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Term 3 Week 6 - Daily Challenge

Bowie Class challenges you to…


...have a nap.

It seems Miss Trotman forgot to post anything here before Monday, so I hope you used the time to catch some Zzzs!


...draw a Lego person.

This video will teach you how to draw a lego person, but can you create your own character? Perhaps, you will design a lego version of your favourite book/film character or a person in history ... or you!

Wednesday a superhero.

What unusual power would your superhero have? I have attached some templates below for you to print or use in Kami, if you need some inspiration.


...put on your dancing shoes.

Just Dance is one of my favourite games, but you don't need a console to boogie! Many of the songs are available on Youtube. Here are some I thought you might enjoy:


...prepare for a party!

It's the last day of term and our Zoom call will be party! Put on your party clothes, wear a party hat, put up a banner, bake a cake, bring a party snack ...or do none of these things - I don't mind! See you on the call :D