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Year 2 – Brunel Class

Fire brigade vist to Year 2! We learnt a lot about fire safety.

Fire of London paintings

Money work in maths this week

Making our own Paddington Bear!

Term 3


We have been busy already this term! We have all written a New Year's Resolution! We will see if we can keep them.

We have had a class visitor all the way from Peru! His name is Paddington and he will be joining the class this term. We have enjoyed reading stories about him and writing letters to Aunt Lucy in Peru.


In History we have started learning about the Great Fire of London. We will be having a visit from the fire brigade this term to teach us all about fire safety.


DT Project - Moving pictures of the nativity story

Christmas Nativity Performance 2024

Spooky spiders! We made pretend spiders. We were learning about things that were living, dead or had never been alive. Luckily, we didn't have a real living spider in class!

Term 2


Welcome back! After a wet start to the term let's hope the Spooktacular event can go ahead this week!

This term will be based around our geography unit 'What a wonderful world'. We will be learning about hot and cold places in the world. We will be finding out about animals that live at the North and South Pole.

In literacy we will be writing information texts about these animals.


We will be starting to practice for the Nativity play and year 2 children will have parts with many having a speaking role. We will also be learning some songs.


Mrs Ford



Our trip to SS Great Britain 17th October

Snail crazy in Year 2! We made snails and held the annual snail race!

Materials hunt! We went on a materials hunt around our school to find things made from different materials.

Snail and the whale art

Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson


Brunel class have enjoyed reading this book and are writing our own stories based on the book. We also created some snail and whale art work.


Welcome to Year 2

2023 - 2024

Please read our welcome letter to find out about life in Year 2 as well as find out what we are learning this term in our curriculum overview.

Mrs Moore & Mrs Ford














































Term 6


We have reached the final term of Year 2! We will still be busy this term and have lots of exciting activities planned. We will be carrying on with our Art topic and will be learning about the artist L.S Lowry. We will be making some delicious fruit salads in DT and thinking about healthy food choices.


In Literacy we will be reading books by Roald Dahl and learning about his life before he became an author. If you have any books by Roald Dahl maybe you could read some at home with your child.

Nearer the end of term we will be getting the children ready for the transition into Key Stage 2.


Mrs Ford and Mrs Moore


Recorder club performed in assembly on the last day of term - well done!

There was lots of dancing and pirate food on our pirate day!

We made brightly coloured parrots!

We made pirate treasure maps!

Pirate party! What an end of term treat! The children looked amazing as pirates!

Nik Courtney kindly came in to show us some of her amazing portraits. She is a portrait artist and her daughter is in Year 3. We learnt a lot from her visit.

Visit to the new school library to find some books about pirates!

Our trip to Slimbridge May 9th

The King's coronation - we celebrated in school and had a picnic lunch.

Term 5 - Explorer Dome Visit

Visit from Longleat outreach team as part of our science day celebrations!

Term 4

This term we are reading all about Traction Man. He is an action figure who has to go on rescue missions. We are writing our own missions for Traction Man to go on.

World Book Day! We loved dressing up and reading our favourite books together.

An eggcellent start to Spring term 2! Making pancakes and writing recipes.

Hazel visited our class to talk about her trips the Arctic and Antarctica. She travelled all the way to the South Pole!

Visit from Wicked Weather Watch! Rhianna talked to us about the Polar regions and explained climate change to us.

Term 3


Welcome back to the new term in 2023!

We have some new and exciting topics we will be learning about. In geogrpahy we are learning about our 'Wonderful World'. The children will be finding out about the different continents and oceans. We are linking this to our literacy where they will be reading and writing about polar animals from the Arctic and Antarctica. In science we will be learning about the different habitats animals live in.

Brunel class were very lucky to have a visit from the Fire Brigade on Friday 18th November. They taught us all about fire safety and showed us the equipment they use. They even let us all have a go using the hose!

Fire Brigade visit - comparing the fire service in 1666 to what it is like now.

We made our own Paddington Bears!

Term 2


We have got off to a busy start in Term 2! We have started learning about our new History topic which is 'What made London go up in flames?' We will be starting to prepare for the Christmas Nativity too, so please return the form if you would like to have tickets to watch. We are so pleased we can invite parents in this year. We have also welcomed a new member to the class this term - Paddington! All the way from Darkest Peru. He has enjoyed spending time in Brunel class and may even make us all marmalade sandwiches! Please book for Parents Evening  - there are available slots on Thursday 10th November. You will be able to come into school and see the amazing work your child has done so far.


Mrs Ford and Mrs Moore

Thank you for all the kind donations for our class 'Shoebox appeal'. Lots of children brought boxes in they had filled themselves. We were also given lots of donations so we made several class boxes filled with gifts. They will be delivered in time for Christmas to many people in need this year.

We finished our science topic about materials by designing a boat to hold an apple. We had fun testing them out!

Brunel class have been sculpting snails out of play doh. We named our snails too. Turbo was the most popular name! We have been writing super snail facts this week too in literacy. See if you can find some snails in your garden this weekend.

Annual snail race! Off to a fast start! What an exciting event!

Noah's Ark Farm trip! We had lots of fun seeing the animals and playing!

Brunel class have been reading stories by Julia Donaldson and listening out for the rhyming words. Some children have found some books at home.

Welcome to Brunel Class 2022 - 2023


Brunel class wrote yummy recipes for how to cook pancakes. Then we followed our recipes and cooked pancakes.

We have been making a polar scene. Can you tell if it is the Arctic or Antarctica?

In Geography we are learning about our 'Wonderful World'. We are learning to name and locate the continents and oceans.

We are learning how to multiply in maths and have used numicon this week to help.

Happy New Year!


We hope you had a happy and healthy Christmas break.  It has been wonderful hearing all about the children's holidays and the treats they have received.


This term we start a new set of topics, please check our updated curriculum overview for this term as well as our new spelling list.


Mrs Moore & Mrs Ford

We each made a house and recreated Pudding Lane in London 1666. We lined up our houses and imagined how easily the fire would have spread as they were so close together.

We have filmed this years nativity play. Mrs Moore and Mrs Ford were so proud of us for learning all of our lines and our acting was spectacular. We will let you know when the film has been edited and is ready to download.

We enjoyed a wonderful interactive story telling session with Paddington at the Mall, Cribbs Causeway.

We learnt about Advent and made an advent wreath. We are all looking forward to starting our countdown to Christmas!

The fire brigade visited Brunel class and we learnt a lot about fire safety.

Paddington Bear is the new member of our class! He has come all the way from darkest Peru! We enjoyed trying some delicious marmalade sandwiches and making our own Paddington.

We had a spooktacular event at school! We all dressed up in spooky costumes and watched fireworks in the evening!

Autumn Term 2


Welcome back, we hope you had a wonderful break and the children are feeling refreshed for the fun term that is ahead of them.  Please check out our curriculum overview for this term to find out which topics we will be covering.  As a reminder, there is no swimming this term.  Instead the children will be taking in weekly yoga sessions on a Monday afternoon as well as there PE session on a Friday.  We looking forward to speaking to you via zoom during parents evening.


Thank you for your continued support,


Claire Moore & Laura Ford

On Tuesday 5th October we had a wonderful day visiting  the SS Great Britain.  We took part in a special workshop where we imagined we were time travellers and went back in time to the launch of the ship.  We  handled resources to make rivets for the ship, then dressed as different characters and went out to perform the launch ceremony.  During the day we got to see exactly what it was like to travel like a passenger on board as well as learn about the fascinating design of the ship.  In the afternoon, we stopped by the suspension bridge and walked across it, for many of us this was our first time walking across the high bridge.  We couldn’t believe how hard it must have been to build the bridge across the gorge.  Well done Brunel class for such a fantastic day out!

2021 Snail race! Well it got off to a slow start but eventually we had a winner!

We have made a mini me! We have the Brentry school mission on our uniform.

We are going snail crazy in Brunel class! We have drawn snails, written about snails and made snails out of plasticine!

Which is your favourite Julia Donaldson book? We have been reading a lot!

Welcome to Year 2 smiley


We hope you have all had a lovely summer and are looking forward to welcoming the children to Year 2.


Please find below a welcome letter as well as our curriculum overview to help you gain an insight as to what to expect over the next few weeks.


I am sure you are already aware that we are a job share.  Mrs Moore teaches the class on Mon, Tues and Mrs Ford teaches on a Thurs and Fri.  We take it in turns to teach alternate Wednesdays.  This week it will be Mrs Moore - Tues, Wed and Mrs Ford Thurs, Fri.  Then next week Mrs Ford will teach on Wednesday 15th September and Mrs Moore the following Wednesday etc.  The children get used to the routine very quickly!  After 5 years working as a job share together we work really well together and we've surprisingly never both turned up to teach on a Wednesday!


We will be hosting a virtual 'back to school' meeting via zoom on Tuesday 14th September at 4 pm.  This will give you us an opportunity to talk through year 2 expectations as well for you to ask us any questions about the year ahead.  We have emailed you the details to join our zoom meeting.


Good luck getting ready in the mornings and here's to a great year together!


Mrs Moore & Mrs Ford

Year 2 Sports day!

Term 6

We hope you had an enjoyable half term break in the sunshine! It is now the final term of Year 2! The children have been working so hard and we have an exciting term ahead! We will be reading books by Roald Dahl and finding out about his life. We will read 'The Twits' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. In maths we will soon be starting to tell the time. Please help your child to do this at home by finding some digital and analogue clocks in your house to look at.

Please see our updated curriculum overview and spelling lists for this term.


Mrs Ford and Mrs Moore



End of Term 5 - Pirate day

Pirate Day! What an amazing class of pirates! The children had some fantastic pirate outfits on. We made pirate crafts, danced and had lots of fun!

Making pirate ships!