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Term 3 Week 4 - Daily Challenge

Bowie class challenges you to...


…eat a healthy snack.

In PSHE, we agreed that eating a healthy snack would be a good way to look after ourselves during Lockdown. I like bananas. Do you have a favourite healthy snack?


…recite your timestables LOUDLY!

Choose your favourite timestable and shout it loudly for all the world to hear. Here is proof of me bellowing my 7s at passersby in a local park!

Miss Trotman practises her 7s.

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Luke reciting his 8s with a volume warning! Bravo!

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…write a message to your class.

Though many of our class are now managing to join our Zoom calls, not everybody can make it. Write a message to share with your classmates and keep them smiling!


…recommend a board game.

Zackery and I agreed that playing a board game is a great way to spend time with your family and have a giggle. Which board game do you enjoy the most?


…create a junk model.

Jack inspired me this week with his crafting. Can you use random items in your house (especially, all those carboard boxes and tubes in your recycling) to create a junk model?