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Reception – Potter Class

Potter Class



We will expect the children to be in full time this week. Please speak to me if you have any concerns about the week. You can do so by email or catch me at the end of the day.

This week the children have been given their 'sharing books'. Look under 'phonics/reading' to find out more about our reading system.

I sent a email out over the weekend containing information about PE and Wellie Wednesdays. Please contact me if you are not receiving the emails or you have a different email preference. 

Communication- Have you joined the School FB group? Are you getting emails from myself and the school COMS system? If you are having problems with any of these please ask the staff in the front office to help you. 


What does my child need in school? 

- Water bottle 


-Spare clothes (in case of accidents) 


Muddy Monday- All children need Wellies and a coat (replacing Wellie Wednesday) 

PE- Friday AM (please send your child in wearing PE clothes) 



If you have any questions about timings or groups for next week please ask or email me. 


Miss Millard