters and this comes from an understanding of how the Earth is made up. Our Term 4 Geography project should be another chance to get creative. I would like you to create a model or prepare a presentation that demonstrates the layers which make up the Earth. The making of this model should be fun as well as informative, so don't be afraid to think outside the box. You could use clay, play-doh, lego, cake, paint, anything! Once your model is complete, keep it safe. I hope we will have a chance to share our outcomes with each other when we return to the classroom.