Brentry Primary School

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Week beginning 31st January 2022

We will be adding to this page as the week progresses so please keep checking for updates.




We will be starting our statistics unit by looking at tally charts.



This week we are adding /ing/ed.



We will be discussing what adjectives are.  Can you choose a few items you have around your home and write a list of 5 adjectives to describe them.  Then can you write the next part of your report about Emperor penguins:  What do Emperor penguins look like?

When this section is complete, finish your report by explaining 'What Emperor penguins do?'

You could use the internet to help you research any extra facts.  It would be lovely if you could accompany your report with a picture of an Emperor penguin.  Can you label the parts of the penguin?

At the end of this week we will be finding out about famous explorers that tried to reach the Soth Pole first. Look at the power point and read about two explorers.



We will be continuing our living things and their habitats topic.

In Geography we will be learning about the coninent of Europe that we live in. Use the blank map and see how many countries you can label. At the bottow of the sheet draw a flag from 4 different European countries. You could start finding out about a European country of your choice. You could present what you have found out to the class when you come back to school.