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Work for Stormy Friday- 18th Feb 2022!

Firstly, I hope everyone is safe at home ! I  put some numeracy sheets and tricky word word searches in the children's bags last night so for those who don't have access to printers there is numeracy and tricky word reading and spelling to do at least ! It was a bit of a rush but I think everyone has something to be getting on with. Other activities to do today are:


On a piece of paper can you draw a map of your journey from home to school. We have been learning that a map needs a title, a key and should be drawn from a birds eye view. Have a good think about what you may pass on that journey ... a post box, shops, traffic lights, green space, park etc. If your journey is a short one think carefully of the things you pass when you come through the school gates...trees, car park, Mr England's house, chickens etc.

If you have some lego or construction toys you could make a 'messy map' of one of the rooms in your house like we did of our classroom.


Yesterday we wrote a report about tigers. We concentrated on spelling the tricky words 'They have...' to start each sentence and used our sounds to write other words in the sentence. We tried to add some adjectives too. Eg Tigers have sharp teeth. They have orange and black stripes.

Could you write a factual report about another animal of your choice on a piece of paper? You could draw a picture of it too or print one off to stick next to your writing. 

Read your reading book today and if you have time log onto Bug Club ( username and password at back of reading record book) and read some online books. There are lots of 'Andy's Adventures' on CBeebies that you could watch to give you some ideas of facts to write.

You could learn to read and spell some of our common exception words ( shown in the middle pages of reading record book) and check your child knows all their Phase 2, 3 and 4 phonic sounds and some if not all of their phase 5 sounds.

If you like doing handwriting practise some of our handwriting houses on some lined paper. Here is a copy of the different houses.

Mrs Tierney recorded some of her phonics lessons during the first lockdown so here is one to watch about the 'ur' and 'ir' sounds !

Mrs Tierney's Phonic Lesson

Still image for this video

These are just some ideas. If your child is feeling unsettled because of the storm then snuggle up and watch a film or if you are having to work from home and it is too difficult for you to manage home learning then concentrate on everyone's well being during the day !!They can always do some of the activities and sheets another day during half term.

In the event that individual children need to self isolate at home, I have listed some curriculum ideas below for them to work through.


Our termly curriculum overview as well as our knowledge organisers provide an overview of the topics we are covering this term.  Many relevant lessons to support these objectives can be found on the Oak Academy web page, the Bitesize home learning site and, for maths, the White Rose website, which comes with video tutorials. All these links are listed below.  We have also included some links to support the delivery of our foundation subjects.

I hope you find these resources useful while your child is isolating and I wish all isolating children a very speedy recovery. If you have any questions about the work, expectations or other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me through my email address:

Term 3

Curriculum overview

Week beginning 24th January

Here are some ideas for those self isolating this week! Don't forget to do some reading too. You could practise your curly caterpillar and robot letters and number formation too. Can you learn the spelling of some of the year 1 tricky words ( in your reading record book) and remember your phonic sounds ( you'll find these in the middle of your reading record book too). 

Geography - Can you remember what our classroom looks like ? Try and draw a map of it !

White Rose Place Value problem solving- Try some of the questions on this power point!

Literacy - Can you write a poem based on Jelly on the plate ?

Science - research an animal from each animal group !

Find out the names of the 6 animal groups ! Can you find examples of animals that belong to each group ?

Write a non fiction book about animals. Choose an animal from each group to research and write about. You could find out some interesting facts about them and draw some pictures of them too !

Science - Can you name your 5 senses ? Use them to write about Winter


Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Curriculum Overview Term 1

Science Knowledge Organiser