Brentry Primary School

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Term 3 Week 5 - Daily Challenge

Bowie Class challenges you to…


…frolic in the snow!

Our very own weather-man, Zackery, forecast there would be snow this weekend. There was only a light flurry on Sunday. Nonetheless, I challenge you to share a photo of yourself frolicking in the snow or, perhaps, a snowman companion you have built in the past.


…draw like Jeff Kinney.

Sasa requested that we have more arty activities. I know lots of you are fans of the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series, so I thought we would start with a video tutorial for how to draw Greg Heffley! Follow the link below and send me your attempts:


…feed the birds.

In the colder months, it can be very difficult for birds to find food, as the ground is hard and sometimes covered in snow. We can really help our locally wildlife by remembering to feed the birds.

    This cbeebies article (I know you are too grown up for cbeebies!) has really great information about easy ways to feed our birds with food you may already have in your house:


…warm up with some Minecraft Yoga.

Yoga is great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles, whilst also taking some time to relax. Check out this Minecraft-themed yoga video:


…become a wildlife photographer.

I know many of you are fans of David Attenborough. I recently photographed some deer, while walking at Ashton Court. Perhaps, you have spotted birds visiting your bird feeder or an unusual insect on a recent walk. Share your wildlife photos here: