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Final week of home learning... well done parents!

6th July Timetable

29th June


We are really looking forward to welcoming the children back next week and send our love to those of you who can't return.  This week's home school timetable is based on year 2 skills.   In school, we will be focusing on position and direction in numeracy but will be using our resources.  We are going to concentrate on a book in school so will be following a different English and topic plan.  This means you are free to do any of these home school activities at your own pace without them clashing with anything we are delivering in school.  

Enjoy and thank you for all of your support.

Mrs Moore

29th June Home School Plan

These are the maths power points and worksheets to use this week for a unit on telling the time. There are no videos for this unit. It may help to find an analogue clock in your house or make one! Practise revising telling the time to o'clock and half past first. Then try  the quarter past and quarter to times. For a challenge you could teach the children how time is written in digital too!

15th June


Hello, we hope you are all keeping well and happy.  This week's theme is circus (with a little link to Roald Dahl's The Twit's book).  We have attached lots of useful resources to keep the children busy but don't worry about completing every sheet as these are just for ideas and we would be more than happy for you to complete these on your own paper if that is easier.

We are in school every day (apart from Friday when the school is closed for a deep clean).  So we will be leaving a print out pack of these resources in the lobby by 10 am every Monday morning.  If by any chance you get to school and find that all the packs are gone, please just ask the lovely ladies in the office for another pack and we will come down to get you one.  Also, if you do have any questions or just want to check in with us please just ask and we'd be more than happy to pop down for a well overdue catch up! 

Please note, this weeks white Rose maths plan follows the alternate plan (attached) as we have already covered the unit fractions they are delivering as their main unit.

Phew!  We know this is a lot (we'd rather give you more to play with!) but we also are Mum's so we know exactly how challenging home school life can be so please the most important thing to us is that you are keeping happy and healthy.

We love hearing from you and seeing all of your fab photographs/work from home so keep sending them to us:

Best wishes and we miss you all lots xx 

Week beginning 8th June.


Myself and Mrs Moore are in school now so if you need any sheets printed then please e mail and we can have them ready for you to collect. We are basing some of this week's learning on the Roald Dahl book 'The Twits'. If you don't have a copy the first few chapters are attached or you can listen to an audio version on you tube.


Monday - Read pages 1-8 which introduces the characters of Mr and Mrs Twit. use the sheet to write words to describe thier appearance and personality. read the section describing Mr Twit's beard which is full of horrible things! Write a list of things you might find. You could have a go at making your own beard by sticking things onto it or just drawing it. Maths is revision of the 10 times-table.


Tuesday - Write a description of what is in Mr Twit's beard. Encourage the children to use use a range of describing words. Maths is revision of division as sharing. In science you can look at the eat well plate and discuss the different food groups. Draw your favourite meal or snack and describe it.


Wednesday - Read the next few pages in the book which describe the tricks Mr Twit played on Mrs Twit. They are on the power point attached. Choose your favoutire trick and explain how Mr Twit did it. Maybe make up your own trick he could have played! maths is division by grouping. In science have a go at labelling and drawing some of the different foods on the eat well plate.


Thursday - Write a character description of Mr or Mrs Twit. use your notes from Monday to help and you could draw a picture of them. Maths is odd and even numbers revision. Art is about how Lowry uses colours in his paintings. Have alook at his seaside painting. Try making your own seaside picture and write a description of when you last visited the seaside.


Friday - Have a go at revising adjectives. There is a bbc clip and sheet attached. Have ago at cooking! Make a snack or a meal with some adult help. You could write the recipe.

Term 6 - Week beginning 1st June.

Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the lovely weather! We have been really impressed with all the hard work you and the children have been putting into their home learning. As you know, some children will be starting back at school this term but it is not open for the Year 2 class yet. We will continue to provide you with home learning activities in a suggested timetable. If you would like any of the pages printed for you we can do this in school and you are welcome to come and collect them if it is easier.


Monday - What have you been up to in half term? Please write about what you have been doing. Use paper if easier or publisher on Purple Mash. We have now had to subscribe to White Rose maths resources as they are no longer free. The videos are still online but the worksheets are attached below for you to use. The unit this week is revision of multiplication. In art this term we would have been studying the artist LS Lowry. The power point and painting sheets are attached. Ask the children to look closely at the two paintings and use the sheet to compare the paintings. There is a 2 Do on purple mash to write down some facts about who LS Lowry was.


Tuesday - This term we would have been starting a unit in Literacy about the author Roald Dahl. We normally read chapters from the different stories to the children. If you have the books at home that is great, if not there are some audio versions on you tube. Next week we will have a look at the book The Twits.There is a power point to read about Roald Dahl and his favourite facts. Write a set of favourite facts about you. Then find out about Wales where Roald Dahl was born.


Wednesday - There is a reading comprehension and a choice of the easier/harder texts with questions. Then write a post card imagining you have visited Wales.


Thursday - Write some facts about Roald Dahl. Start at the beginning of his life and use openers such as 'When he was young...' Then write about when he was older and later in his life. You could use openers such as 'Interestingly... did you know...?' Then there is an activity to do with cycling and bikes. If you have a bike draw a picture and label the different parts of it. Have a cycle or walk around looking for road signs you could photograph or draw.


Friday - Use the bbc clips about homophones. How many can you think of? Choose a few to write in sentences. Then think about what boarding school would have been like. You would stay at school and only come home in the holidays or weekends. Roald Dahl went to  aboarding school near Bristol. Think of some reasons it could have been good and some reasons it might not have been.


The purple mash activities linked to the learning will be set for next week.


Please e mail any queries

Enjoy the week!

Week Beginning: 18th May

Please find above all the resources you need for the week.  We hope you are well and happy.  This week’s theme is plants!


Tom Hardy to the rescue with a story ‘There’s a Tiger in My Garden’.  Watch and enjoy – can you write a list of the animals Laura saw and describe what they are like.  Maths adding and subtracting tens (we have already looked at this in school so hopefully your child should just need a gentle reminder about how this is done).   Using BBC bitesize, explore the parts of a plant and then try out the quiz to test your knowledge.


Revisit ‘There’s a Tiger in My Garden’.  This time think about what would happen if you went into your very own imaginary garden and came across some different creatures.  Draw a story map that can be used tomorrow to help you write a short story.  Adding 2 digit numbers in maths then use purple mash to design your own garden - you could slightly change this to a fairy/superhero garden if you like.


I am looking forward to reading your stories – let your imaginations go wild and pretend you are exploring your very own garden.  Which animals will you encounter?  Subtract 2 digit numbers, which is quite tricky today, please let me, know how you get on.  Use Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ painting to make your own version.  Be as creative as possible and you can use anything you have at home to make your picture.


Purple mash will help us find out all about garden centres and you can use the 2Do to navigate and find out more about them.   In maths, we will be recalling our number bonds to 100.  Then enjoy the rainforest song and find out more about rainforests to create your very own information poster about the plants/animals that can be found in them.


Describe how a plant germinates using purple mash.  Enjoy the maths weekly challenge then a bit of light relief after all of your hard work this week by using your body as a percussion – a fun game.

Enjoy your week of learning but most importantly stay safe and be happy. 

Please if there is anything I can do to help, just ask:

Mrs Moore x


11th May Weekly timetable.


You may have noticed there are not many planes in the sky. Can you hear more birds singing? Will people take to the skies again? This week's theme is flying!

Monday - A brilliant short film on Literacy Shed called Soar. No words - just watch and imagine what the characters are thinking and saying. Draw a story map. Have a go at some spellings too.

Maths - carrying on with the white rose hub video lessons. Looking at fact families today. The sheets are on the website to print out.Then have a go at making a plane or glider. There are ideas online. How far can it travel? Try and write some instructions to explain how you made and what materials you used.


Tuesday - you can write your own version of the story or write a diary entry imagining you are the girl. Write about what happened that day in her words. For parents, feel free to help with some spellings the children might need before they start writing. See if they can edit their own writing. Ask them to read it back to check it makes sense.

Maths - comparing number sentences.

History - reasearch the history of flying. Powerpoint attached and reading comprehension about the Wright Brothers. Also a timeline of flight.


Wednesday - When we are eventually allowed to visit places again, where would you like to go? Draw a picture and write a descriptive piece of writing. It may be a place you have been before or a place you want to visit.

Maths - Related facts.

Geography - There is a good clip about France and the Eiffel Tower on bbc bitesize. have a go at sketching it and finding out some facts about it.


Thursday - Debate! We had a go at a debate about zoos last term. The children should remember giving reasons for and against a motion.

Should areoplane travel be banned?

Write sentences e.g I think it should because.... I don't think it should because..

Discuss how we may travel in the future now we are all getting used to walking and cycling around more instead of driving.

Maths- Adding and subtracting ones.

Then have think about wildlife in your garden. Can you hear birds singing? What times of day? Research common British birds that may be in your local area.


Friday - How many birds cannot fly? Find out about the ostrich and write some facts about it. Use full stops and capital letters correctly in your sentences.

Maths -Friday maths challenge

Purple mash activities 2Do.


Have a good week! Remember, just have a go at what you can!

Mrs Ford

for any queries.




Butterflies! They turned from caterpillars into beautiful butterflies. We released 4 butterflies into the garden.

Week beginning 4th May 2020

So we have learned about pirates and space…. This week’s theme is underwater!

We hope you are all keeping well and safe.  Please remember this is a timetable of suggested activities and if the underwater theme takes you in a slightly different direction to the activities outlined please feel free to let your imaginations go wild and alter any of our plans.  Please don’t forget to send us pictures of your home learning as we have been displaying any work we receive in our gallery section of our class page.

Each day don’t forget to complete a PE based activity to help you stay active and burn some of that energy.


To get your imaginations flowing we would like you to start by watching the clip of the angry sea on purple mash.  Can you write a short description of what you can see/hear?  What do you think is making the sea angry?  Don’t forget to use lots of lovely adjectives and remember you punctuation.  In maths, we are comparing lengths.  Do you have a ruler at home which you can draw two lines to compare the lengths of?  For your computing session, use the internet to research a sea creature.  Maybe you could watch some Blue Planet:


Continue with our length theme in maths by ordering the lengths.  Maybe you could order the lengths of 3 sharks? Using your notes from the computing session yesterday, write 6 facts about your sea creature.  Try to vary the way you start your sentences and can you include any conjunctions like because/but/so within your sentences? As a fun activity to finish your day why don’t you use some unwanted packaging from home to build your sea creature?  Here is a shark that we made at home last week using an old toilet roll:




In maths, apply the four operations in the context of length.   For our English session, watch a very enchanting tale:  after you have watched this draw a story map to recall the main events of the story.  Here is an example of a story map (not for this story!)

Story Map Examples

In geography, can you continue your learning from last week and use the Diver Purple Mash Cam to write a list of all the different oceans whilst dressed like a diver?


In maths, can you solve the problems involving length? In English, have another watch of Then write a letter to the dentist from the shark thanking them for their new set of teeth – how does it make him feel? What is the first thing he is going to do with them?  Our science lesson looks at plastic pollution in the ocean.  Why is this bad?  Can you think of ways to help to stop this?  Have fun with the recycling 2do.


Our last day of maths deserves a challenge – good luck!  In English we would like you design your very own plastic pollution in the ocean poster – make it really eye catching.  Then to finish off the week a very important PSHE lesson into self-belief, a time for reflection.


We have included a serial mash reading book as an optional additional task in order to ensure you have plenty of resources to support your child’s reading at home.

Please don’t forget to write comments on our class blog – it is such a fab way to keep in touch with one another.

Have a great week, stay safe and keep smiling xx


Weekly timetable 27th April

Hi Year 2! Please have alook at the timetable for next week. You don't have to do everything suggested, just have a go at what you can do or any extra bits you fancy!

Each day there is a reading task in serial mash. Choose a book that interests you in the diamond section. There is a quiz about each chapter to do and other activities linked to each book.


If you go on the Literacy Shed website it has lots of short video clips to inspire children to write. The one on the KS1 section we have chosen is called 'The way back home'. Watch the video and discuss what happens for literacy. Draw a story map of the main events. The children should know what this is! Draw pictures and key words. Orally retell the story to an adult to get ready to write it tomorrow!

In maths we are continuing with fractions on the white rose hub pages. Finding three quarters. You could use objects at home to find three quarters in a practical way too.

Then have a go at making a rocket! It could be a s big or as small as you like! Send us some photos! Use what boxes you may have in recycling or if not do the paint a rocket activity on purple mash.


Write your story! Try to include some interesting verbs and adjectives. Describe the characters and what space was like.

Maths - continuing with fractions.

On twinkl there are some great activities to introduce the planets. You could reasearch the different planets and work out the order.


Have ago at editing your writing. Use a different colour pen and with an adult see if you have made any mistakes and correct them. maybe add in more interesting words.

read your story back and check it makes sense and that there are no words missing.

in maths there is a fraction lesson linked to measuring.

in geography some revision from last term! Can you name the oceans and the continents? I have attached a link to the continent song we sang so you can sing it to your parents!


We were going to research the country of France so have a go and see what you can find out about this country. You could make the flag, write some facts and sketch the shape of the country labelling where the capital city is.


Spelling lesson and fractions linked to length. Then in science have alook at the life cycle of a butterfly on twinkl. Try drawing a life cycle diagram and writing what happens at each part of the process. Mrs Ford has some caterpillars at home that will turn into butterflies soon and I will post the pictures!


A maths challenge and some more reading. You could write any facts about the planets or France you have found out about. Then have a go at the life cycle of a frog on the twinkl website. Mrs Ford also has tadpoles in a container at home! I will post pictures when they turn into frogs!


Weekly Timetable - 20th April 2020

Please find attached our first weekly timetable.  It was lots of fun to create and will help to further your child's Year 2 learning in a fun, interactive way.    


Yikes who's up for a Joe Wicks workout on a Monday morning?!  I am sure you won't ache as much as us tommorrow! Our literacy lesson focuses on using punctuation . CL ? ! to mark sentences using Little Red Riding Hood. Each day we are revisiting our fractions unit which we had begun last term.  The White Rose lessons are a great step by step guide into how fractions are taught to Year 2 alongside some fun activities - today's focus: recognising a third.  A fun art activity to finish your day, can you design your very own treasure map - can be done online or using good old pencil and paper (send us photos)


Start the day with some addition and subtraction games especially aimed at year 2.  In English we would like you to add interesting adjectives (describing words) to the sentences.  Maths - find a third of a number.  Maybe you could use some coins at home to find a third of multiples of 3 e.g find a third of 6p?  In science can you match the adult and baby animals, extend your learning by thinking of where these animals live (their habitats).


Ollie Turner Body Beats is a favourite in our households - can you make some cool rhythms using your body parts?! In English, this is a very fun activity where you get to take a photo of yourself as a pirate and write your own pirate thoughts and speech.  In maths we revise unit fractions (the children should already have some understanding of a half, quarter and a third).  In geography, use the compass points to label north, east, south and west correctly.


Joe Wicks PE workout to start the day and wake us all up.  In English we will be revising our spellings of the common exception words.  Maths we will be exploring non unit fractions such as two thirds and two quarters.  A very fun computing activity 2Go2Do where you can program your bee to take turns.


Mrs Moore loves yoga so give cosmic yoga a try (it will be just like our yoga sessions in school).  In English, write a pirate poem - try and use adjectives to give it lovely description.  In maths we will be looking at equivalent fractions 2/4 and 1/2.  Then to finish of our week activities find out all about Ramadan and think about our own bad/good habits. 


We have set up a class blog on purple mash, which will be a great way to keep in touch with one another and find out all about the fun we are having at home. It would also be absolutely fab to see photos of your home learning experiences so that we can share them on our class page so if you have any please email them to:   


Have a fun week, stay safe and keep smiling heart

Mrs Moore & Mrs Ford