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At the beginning of a new school year, two pupils from every class are chosen to be on the School Council. This is a democratic system, where pupils complete an election form and talk to their classes about why they should represent their year group on the School Council. 

School Council 2019-20


This year we have another dedicated School Council:


Anning Class - Joey and Isla

Brunel Class - Stevie and Pandora

Parks Class -  Jake and Flo

Bowie Class - Max and Aya

Simmonds Class - George and Leah

Darwin Class - Paulo and Daisy


Last year, the School Council amended our 'Around the School Charter'. They also raised money for the Poppy Appeal by selling poppies, wristbands, keyrings and bracelets. 


Most importantly, they worked on a very big project - the change of the class names.

Alice, one of our Year 6 School Councillors in 2018/19, suggested changing our class names. She had noticed that only one of the current classes was named after an inspirational female figure. She felt that there should be more of a balance of male and female class names. The School Council set upon this task just before Christmas and asked their classes for ideas on new class names. Alice and her Year 6 School Council partner, Drew, planned whole school assemblies on this project. Drew planned and shared a Powerpoint, with suggested inspirational male figures, during a whole school assembly at the beginning of January. Alice did the same, with suggested inspirational female figures, which she presented to the whole school at the beginning of February. 


The School Councillors narrowed down a very long list and then asked the children to vote for their favourites. Then they asked the teachers for their votes. Mr Clarke did intervene at one point to say that we were not allowed to choose The Rock, but other than that, the 7 figures chosen were selected democratically. 


Well done Alice, Drew and the rest of the Council. Some great new names in there of people who should be rightly celebrated. 




Around the School Charter