Brentry Primary School

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Hi Bowie Class,


This week we have a special mission from Mrs Fennell! She is putting together an application for our school to be included in the Young Tree Champions Project. If we are selected, we will be give support to help us plant trees and encourage more wildlife to build a habitat in our local area. Part of this could include learning how to use technology to study the trees and wildlife in our outdoor classroom - wouldn't that be exciting?


In order to support our school application, we will need as many students as possible to return the Tree Champions Questionnaire below to show just how many of us would love the opportunity to be included in the project and protect our local wildlife. Read through Mrs Fennell's powerpoint, complete the questionnaire, then send your responses either to me or directly to Mrs Fennell (her email is at the bottom of the sheet).


As always, let me know if you have any questions :)


Miss Trotman