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Home Learning

Lockdown 3.0


Hello to all Parents/Carers and Children! 


Thank you so much for your patience with us when setting up Home Learning again this time. Please believe me when I say we had no extra notice for our school closure than you did. At 8pm on Monday 4th Jan, we were all expecting to be in school the following day. This lockdown has surprised us all and we are working on Home Learning as well  as working with the Key Worker group in school. 


The Timetable each week will be placed on this page. Work that is completed online and on paper should be sent to me for feedback via email :


If it is written work (on paper) a photo should be sent to my email. We will be doing some videos which will be uploaded and a Zoom meeting once a week, to keep in touch. Details of the Meeting ID will be sent out next week. If there are any questions or problems with accessing the learning, please do contact  me via email and I will try my best to solve them. 


Listen to a story with Miss Garland - Monday and Wednesday - videos will be uploaded to this page.

Zoom Catch - up - Thursdays at 1pm. Details will be emailed through School Comms.


Thank you once again for all you are doing at home. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.


Miss Garland


Self Isolation


In the event that your child should need to isolate at home, please follow the Oak Academy Trust link below, which provides daily lessons that are year group specific. Please also see below for details on our topic for the term, alongside the relevant Knowledge Organiser, should you wish to do extra research/ a project linked to this at home.

Weekly spellings can also be found here. As usual, regular reading and times table practice would be really beneficial.

My email address:


For use only when other contact has not been successful! 

Real PE

We use Real PE in school to teach physical exercise. They have kindly set up a home learning portal for all parents to use at Brentry Primary. Have a look at their fantastic resources. 


Parent email:
Password:  brentrypri


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































Year 3 Project – Term 2 – THE ROMANS!

It is time for a project! This term we are studying The Romans so I would like you to choose one of the three options and create a project to present to the class on the week beginning 17th December. You have just over a month to come up with a creative project, showing you have researched The Romans. There are three options of project, you are free to choose the one that suits you best.




Project 1 – D.T based

Image result for coliseum rome

This project should see you design and construct a Coliseum, just like the one that still stands in Rome today.

You can use anything you like that will ensure it stands proudly! Lollypop sticks are good for structure, card, plastic bottles or yoghurt pots. Anything you like!

Project 2 – IT based

This is a project for all computer wizz children! Create a PowerPoint that explains what you have learnt about The Romans. Include pictures and information and even animation!

This could be on a memory stick so we can access it at school, alternatively it could be emailed to the school so we can all view the PowerPoint!

Image result for homemade book about romansProject 3 – written


This is a project that shows skill in writing as well as research. The children should create a little book that teaches all about The Romans. It should have a contents page and pictures/maps also. This can all be hand written/drawn or typed. The choice is yours!

This can be lined or plain paper stapled together (we can staple it at school if needed) or tied with a ribbon. The paper can be tea stained if you wish, or plain, get creative!


As this is the homework for the next few weeks, I will be checking in with the children to see how their project is coming along, but I do not need to see updates weekly. As long as there is evidence of research, either in their homework books or in the final project, that is good enough! Any questions, come and see me. Try and work with your child as much as possible so we can create a fab exhibition of projects towards the end of this term. Good luck!

Optional Home Learning Task - 15th October 2018


If the children would like to complete a 'mini project' over the coming weeks then now is your chance! 
The children should complete either a poster, PowerPoint or fact file displaying everything they know about the Stone Age. Get creative! 

Remember, no pressure or due date, just an optional fun task to get stuck into at home! 








































































Homework in the Spring terms.


The children are receiving homework on a Wednesday still as well as spellings to learn over the week.


All children are learning their spellings from the Year 3/4 Statutory Spelling List. They are learning these at their own rate so they are as tailored to the children as possible. The children all began with the 'A' section and are working their way through alphabetically. If they get the spellings correct, they move onto the next sections. The children have all of these words stuck in the front of their homework books and should be practicing at home as much as possible. The children find out their scores every Wednesday so they know which section to begin practicing that week for the test the following week.


The children are beginning to take more responsibility for their spellings, at school at least, which is giving them the motivation to learn them and move on. This will continue until the Summer Term, where it will change slightly, in accordance with the rest of KS2, which they are now very much a part of.


Keep going with the spellings as much as possible! Every little helps!

Roman Day Letter

Project time! The Romans!

Homework will be set on a Wednesday and is expected to be back in by the following Tuesday, in order for me to mark it before it goes out again. This was the majority vote when the letter was sent out.


The homework will consist of; spellings (a list of 10 to learn each week following a spelling rule or pattern), reading, times table practice and a literacy or numeracy task.


The children should be spending around 1.5 hours a week on their homework and should be reading at home as much as possible.


Reading Stars will begin the week commencing 2nd October. If the children read every night at home and bring their reading book in, I will sign it and they will get a prize. They will also move up the Reading Stars chart.


With the change of day for the homework, that also changes the day of the spelling test; spelling test will be each Wednesday but 100 club test will stay on a Friday, to give as much time to practice as possible. Below are some links to help the children practice their times tables and a few links to some times tables games