Brentry Primary School

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Hi everyone,


I have tried to act on two requests this week: editable online worksheets and more Maths challenges.


I have signed up to a Remote Learning app called Kami. You will hopefully have received an email from me with the details for signing up to this free service and I have made an introduction video, which is now on the front page of our class' webpage. Kami enables you to edit PDFs and share the files with me. Please check this out if you do not have access to a printer, but do have access to a device.


Secondly, some children are finding our sheets too tricky and some would like extra challenges. I have posted a different format of worksheet this week, which I hope will help all of you feel more confident in learning independently. This means the challenges are now on a second worksheet, which I have uploaded separately. Please download both if you are feeling like an extra challenge.


The video solutions this week are filmed using Kami. These videos are really useful in three different ways:

1. They show you how to use Kami.

2. If you get stuck on a lesson, watch the video. It is a recorded lesson with me teaching you how to get to the answers. You can work alongside me by pausing the video at the start of each question.

3. If you finish the Maths lesson in under an hour, you should mark your own work before sending it to me. This will enable you to identify and learn from your mistakes while you are still in the 'Maths Zone'.

Remember, in class, I would never finish a lesson without marking with you, so we can share how we reached our answers and reflect on our methods. Identifying and correcting our mistakes is an important part of learning, so please remember this part of the lesson when you have time (and access to tech).


Good luck! I will appreciate any feedback you have as to whether this new system is working better for you :)


Miss Trotman




* PLEASE NOTE* Question 3 is so poorly worded that I didn't understand what it was asking. Have a look at the answer below and re-read the question. It is much more simple than what I thought it was asking in the video! Apologies :)


In Question 8, Whitney is thinking of a fraction in tenths. The worksheet implies it, but it definitely doesn't say it directly, which is naughty... Only give answers which have a denominator of ten or you will be answering that question until the end of time!