Brentry Primary School

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Homework on a Friday

After Christmas children in Anning Class will get homework set every Friday. This will include revising phonic sounds already taught, reading words using sound buttons, writing words into sentences, learning a few common exception word spellings and practising reading nonsense words. The homework will need to come back the following Friday and a short spelling test will be held on a Friday morning.


Please read with your child as often as you can and practise common exception word sheets.


When you are listening to your child read, please encourage him/her to use their phonic knowledge to blend unfamiliar words. Picture clues are also a very useful strategy at this early stage of reading.


Sharing picture books together is also really important for your child in order to gain a love of reading. 


Don't forget to comment in the yellow reading record and remind your child to put their book into the blue box when their books needs changing.

We put a 'busy bee' dot by your child's name every time they read at home with you. The children receive a special 'busy bee' reward every time they achieve 15 spots!

Reading comprehension is really important too. Check your child has understood what they have read by asking them some VIPERS questions ! ( Egs can be found on your child's book mark /library card.



The children are rapidly learning new letter sounds and it is important for them to revise them frequently. The phonics the children learn can be found in the 'Phonics' section of our class pages and this is updated weekly. There are some useful website addresses on the 'Useful Links' section of our class page, including Phonics Play and Letters and Sounds. These websites have excellent games for the children to practise and consolidate new sounds. 



If your child is writing a story, shopping list or birthday card at home, please encourage him/her to start every letter in the correct place (a handwriting mat will be sent home for you). It is really important that letters are formed correctly in order for children to move on to joining letters in the future.



Here is a list of suggested maths activities to do at home or in the car! These are linked to the National Curriculum for maths. 


* counting forwards and backwards in 1s to 100

* counting in 2s to 30

* counting in 5s to 100

* counting in 10s to 100 and back from 100 to 0


* recalling addition facts to 10 (eg. 6 +4 = , 7 + 3 = , 9+ 1=)

* recalling subtraction facts using numbers to 10 (8 - 2 = , 10 - 3 =,  7 - 5 = )


* recall number doubles (2+2= , 3+ 3=, 4+4=, 1+1 =, 5+5 =)


* making small amounts with money (eg. ways to make 10p/17p/23p)


reading o'clock and half past times on analogue clocks.