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Reception – Potter Class

Potter Class

Term 1


We would like to offer a huge to welcome to all of our new families joining Brentry Primary School. It has not been a traditional start to a school year and we are very much looking forward to getting to know you all more. 


This week we are commencing home/ garden visits. Please call the office or email myself if you need to check your time. Many parents have emailed me asking what to expect on the visit. Below is a list of the type of thing that happens. We only have 10-15 mins at each home so please do not worry about them!

On the visits we will:

-check all of your paperwork is complete

-have all the correct information about your child

-give you the chance to share any personal/ sensitive information 

-ask any questions about starting school

-take a photo of your child with their favourite toy ready for the classroom 


On the week commencing 13th September, the Monday and Tuesday are short 1 hour play sessions. This is as we were unable to have our 'transition' sessions in June/July. Your child can come to a session on both the Monday and Tuesday. Please ensure you have booked your child on for staffing reasons. Uniforms do not have to be worn on these days. Official starting school sessions then begin on Weds 15th September. 


I have had a few emails about uniform. Please call or email the school office to arrange ordering or trying on of uniform. 


We look forward to seeing you all very soon. 


Kind Regards, 

Miss Millard & Handy Mandy