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Reception – Potter Class

A massive thank you and a big well done to you all for your hard work at home. Thank you for all of your support at this difficult time, you have all been amazing. Enjoy the break from home learning and let's hope that's the end of it! 


I will be making the children's Tapestry Journals available to download. The children will be given their books and work from Reception when they enter Year 1. 


I will still be checking my emails if you need anything. See you in September! 


Miss Millard 







Home Learning Challenge 

It has been lovely to see your rainbows you created. What a lovely way to brighten up Brentry. Have a look how many you can spot if your taking a walk for your daily exercise. 


Week 3 

Although it's technically the school holidays some people have asked for some ideas to keep some structure at home. As it's Easter on the weekend I have made them Easter themed. From next week I will start putting the home learning under the rainbow icon at the top of the page. 

Egg hunt- create Easter eggs, these can be as simple as drawn on paper, hide them around the house to find. You can expand the idea by adding words or number on them for the children to recognise and read. 

Egg blowing- Have you ever had a go at egg blowing? If your not sure how to do it have a look on the internet for instructions. Mine are never that successful. It would be great to see if yours are better than mine! 

Easter card making - Why not make a loved one an Easter card. Below are the simple ones we usually make in school using a finger print. 

Have a look on twinkl if you want any print outs for Easter, they have lots of cutting out craft and writing resources. Just type in Easter EYFS to the search box. 

Below I have attached a link to some maths resources. 

Week 2


Teddy Bears Tea Party 

How about organising a party this week. This could be for your house hold or your children's teddies/ toys. Below are some activities you can do that will help prepare for your party: 

Party invitations - get your child to practise their handwriting and spelling by writing out invitations for their toys to join the party! 

Party list- create a guest so you know who's coming (writing practise), create a list of jobs that need to be done in preparation for the party. 

Party decorations- create some decorations for the party. These could be posters, paper chains, pompoms, party hats. Go as crazy as you want!

Party food- depending on your supplies at home you could do some baking for your party. This could be as simple as making rice crispy cakes or icing rich tea biscuits! Get your child to help read the instructions, measure ingredients etc. 

Counting- get your child to use their mathematical skills throughout by checking how many people will be at the party? How many cakes do we need to make? How many cakes can each of our guests have? 

Party games- Get your child to plan some party games from experiences they have already had.

Have the Party! You might want to plan the party over a few days as their is alot to do. Parents you will need to get into imagination mode to help bring it to life!


Follow up- can your child write about the party, thank you letters to the teddies that came etc.  


Shape hunts 

Why not have a shape hunt around the house. Make a tally chart so your child can find out the most common shape in your house. I had a little go but struggled to find a hexagon. I wonder if you can find one in your house? You can choose as many shapes to hunt for as you wish!  



Tricky words- 

Many of you have asked about reading. Look under the home learning links for reading resources. Don't forget your child can read anything it doesn't have to just be the phonic reading books. Social media has been great for ideas, I found these great tricky word sheets to help practise reading and writing them from 

In class the children love to play noughts and crosses. This is something easy you can do at home. Below is an example with tricky words. Your child needs to read the word before they go in the space. This idea can be used for all subjects including number recognition or simple sums. 
Don't forget to look under the rainbow icon for useful websites to support with home learning. I have recently added our PE website and Oxford Owl. Oxford Owl is excellent for reading materials. Above everything please keep reading!