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Additional Notes and Resources for the Week Beginning 1st June.

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Additional Notes and Resources for the Week Beginning 18th May

Mrs Tierney's Phonics Lesson this week.

Mrs Tierney has made another fantastic video of a phonics lesson. This week starring her guinea pigs ! Please at some point during the week have a go at this lesson as it reminds us of all the different ways we can make the 'ai' sound.

Mrs Tierney's Phonics Lesson. Ways to make the 'ai' sound.

Still image for this video


Hope everyone has had a great weekend and are ready for a new week of learning ! Don't worry it'll soon be Half Term ! Have we got enough energy to try Joe Wicks this morning ? If not just put on your favourite tune and have a ten minute dance ! This morning we are reading the next chapter of our class story, 'Anna and the Third Leaf'.Read the next chapter and try the 2Dos If you would like to try the Grammar activities to go with this chapter I have put them below. We start a new revision topic in Numeracy today about Measures ; Length and Weight. Watch the video lesson first ( link on timetable) and then do the worksheet below:

Grammar Activities for Chapter 3

There are also a couple of games on the Topmarks website ( follow link on timetable) called 'Happy Camel' and 'Measuring in Centimetres' you could try. Also, this week keep practising your number bond and addition and subtraction skills by playing games on Purple Mash.

In Science today we are going to do some research on the life cycle of a plant. First take a look at the Twinkl Power point below and the Time Lapse Video of a bean growing.

Life Cycle of a Plant Power Point

Time Lapse Video of Bean Growing

Still image for this video

Then have a look at the BBC Bitesize page ( KS1 Science Plants) and watch the two videos and try the quiz at the end.

Finally,if you are lucky enough to have a printer try the worksheet below or you could draw  some pictures of the different stages of the life cycle of a plant and label them. 

Life Cycle of a Plant Worksheet


After a bit of relaxing yoga how about an end of term challenge ! Can you write a different version of the Jack and the Beanstalk Story by changing some of the characters and/or objects in the story. We call this an innovation. You could change Jack into a girl character and the cow into a pig ! Let your imagination run wild ! I have written my own innovation of the story and you'll find it below. I have also copied it out with some of the characters and objects missing so you could just fill in the missing words. May be you could ask your Mum or Dad to help you write your ideas down either on a piece of paper or on the computer. I would love to read your new stories so you could upload them onto Purple Mash or email them to me ! They can be as silly as you like! 

Mrs Collins' Innovation Story Emily and the Palm Tree

In Numeracy, the topic is measuring length today. Watch the video on the White Rose Website and then try the worksheet below :

After all that hard work why not go outside and do an activity ? Another challenge. You have been working so hard learning about Plants this term that I am going to make you the King or Queen of Plants ! For this you will of course need a crown ! Can you make a crown out of leaves,flowers,twigs,seeds and grasses ? Have a look at the video from the Woodland Trust for an idea of how to make one:

Here are some pictures to give you more ideas ! Take a photo when you've finished and send it to me please !

Nature Crowns Ideas


Keep practising that handwriting ! Choose a different Handwriting House to practise on lined paper and take real care to start each letter in the correct place and write in the correct direction.

Handwriting Houses

This week's spellings are words with double consonants in them. The words to practise are: puff,pack,buzz,fizz,off,miss,well,back,dress and shell. Here are the Dictation and Look, Cover ,Write sheets to go with these spellings. When you've practised them have a go at the quiz on Purple Mash set as a 2Do.
If this is not challenging enough choose 10 Year 1 or Year 2 Common Exception words to learn.

Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Word Spellings

In Numeracy we are carrying on practising measuring length. Here are today's worksheets and answers.
Last week we were thinking about a very special person in PSHE ..our Mums ! Today it's the turn of our Dads or one of our grandparents. What makes them so special and how would you like to thank them ? There is a Purple Mash 2Do you can use if you are writing about a Dad but if you prefer or are writing about a Grandparent just write on a piece of paper. An illustration would be lovely too !


Let's find out what is happening in the next part of Anna and the Third Leaf Story today. Have a go at the 2Dos set on Purple Mash too. If you want extra Grammar activities to go with Chapter 4 I have put the sheets below. In Numeracy, we are moving on to the topic of weight and mass today. Watch the video lesson and here is the worksheet to go with it.

Grammar Activities for Chapter 4

Our final Science lesson about Plants today and it's all about learning what plants need to enable them to grow healthily. Watch the Twinkl Power Point below, then look at the BBC Bitesize page to find out more about what plants need.


Watch the two videos and try the quiz at the end. If you are able to print off the worksheet below you can fill it in or you could make a poster telling everybody what you have found out about what plants need to keep healthy. I have made one for you to look at.

What do Plants Need Power Point

What do Plants Need to Grow Poster example

What Do Plants Need Worksheet


It's Friday again ! As it's the end of term let's find out what happens at the end of our Class story. Just enjoy the ending. There are no 2Dos ! But I would like you to practise some phonics by playing some games on Phonics Play and to practise your reading by choosing a book in Oxford Owls to read today. It's Maths Challenge Friday today or you could play a Maths game. Finally, can you try an art activity to finish the week ? This week we are learning about an artist called Jackson Pollock. Watch the Twinkl power point below to find out a bit more about him and his style of painting.

Jackson Pollock Power Point

If you are allowed and it's a nice day outside can you try and make a Jackson Pollock style painting ?! You will need to wear old clothes ! Get a sheet of paper and some runny paints and a paintbrush. Flick different colour paints at the paper and see what effect you get. If you don't have any paint at home or Mums and Dads you'd rather keep this activity secret there is a worksheet to colour below of a picture in the style of Jackson Pollock or you could go on Purple Mash and do a painting using 2Paint Splash which gives a nice paint splattering effect and is much cleaner !! Set as a 2Do.

Jackson Pollock Colouring Sheet

Well done everyone ! It's the end of term and time for a very well deserved break from Home Learning. You have all worked really hard at home this term. Mums and Dads you have all been brilliant. Thank you ! Enjoy the weeks break, have fun and stay safe !

Mrs Collins

Additional Notes for the Week Beginning 11th May


Good Morning , Good Morning ! Hope you've had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend ! Time to get moving again and try some yoga moves ! Today we are going to start reading the first chapter of a new class story. It is called 'Anna and the Third Leaf'. I hope you enjoy it. I wonder if you can work out why I chose that particular story ? Have a go at the activities set as 2Dos. If you are super keen this morning you could try the grammar activities on the PDF below ( Activity 3 would be a good one to try).

Anna and the Third Leaf Grammar activities

In Numeracy, we are back up and running with White Rose again except now the videos are on the White Rose website ( Link on timetable) but I will post the worksheets in my additional notes each day. I have also added some maths games for each day for those who want to keep practising their addition and subtraction skills in a fun way. There is a link to the Top Marks website on the timetable which have some great games and of course you can keep playing the maths games we did last week on Purple Mash - 2Race, Bond Bubbles and Sequence Snakes.

In PSHE today I would like you to think about someone who is always working really hard  and looking after you ...that's right your Mum ! Can you tell me why your Mum is the best and so special . It would be lovely to see a picture of her too ! You can either do this on Purple Mash ( set as a 2Do) or on a piece of paper.


Time to get moving and see if Joe Wicks is back exercising ! 

After all that exercise it must be time for some food ! But not for you...! For a Witch ! Can you write a menu that a Witch would enjoy? As disgusting as you like ! What would she eat for breakfast,lunch and tea ? You can do this on Purple Mash ( set as a 2Do) or on a piece of paper. Remember to decorate your menu. 

Here are the worksheets for today's White Rose numeracy lesson:

Time to get active outside again by doing some Science. Today we are looking at garden plants. Watch the Twinkl powerpoint ( sorry had to load it as a video as it was too big to load as a power point!) below to find out more about the flowers you can find in gardens and what they are called. Then, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, go out and see if you can find any of these plants in your garden or go for a walk and have a look in front gardens as you go past. How can you record what you have found? Please do not pick flowers from other people's gardens though !! 

If you would like to do some more activities linked to gardens there are lots of super ideas on the BBC Gardening with Children page:

I really liked the ideas of Keeping a pet dandelion or Making a daisy chain or Trying to grow plants from food. Have a look !

Garden Plants Power point as a video !

Still image for this video


This morning practise your handwriting. Choose a house to practise on lined paper if you can. Today really concentrate on making all your letters the same size and sitting on the line...not floating up in the air !

Handwriting Houses

Now we are going to practise some more spellings. You have a choice today but I have set them both as 2Dos but you only need to choose one set. You can either practise the tricky words: and,the,a,do,you,to,with,of,what,put,her and on. Or you can learn the spelling of some words that end in -er. These are: better,under,Summer,Winter,sister,letter,anger,writer,faster and swimmer.

Below are the dictation and Look,Cover ,Write sheets to go with each set of spellings for further practise.

For Numeracy, today we are learning all about addition and subtraction word problems.Here are the worksheets to go with the Video on the White Rose website.
In Geography this week I wondered if you can remember some of the work we did about Seasons last term ? Try the Quiz set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. Good Luck ! Afterwards, could you design a beautiful Summer garden. This can be done on Purple Mash (set as a 2Do) or on a piece of paper or on the worksheet below.


After a bit more Joe Wicks or exercise of your choice let's find out what happens next in our class story, 'Anna and the Third Leaf'. Try the work set as 2Dos. I have posted the Grammar sheets that go with the second chapter below if anyone would like some extra activities ! In Numeracy, we are comparing number sentences. Here are the worksheets to go with the lesson.

Anna and the Third Leaf Chp 2 Grammar Activities

Instead of thinking of disgusting food like we did on Tuesday I would like  you to think about a delicious smoothie in Technology today. Can you sequence the instructions of how to make a smoothie ( set as a 2Do on Purple Mash) and then try to write your own instructions either on Purple Mash ( set as a 2Do) or on a piece of paper. some of you may even be allowed to make your own! Mmmmm.....


It's Friday again ! Chill with a bit of Cosmic Yoga and then practise your phonic sounds by playing some Phonics Play games and Mrs Tierney has a brand new video to watch and take part in. Please watch it below as it has some great practise about the different ways to spell the 'igh' sound . Then do some reading ...either one of your own books or one from Oxford Owls. Today it is Maths Challenge day and/or  you could play a maths game ! In Art this week we are going to be looking at the work of an artist called Paul Klee and learn how to mix white with another colour to make a tint.Watch the powerpoint below. Can you produce a piece of Paul Klee art? You could mix paints if you have some and paint a picture using different tints of colour, or colour the work sheet below or use the idea on the worksheet to make your own piece of art. You can use Purple Mash 2Paint if you prefer ( set as a 2Do).

Mrs Tierney's Lesson on the 'igh' sounds

Still image for this video

Paul Klee Colouring Sheet

Fantastic ! Give yourself a pat on the back ! You've worked really hard again. I am so proud of you ! Enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend ! See you  back here on Monday !

Mrs Collins

Additional Notes for the Week Beginning 4th May


Ready for another week ?! Warm up with some Cosmic Yoga or other exercise of your choice. In Literacy today we are going to be reading the final chapter of our class book, 'Ned and the Jungle Animals'.  I wonder what happens at the end ? Have a go at the activities set as 2Dos once you've read the end.

In Numeracy this week Mums and Dads, we have a slight problem which will be resolved soon ! White Rose have decided to start charging for the worksheets from this week. As a School we have signed up to this but we need Mrs Mel to be in School to pay the invoice and she won't be in until later in the week ! We can still access the short video lessons and there is a link to the BBC Bitesize daily maths lessons which are working in conjunction with White Rose and are covering the same numeracy topics each day. There are more videos and worksheets in the BBC Bitesize website if you follow the link from White Rose. You can try these if you wish. I would watch the White Rose daily lesson videos though and I  have put a Purple Mash Maths Game as a 2Do each day this week as well which you may prefer to do instead of looking through all the BBC Bitesize work. Normal service will resume as soon as possible !

In PSHE this week I would love to know what you would like to be when you are older. An artist, football player, doctor, vet, teacher or like Mrs Collins a ballet dancer perhaps ! Write a sentence or two and a picture would be lovely either on Purple Mash ( set as a 2Do) or on a piece of paper.


Get active this morning with a Joe Wicks work out !

If we were in school we would be learning the story of 'Jack and The Beanstalk' so this week I would like you to read the story and then try and write the story yourself. There is a powerpoint from Twinkl below you can read or you may have a story book of your own about Jack and The Beanstalk that you might like to read. There are lots of different versions of Jack and The Beanstalk so you might be able to research lots of stories about Jack. Today I would like you to write the first half of the story...perhaps up to the part where Jack starts to climb the beanstalk. You may find you can write the whole of the beginning of the story or you may only manage to write two or three sentences. You decide how much you think you can write. Don't forget to use your sounds and tricky words. If you can put full stops at the end of sentences and begin new sentences with capital letters even better. You can do this on Purple Mash set as a 2Do or if you prefer you can write your story on paper with a pencil. If you want to do an illustration you can. 

In Numeracy, we are learning about fact families and the link between addition and subtraction. There is a game set as a 2Do on Purple Mash called 2Race. See if you can win by using your number bonds.

For Computing and Technology today I would like you to design either a vehicle or a house. You can do this by using a computer program on Purple Mash ( set as a 2Do) or by designing and drawing on paper or by making a model of your design out of Lego or other construction toys you have at home !


Start your day with some handwriting practise ! Find some lined paper if you can and practise another handwriting house. Write each letter at least 10 times and make sure all the letters are the same size..not too big and not too small !



Handwriting Houses

Mrs Tierney has been busy again this week and has sent me two new Phonics lessons. One about sounds and one about reading sentences. They are really useful and have brilliant ideas in them to try at home. Although I haven't timetabled Phonics until Friday I think these videos may get 'lost' at the bottom of the page so am going to post them here. Remember you can practise your phonics and reading everyday not just on the day I have put it on the timetable.

Mrs Tierney's Phonic Fishing Sounds Game

Still image for this video

Mrs Tierney's Phonic Fishing Read a Sentence Game

Still image for this video
Now to learn some more spelling patterns. Today we are learning the 'ee' pattern and the words to learn are : see,tree,green,meet,week,seek,peek,feet,need and seem. There is a quiz set as a 2Do on Purple Mash. If these aren't challenging  enough learn 6 more spellings of the Year 1 or 2 Common Exception Words ( tricky words).

In Numeracy we are learning to add together and find a part ( addition questions with a missing part eg 5 + __ = 10 ). You could ask your parents to give you some of these missing number questions on a piece of paper to try and work out. I have set a game on Purple Mash called Sequence Snake about sequencing numbers. When I tried it my snake was very naughty and wouldn't go where I wanted it to! I bet you'll be better at the game than I was !

Fingers crossed it's another sunny day as we are out and about in Science again this week. This time we are looking at trees ! Watch the Twinkl power point below. Then see if you can go outside and identify the names of some trees by using the Tree identification sheet. How will you record your findings Scientists? You could make a tally chart like you did with the wild flowers last week. May be you could take some photos of the trees you identified or perhaps you could take one leaf off each tree and stick to a piece of paper and label it with the name of the tree it came from. Another activity you could do is to try and do some  leaf and bark rubbings with paper and wax crayons.

Tree Hunt Identification Sheet


Get moving this morning with Joe Wicks ! Then in Literacy can you write the second half of the Jack and the Beanstalk story you started on Tuesday. Again you can try to write the whole of the rest of the story or just write three or four sentences about the second part . Will the story have a happy ending ?

Today in Numeracy we are revising how to add on when adding two numbers and I have set another game as a 2Do on Purple Mash. It is another 2Race game but this time practising adding and finding missing numbers.

Last week in Geography we revised the 4 countries of the United Kingdom. Can you remember their names ? Today we are off to one of those countries and Mr Clarke's favourite ..that's right you've guessed it Wales ! Watch the Go Jetters story ( link on timetable) about their visit to Caernarfon Castle in Wales. Then have a go at the Purple Mash 2 Do set. Choose a picture of a castle ( click on the small green circle in the right top corner of the paper to choose and download a picture of a castle) and write a caption about it. If you want to research any other castles in the UK then do and you could draw a picture and write a caption on a piece of paper if you prefer instead of using Purple Mash.



Today is a Bank Holiday so no pressure to do the set work. If you are wanting some activities though practise your phonic sounds by playing some games on Phonics Play and by reading a story from Oxford Owls. There is a maths challenge on BBC Bitesize today or you could play a maths type of game such as Uno, Connect 4, snakes and ladders, darts or follow the link on the timetable to play one of Gareth Metcalfe's games ( scroll down his page to find KS 1 games).

A challenge for the weekend in Art this week! Can you find out about another famous artist and his work. This one is called Picasso and his work was called abstract because it didn't look exactly like the object he was drawing or painting. Have a look at the Twinkl power point to find out more. Then try and make a Picasso style picture by using things from around your house ! 

Mrs V-G's daughter, Rhiana , has made Anning Class a special video to show how you could make a Picasso style  collage out of pieces of cardboard. Watch her video and see a photo of her finished work below. Can anyone else make one? I am sure Rhiana would love to see some photos if you do. A big thank you to her as well.


Rhiana's Picasso collage Instructions

Still image for this video

Rhiana's Picasso Collage

Rhiana's Picasso Collage 1

Amazing ! Another week of hard work . Well done ... you deserve a rest ! Hope you all have a very happy Bank Holiday weekend . Take care and I'll see you next week !

Mrs Collins

Additional Notes for Week Beginning 27th April


Why not start or end the day with a bit of Cosmic Yoga ! In Literacy today we are going to find out what happens in Chapter 3 of 'Ned and the Jungle Animals'. Then have a go at the 2Dos set for you on Purple Mash. If you prefer, read a story of your own and get someone to ask you some questions about the story.

In Numeracy this week we will be working through the lessons for Year 1 Summer Term Week 2 on White Rose Home Learning. This week we will continue to learn about finding half and be learning how to find a quarter of objects and numbers.

Today I thought we would revise some Geography about the countries of the UK. You will need to go to the BBC Bitesize website and find the Home Learning page . In the Year 1 lessons scroll down to the 21st of  April's Geography Lesson - Introduction to the UK.  Watch the video, do the activities and have fun playing the Pirate Bunnies Game !


If you've got the energy try a Joe Wick's work out this morning. In Literacy I would like you to try and write a short story about anything you like...riding your bike, dragons ( Lulu!), the Tooth Fairy, Pirates, Dinosaurs or anything else you would like to do. Now, you can either write your short story on a piece of paper or you can go on Purple Mash and write it on 2Create a Story ( Set as a 2Do). Remember an illustration is a picture that goes with a story so I would love to see some drawings too !

Later perhaps you could go on Purple Mash and explore Simple City Garden Centre ( set as a 2Do) .Watch the videos, plan a garden and plant some seedlings and watch them grow ! Can you find out 4 things that the gardeners at the Garden Centre have to do? If you prefer you can design a garden and draw it on a piece of paper. Will your garden just have flowers and trees or will it have vegetables and fruit trees too ?



This morning practise some of your best handwriting. Choose a colour house from our handwriting sheet and practise writing those letters. If you can find some lined paper even better. Take care when writing letters with descenders ( those that have tails that go under the line -f,g,j,p,q and y).



In Literacy , it's time to learn some spellings. We are practising the spelling patterns 'ay' amd 'oy' this week. The spellings are : day,play,say,way,stay,boy,toy,joy,enjoy and annoy. You can do the quiz set as a 2Do on Purple Mash and try the dictation. If they are easy spellings for you can you  choose 5 of them and write them in sentences. You could also learn some more spellings from our Common Exception Word List .
Hopefully,it's a nice day today as we are going outside to do some Science . First , watch the power point about Wild Flowers from Twinkl. It will tell you all about Wild Flowers. Then go outside and see if you can find any wild flowers you saw on the power point. This could be in your garden or on a walk or bike ride. You could make a tally chart to show how many you find of each type. I wonder which wild flower you will find the most of? Here is a photo of my tally chart.
Picture 1


Still got lots of energy ? Try another Joe Wicks Work Out ! It's time to find out what happens in Chapter 4 of our class story ' Ned and the Jungle Animals'. Have a go at the 2Dos afterwards on Purple Mash or if you prefer read one of your own story books and get someone to ask you questions about the story. The Numeracy lesson on White Rose is a bit of a challenge today so if it's a struggle you could play a Maths game like Snakes and Ladders, Connect 4 or Battleships.

In PSHE ( Personal,Social and Health Education) today I would like you to think about what makes a good friend. Have a go at the Purple Mash 2 Do in Topic: About Me : My Friend and write about one of your friends.( Set as a 2Do). You could do this on a piece of paper if you prefer.


It's Friday !! Are you having fish fingers for lunch ?! Some phonics today in Literacy. Play some Phonics Play games. Mrs Tierney has made another two brilliant videos about split digraphs ( a-e,e-e,i-e,o-e,u-e) and a game to play too. Take a look !

Mrs Tierney Explaining about Split Digraphs

Still image for this video

Mrs Tierney's Split Digraph Space Race Game

Still image for this video
Can you also log on to Oxford Owl ( Username: brentry Password: Anning) and read an e-book.There are lots to choose from. Try looking in the Section Ages 5-6 but you can try books from any age range depending on your ability.
We are going to look at another artist this week called Mark Rothko. I also want you to find out what happens when we mix two primary colours together. Can you remember which colours are called primary colours ? Watch the Twinkl power point to find out about Rothko and mixing colours to make secondary colours. Don't worry if you don't have any paint to do the activities on the power point . If you can though try and make a picture like one of Rothko's using paint, pencil, felt tip or crayon. Here's one I did ! You could even make a Rothko picture on Purple Mash using 2Paint ( Set as a 2Do).
Picture 1

Another week over ! Well done for working so hard again. Hope you have a lovely weekend. See you next week !

Mrs Collins

Additional Notes for Week starting Monday 20th April.

Please read these notes for further explanation and resources to help with the timetable 

Please see attached a sheet with 'Live and Pre-Recorded lessons' for links to Cosmic Yoga and Joe Wicks.


Also remember all the links to other useful websites in the School Closure Home Learning Section of our Class Page. At the bottom of the timetable are some additional activities. Remember to keep learning to read and spell our Year 1 Common Exception Words ( Tricky Words).

Mrs Tierney's Phonic Game Crunchy Carrots

Still image for this video
Mrs Tierney has sent everyone a message and a game to help practise your phonic sounds and blending. Watch and play along and see if you can make a game too !

On most days of the week I have set some 2Do activities on Purple Mash. If you log into Purple Mash each day the 2 Dos should appear for that day.


 Purple Mash has a section called 'Serial Mash- Diamonds'. These are chapter books with activities to do after each chapter. Read the first chapter of 'Ned and the Jungle Animals' and try the activities which have been set as a  2Do today. Either read the story independently or with some support from an adult or ask an adult to read the story to you.The White Rose maths activities follow the curriculum we would be teaching this term and there will be a lesson and activities set each day. Have a go at creating your own piece of music by exploring Purple Mash Music 2Explore. There are lots of different instruments to use. This is set as a 2Do so you may be able to send me your music !


Have another look at 'Ned and the Jungle Animals' Chapter 1 and then have a go at the last activity called GPS Resources PDF. GPS stands for Grammar , Punctuation and Spelling. I can't set this as a 2Do so just try the activities on a piece of paper. Have a go at some computing today. Experiment with Purple Mash Computing Tools 2Go and practise giving instructions and directions.


Remember that beautiful handwriting you can do ? See if you can practise your letter formation today. Choose one of the houses to practise.


Today we are going to try and learn some spellings from Purple Mash. Go to Year 1 Spellings and look at the spellings for Autumn 1 Week 1. These spellings have 'ai' or 'oi' sounds in them. Try the 2Do activity and then see if you can learn the spellings using the Look,Say,Cover,Write ,Check way of remembering spellings. There is a list of them and a dictation exercise in the Autumn 1 Week 1 Section too. In Science, find out about the different parts of a plant and what job these parts have. There is a powerpoint on Twinkl that explains the parts of a plant. Try labelling the parts of a plant on the Purple Mash 2 Do I have set today.


Time to read the second chapter of 'Ned and the Jungle Animals' and do the activities set as a 2Do. In PSHE today can you think of someone you haven't seen for a while. Can you write them a cheery postcard with your news ? There is a blank postcard in Purple Mash set as a 2Do or you could make your own. You could even send it to the person !


STOP PRESS White Rose have changed Friday's lesson to a Friday Maths challenge. On Thursday it said it was coming soon so I hope it arrives in time ! If not have a go at a Gareth Metcalfe maths game  such as KS1 Sum Turnover. There is a link to his website on the Live and Pre recorded sheet at the top of this page. 

Don't forget those phonic sounds you have learnt so well. Play some games on Phonics Play to help you remember them ( Phase 2-5). Have a look at Mrs Tierney's video at the top of these notes. Can you play the Crunchy Carrot game or make one of your own to practise your sounds and blending them to read real and nonsense words?

In Art can you find out about an artist called Piet Mondrian and his paintings. There is a powerpoint about him below. He liked to use the 3 primary colours. Can you find out what the three primary colours are ? If you can, make a picture like one of Mondrian's pieces of work. You just need a piece of paper , a black felt tip, crayon or pencil, a ruler and the three primary colours. With the black pen and ruler draw some lines going down and across the page to make some square and oblong shapes. Then use the primary colours to colour some of the oblongs and square shapes in. Leave some of them white. There is a template below if you want to use it and are able to print it out. There is also one of his paintings to look at .

Phew ! Time for a restful weekend. Well done if you have tried some of the activities on the timetable or done some other activities at home this week. Remember to let me know how you are getting on and as always I love to see photos too !

Take care,

Mrs Collins