Brentry Primary School

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Secret Sporting Talents

Lots of children partake in sports out of school. We wanted to celebrate the talents our children have at Brentry Primary School. Look below at some of the amazing things they do. 
David in Year 4 takes part in Taekwondo. Here he has just received his yellow belt. Well done David. 
Jack in Year 5 takes part in Motor Cross outside of school. We think he is very brave to complete the courses and conquer those jumps! 
Milo enjoys rugby outside of school. He has taken part since he was two and plays in a local team, have a look at him in the picture below in action. Milo and Grace both take part in swimming and dance. They have many badges between them, meaning Mum has a lot of sewing to do! Grace has been dancing since she was two and you can always see her busting her moves in the playground. Milo also takes part in dance and has just done his first show!

Oscar takes part in a local park run at Kings Weston House. It is 2km and this Sunday Oscar ran his 10th race. Just one more to go and Oscar will receive a ‘half marathon’ award! WoW! Oscar has been working hard to improve each week and challenges himself to keep going. What a great way to get fit, he has definitely inspired me! 



Summer plays football for a local team called St Valliers. After her first season she won the players trophy award, what a great achievement. To top it off they then came third in a local tournament giving Summer another trophy to add to her collection! 
Luke in Year 6 took part in canoeing with his local scout group. He faced the challenge head on and with a smile on his face. What an amazing experience. 
Belle is a Cheerleader for Predator Athletics and is part of a regional competitive team called Baby Sharks. They have their first competition, the ICC Welsh Open later this month. Good luck Belle!
Jacob is very busy outside of school. He recently passed the stage Stage 5 Swim England Award as well as achieving his 5th kup blue stripe in Taekwondo. Well done Jacob! 
Look at our first sporting talent! Lacey from Year 1 attends a dance class every Saturday called Vitality Freestyle. This week she won dancer of the week and next month she will be competing. Wow, what a little star!