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Hello everyone laugh


Half term is now upon us and you have all earned yourselves a thoroughly well-deserved week off. I am sure you are aware that school will be opening its doors afterwards, for children in years 4, 5 and 6 have been invited to spend 2 days a week  back in the classroom and school environment as the first step to opening more fully. I look forward to seeing as many of you as feel able to return at this time and am dearly hoping that I still recognise you all: it seems from your photos that you are all growing fast by the day!   


I have already added the timetable for week 6, beginning 1/6/20, in case any of you find yourselves missing the structure of a timetabled day but the set 2Dos will not become available until that week. None the less, there are plenty of other activities on there that you can do to keep yourselves occupied (and out of trouble!) including any additional tasks on Purple Mash that catch your eye. Don't forget that further ideas are written at the bottom of the timetable - and that the maths worksheets will now be found under "Additional Resources" on this home learning page below.

Friday's challenges and the videos are available as normal.


As for what has been planned for week 6, you will see that a new story begins for literacy, "Secret Agent Grandpa." Granddaughter Mia discovers Grandpa worked as a spy and a plot by an evil villain for world domination comes to light... In addition to the related activities for this story, I would like you to focus on cohesive devices: a power point is attached for explanation and examples. 

For maths, the week begins with a refresher lesson on the area of rectangles but quickly moves on to some revision all around fractions. I am confident you will do well on these activities as this is what we finished on at the end of term 4. 


The lesson on making a 3D plant or flower brings this particular art topic to an end for we will be introducing Pop Art as from week 7. There are a number of really exciting and original ideas on the video link I have included in the power point so take your time in deciding which masterpiece you would like to create - and enjoy making it!  

As always, do please send through your photos.

Our science unit on “Living Things and Their Habitats” continues and I have made a power point for you which examines the life cycles of different types of animals. There are two double-worksheets attached as a follow-up activity to this lesson: select the one you feel challenges you at an appropriate level. 

And finally...our PSHE lesson reminds you all of the benefits of Healthy Eating by sharing the food pyramid: this promotes a balance of nutrients in every meal. 

I expect to be tempted by some delicious packed lunchboxes. laugh


Do use the additional resources attached below to support your understanding and ideas for the tasks set - but please, as ever, contact me if there are any further questions: 


  • not all 2Dos can be saved - the important thing is to complete them, for your score can then be sent straight to my folder
  • to save confusion, my dates for the White Rose maths topics are two weeks behind their own.
  • there is no suggestion that you have to complete every one of these activities. They are provided simply to give you the opportunity to continue your learning and build on the good work you have already done. Dip into them as much or as little as you are able.
  • staying happy, healthy and safe alongside your families remains our key objective for you all.

Additional Resources Week 6


As well as the power points and worksheets below, the attached information on punctuation rules and examples may be helpful. We did not get the chance in school to learn how to use colons, semi-colons, dashes and brackets, yet some writing tasks may include these.

Do have a look if you're not sure about these features. 

Enjoy your week and good luck with the tasks