Brentry Primary School

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Hi lovelies,


Today's task: Draw yourself in the middle of the sheet. Write your worries in one colour and your ways of coping with worries in another.


In PSHE this week, I wanted to give you the opportunity to share how you are feeling. It is easy to pretend we are okay, to shrug and say we are fine, especially when we don't want to worry our grown ups. However, your grown ups would much rather know if there is something bothering. You open up to me and your friends all the time in school, so - without really realising it - you might find you have been bottling up some feelings or worries that you would usually have shared. Have a look at my example sheet, you might find that you agree with some of those worries and can put them in your own poster.


On the other hand, you might look at the worksheet and think to yourself, "what are you talking about, Miss Trotman. I get to wear my pjs all day! What is there not to love about lockdown?" If this is you, then skip the first half of the sheet and make some suggestions about how your classmates could cope with their worries. What would you recommend? When we are worried, the first thing we should always do is tell a grown up that we trust. After that, you might find talking to friends, a walk in fresh air or some peaceful colouring might help you to relax. Record some ideas on your sheet and think about which ones you might like to share in our Zoom call later.


Good luck,


Miss Trotman