Brentry Primary School

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Isolation Page

If your child is isolating please see below for work: 


Phonics- This term the children are rehearsing the Phase 2 sounds and using them to read and write simple words.

This week the children are learning w, x ,y, z. (look at the video links below). 

We will be having lots of practise reading and writing cvc words e.g. (dog, man, sun) 

Last week we read the story 'lost and found', where a penguin just wanted a best friend. In phonics each group will be writing about who their best friend is. You could have a go at this at home. 



Maths- This week we are adding numbers to 5 and recognising quantities. We will practise writing simple sums to 5. Have a look at the white rose videos to support. 


On Thursday we are going to look at 2D shapes. We will go on a shape hunt around the school. Why not watch the 2D shape song and then have a hunt what shapes you can see in your home. 


This week we are freezing different objects and playing with them to see them melt. This is something you could easily do at home. Why not add some food colouring or objects to your frozen creations! 


On Tuesday we are going to look after an unborn chick (hard boil an egg). We are going to see who is able to keep their egg from cracking all day. Again this is easy to do at home. Ours will be sent from the zoo for us to look after! 

General- other things you could do


-name writing

-reading your reading book

-listening to stories


-completing a puzzle

- playing in the garden

-wake and shake (youtube)


-imaginary play

-Board games 

- Draw a penguin