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Y2 Home Learning Week Beginning Jan 18th

Story Time

What is not quite right about this picture?

Penguin and polar bears together - is that possible?


Home learning 18th January


This week we are travelling from the Arctic all the way down to Antarctica! What will we find here?

We have a penguin themed week for you! So to kick it off and cheer everyone up here are the best penguin jokes we could find! Please e mail any better ones and we'll share them!


Which bird always gets first place?                          Peng -win!


What do you call a penguin with no eyes?                  Pengun


How does a penguin build a house?                           Igloos it together!


What do you call a penguin in the desert?                  Lost!


Why don't you see any penguins in Great Britain?     Because they're 

                                                                                       scared of Wales!




Extra things! Few extra power points about penguins and reading comprehensions for children to find out more about penguins.

Go to Literacy Shed and watch the 'Caterpillar shoes' video in KS1. Links to counting in twos in maths!