Brentry Primary School

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Term 3 Week 2 - Daily Challenge

Bowie Class challenges you to…


…make an unusual hat.

Here is me looking suitably silly in my attempt. Can you guess what I made my unusual hat out of?


…share a picture of something you look after.

 Here is a picture of some of my plants, which I have somehow managed to keep alive despite watering them rarely! You could send in a picture of a plant you have helped to grow, a pet, a sibling or even a grown up that you help look after (make sure you have permission from their grown-up before sending in a picture of another human being).


…recommend your favourite book.

You can all guess what my favourite book is, I go on about it often enough... Alice in Wonderland! Lockdown is a perfect time to get your nose stuck in a book, but what book would you recommend to your classmates? If you don't have the book at home, send me the title and the author (if you know it) and I'll find a picture on the internet :)


…create a self-portrait.

Shout out to Granny Trotman who provided me with a large tub of buttons for this challenge! Use whatever you have in the house to make a self-portrait. You could use pencils, felt tips, paints ... pasta, leaves or even ketchup. Let's get creative!


…build a den.

Sometimes the best place to read your book (the book recently recommended to you by your classmates) is in a den. With your grown ups' permission - of course - build a reading den. The cosier the better!