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Phonics and Reading


In Brunel Class we teach reading and writing using phonics. We use the letters and sounds format using read write inc resources. 


The sounds that the children have learnt in class will be added to this page. The words given will be an example of a word your child should be able to read with the new sound in it. 


There are some links below with printable resources you may find useful. 


Please read with your child at least 3x per week to help them practise their new skills. 

Term 5


The children have now learnt all of the sounds they need to know by the end of reception. We are now at Phase 4 in the letters and sounds program. This is where your child gets to practise reading and writing the sounds, constructing sentences and spelling tricky words. 


Term 4

oo- zoo, Moon, spoon

or- fork, born, short

ur- turn, burn, surf

ow- cow, town, brown

oo- book, took, foot

er- better, letter, after

ar- car, park, start

oa- goat, coat, road


 Term 3


ch- chop, chat, chin 

sh- shop, ship, fish 

th- that, this, thin 

ng- wing, sing, song

ai- rain, paint, snai

ee- see, keep, feet

igh- high, light, fight


Tricky words 


he, she, be, me 


Term 2 


This term we are really focusing now getting the children to practise blending. Below are some words your child should be able to read. We are also starting to introduce 'key word' books. We will teach key words in class but looking at them at home will really help too. 


Words to Practise Reading 


is, in, it, at, and 


Tricky words 










Sounds this Term 


o- orange 

c- caterpillar 

k- kangaroo 

ck- (as in pick


e- egg 

u- umbrella 

r- robot 


h- horse 

f- flower

b- boot 


l- leg 

j- jack in the box 

v- vulture 


w- worm

x- exercise 

y- yak



Term 1


This week we have learnt 3 sounds. Please help us by supporting your children recognise them at home. This could be in their names, on a sign, in a book or on their tablets. 


s- snake 

a- apple 



p- pirate
i - insect

n- net 


d- dinosaur 

g- girl 

m- mountain 




Below are some suggestions of what you can do at home: 


  • reading your child a bedtime story- look for their new sounds in the book)
  • Are any of your new sounds in your name? 
  • practicing reading skills- phonics book, phonic game, word cards (at least x3 per week) 
  • look at tricky words (in reading record)
  • Writing tricky words, simple words (written above) 
  • play listening games e.g. What animal makes this noise? Eye Spy, Can you see the colour ..... 

Information for Parents: How to say the sounds

Confused about how to pronounce the sounds found in Read Write Inc. Phonics? Worry not - 5-year-old Sylvie is here to show you how! Use this guide to support your child when practising the sounds at home. - - - Did you like this video?