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On Friday 22nd November children from South West Primary Schools joined thousands around the world in celebrating Benjamin Britten's anniversary.

Friday Afternoons is a set of 12 songs composed by Benjamin Britten between 1933 and 1935, and was a worldwide project. On 22nd November (Britten's centenary date) performances of Britten's Friday Afternoons started in Melbourne, Australia at 03:00 GMT and ran through to 22:00 GMT in Santa Monica, California, USA.

Over 100,000 children worldwide were signed up to the events - it was an amazing project to be part of. Children worked alongside the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in the largest event of the day when at 14:00 GMT 1,913 children from five different regions in the South West performed alongside the orchestra at the Colston Hall and Mandela class was there also!

Benjamin Britten's anniversary