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End of term! 


I cannot believe we are so close to the end of the term now, knocking on the Summer Holidays door! Although the weather is telling us otherwise, it is nearly time to enjoy long sunny days, BBQs, beach trips and the end of Home Learning! 


I want to thank every parent and carer for your support throughout this difficult time. For supporting your child, the school and me. I am really grateful. 


Enjoy a restful summer everyone! 

Memory books can be collected from the main reception from Monday 6th July. I hope you like them! 



I have pictures from these children/parents, so thank you: 


Adele, Belle, Bethany, Chloe, Eli, Eliza, Flo, Jack, Jake, Luke, Minnie, Mylo, Parker, Reid, Sasa, Sam, William and Zach. 


If you haven't sent me any photos, your child will not receive the memory book full of photos. 


If you have sent them, they will be available to collect from Monday 6th July from the main reception. 

Thank You!


I just wanted to say to everyone that I am so grateful for all of your hard work and patience during these testing times! 


It has been tricky to navigate teaching Year 5 full time whilst having some Year 3's joining us and managing Home Learning! Despite the challenges it has been really enjoyable and you have all been really patient with me if I have taken a little longer to respond to emails or work on Purple Mash! 


Just a few weeks to go now until the Summer Holidays! It will look quite different to what we are used to, but hopefully we will still make some great memories! 

Well done Parks Class!


I just wanted to say 'Well Done' to all the children and their families for all of the hard work you have put into your Home Learning this term. You have been working tirelessly and I am so impressed by the commitment. 


Enjoy a well earned rest now, let's hope the sun keeps shining over us for half term! 

Hi Everyone! 


We are a few days into Term 5 now and completing Home Learning using Purple Mash. We are all trying to get our heads around online learning and I am a complete novice at it so thank you for your patience. If you have any troubles or questions please email them to me rather than heading for social media for answers. I will try my best to support you from home and I know individual needs of children need to be met from home which isn't easy. The timetable is a skeleton for your week. IF you can't complete all of the tasks each day, please don't worry. It is essential that your childs mental health is number one in the priority list so if it is causing huge problems to complete ALL of the work, then choose which ones will be manageable for that day. Please remember to email me if you have any questions or problems, I am here to help you sort them best I can!

My email:



Well done for everything you are doing :) 

Send me your photos! 


I'd like to set up a sub page for all of our Home Learning photos. This could be of your child getting creative or doing their assigned work. This will provide us with some memories for this odd time. You can also use my email for questions regarding the children's work or to ask for guidance. I will do what I can to help! This is for use only during our Home Learning period.


yesHome Learningyes

On this page you will find links to a range of websites where you can access games and activities to further support your child's learning at home. Keep an eye on this page for specific tasks to keep your child busy and actively learning. 


I know this must be a really confusing time for our little people, so if possible, try to keep as much routine for them as you can. This will hopefully help them to keep a bit of normality and stop you from going a bit mad in the process! 

Remember there will always be a member of staff at school as well in case support is needed. There isn't much we can do whilst in this strange situation but will try to help where we can.


If you follow the Twinkl Star, you will find copies of Year 3 Reading Comprehension tasks. Please do give these a go as they are brilliant at keeping those VIPERS skills fresh! 


Stay safe, stay away from too many people, but long walks in the open air is good for the body and mind. See you on the other side! 

Real PE

We use Real PE in school to teach physical exercise. They have kindly set up a home learning portal for all parents to use at Brentry Primary. Have a look at their fantastic resources. 


Parent email:
Password:  brentrypri