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Modern Britain

Collages of "Britishness" and Brexit debates

Collages about what makes up Britain

The works of Banksy

Climate Zones

Characteristics of different climate zones

Posters on Climate Change - and what we can do

Plant and Animal Adaptations

The Vikings

Viking Shields with authentic designs
The Viking long ship

We annotated our own pictures of Viking long ships with information about their features.

Examples of these will follow shortly.

Viking Dragon Heads

Our information posters on Vikings' everyday life

We each wrote a newspaper article based on the Viking attack of Lindesfarne.

Examples of these will also be displayed shortly.

The Ancient Greeks

We investigated how pottery is a useful source of evidence on how Ancient Greeks used to live. The discovery of some battle scenes led us on to compare the lives of Athenians and Spartans. We will soon post some examples of this work here.

We then went on to learn about the story of "Theseus and the Minotaur." We made storyboards of the key events and then each chose one scene to convert into a play script. Examples of some of our scripts will follow soon.

Some mythical creatures drawn to scale

We are now writing some adventure stories based on the famed "Jason and the Argonauts." We hope we will get some finished for you to view here soon.