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Year 1 – Anning Class

Wednesday 22nd January

This afternoon Madame Harvey came to teach us some French. First we studied a map of France and then Madame Harvey taught us how to greet each other in French and to ask how we were. We really enjoyed learning a new language and are looking forward to more Wednesday afternoons with Madame Harvey.

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Tuesday 21st January

As part of our geography topic about 'Our School' we made some 'Messy Maps' of our classroom. We used resources from our classroom to make our maps. We thought carefully about where everything was in our classroom, what shape it was and the size of it. We had to work collaboratively with a friend as this is part of our P.S.H.E work this term too.


Tuesday 14th January

In P.E today we made a journey from one side of the hall to the other. We had to cross an obstacle course to get there. Afterwards we drew a picture of the course and had to remember the order of the course. We talked about how maps are drawn and what a bird's eye view was. We then drew a map of our journey from one side of the hall to the other. It looked very different to our pictures.


Happy New Year !

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas break and will have a happy and healthy New Year !

Welcome back to Anning Class. During Term 3 and 4 our topics are geography based. In Term 3 our topic will be 'Our School' and in Term 4 it will be 'Our Country'.

During the topic of 'Our School' we will be studying our classroom, school and our journeys to school. We will be learning about map making and map symbols, the 4 points of a compass and using photos and maps to find out about our local area.

We will also be learning about animals ( including humans) in our Science lessons this term.

We will continue with our work on addition and subtraction in Maths and learn about place value up to 50 as well as multiples of 2,5 and 10.

In Phonics we will be learning/revising Phase 4 and 5 sounds. There will be lots of opportunities to practise our reading too so please can children have their reading books everyday!

P.E is still on a Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Looking forward to lots of fun learning in Term 3!

Please remember to pop in and see the Year 1 Team if you have any questions.

Thursday 4th December

Today the local church came to tell us the Nativity story. They let us dress up in costumes and act out the story as they told it to us. This really brought the story to life and we enjoyed acting and dressing up as all the different characters.


Wednesday 20th November

This week we have been comparing our toys with the toys our parents used to play with. We sent our Mums and Dads some homework to do! We thought of some questions we would like to ask them about their toys. They did very well and we were able to find out lots about toys and games in the past. We also found that our Mums and Dads enjoyed some of the same books that we like to read today too like Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Winnie-the-Pooh, Elmer the Elephant and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here are some photos of us with our parent's old toys.

Tuesday 12th November

Odd Socks Day

Today as part of Anti Bullying Week we wore odd socks to school.We talked about how we are all different,just like our socks, and that is a good thing which we should be proud of.

Wednesday 22nd October.

Today was a beautiful sunny Autumn day.We went outside to look at the seasonal changes happening in our school environment and to use some natural resources to make some art pieces. We observed lots of changes going on such as the leaves changing colours and falling from the trees , berries turning red and the animals busy storing food for the Winter. As we walked around the school grounds we collected natural resources and at the end of our walk made some art from our collections with our friends. Mrs Collins loved our art work and took some pictures.We hope you like them.

Monday 14th October

This afternoon Mrs V-G came in with a letter and parcel that had been delivered to school. It was for Anning Class and was from the British Museum. The Museum said that it had heard that Anning Class were brilliant palaeontologists and wondered if we could help them. They sent us 16 pieces of coprolite ( dinosaur poo !) to investigate. By opening the coprolite and observing what was inside the Museum hoped we would be able to tell them whether the coprolite was from a dinosaur that was a carnivore or a herbivore.

We set to work straight away investigating. We recorded our results and will send them off to the Museum !

Monday 7th October

In our science lesson to day we made some dinosaur slime ! As scientists we had to measure carefully the cornflour on some scales and the water in a measuring jug. We learnt some scientific words : solids and liquids. We observed what happened when they were  mixed together. Finally, we recorded what we had found out.

Tuesday 1st October

Class Trip to the Museum

Today as part of our History Topic about Mary Anning we went to the Museum and took part in a Dinosaur Discovery Workshop. When we arrived we went into a special room and Jenny from the Museum talked to us about the fossils,bones and dinosaurs at the Museum. She then gave us four activities to do. During the activities we learnt some more about Mary Anning and her fossil finds, learnt about what Bristol looked like millions of years ago, found out about how we know what dinosaurs ate and found out about the work of paleontologists. We learnt lots of new things.

After lunch we had time to look around the rest of the Museum. We loved looking at the fossils, gems and dinosaur bones and skeletons. We even found a picture of Mary Anning in the Museum.

On the way home we stopped at Brunel's Suspension Bridge and had a walk to see The Avon Gorge where remains of the Bristol Dinosaur,Thecondontosaurus ( Theco for short !) were found.

Mrs Collins said she was very proud of us for sharing our knowledge and learning lots of new things about our topic at the Museum and for our excellent behaviour.

Wednesday 25th September 2019


WOW ! We have had a very exciting afternoon ! We have been fossil hunters just like Mary Anning. We carefully searched in the soil and found so many different 'curiosities'. We found fossils ( ammonites and trilobites), dinosaur bones,teeth and claws, gems and rocks. We carefully brushed clean our finds so as not to damage them and took them back to the classroom. Tomorrow we will study them more carefully and draw and write about them just like Mary Anning did 220 years ago. We may have to send them off to the museum so they can look at them.

We have had a great afternoon !

Friday 20th September

The children have settled really well into Year 1 and have been working really hard. In Science we have been investigating Forces. We made models with playdoh describing the types of forces we used on the playdoh to change it's shape. We had lots of fun as well as learning how a force can make a change.

After a pirate themed P.E lesson some children made treasure maps at home. As the sun was shining this week we went out into the school grounds to follow one of the maps. It was quite an adventure! We had to trudge through a swamp,climb over a bridge, swim through a river, run through volcanoes, climb a mountain and slide down the other side before finally arriving at a forest where X marked the spot ! We were very excited when all our hard work paid off and we found some TREASURE !!


Welcome to Year 1 Anning Class.

Thursday 5th September 2019

It was a real treat to meet our new Year 1 children today. They settled back to school beautifully and did some amazing writing about their Summer holidays. We have a lovely new classroom and school to work in this year so we are very excited.

We have started to give out new reading books and aim for every child to have a book by the end of tomorrow. There is a drop box just inside the classroom door where children can put their reading books and reading record books  when they have finished them . We will change their books by the end of the day. Please read with your child as often as you can as it will make a big difference to their progress. Of course it doesn't have to be you it could be a grandparent, auntie/uncle , an older brother or sister or even the dog !

P.E days are Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. We start P.E at 9:10am on Thursday mornings so the children will need to come to school dressed in their P.E kits ready and bring their school uniform in their PE bag to change into afterwards. We do not do Welly Wednesday in Year 1.

The children looked so smart in their new uniform today so please make sure it is all labelled as when it gets lost it is much easier to find and give back to the right owner.

A water bottle is also important. Even when the weather turns cooler water is really good for the brain and we will encourage the children to drink lots. Their own water is much more hygienic than sharing a cup with others. We have brand new water fountains in the playgrounds too.

Please do come and see us if you have any concerns or worries about your child or if there is anything you are unsure of. We are a friendly team and would rather know if there are any problems so we can solve them. Also, if there is any information you feel it would be useful for us to know please come and share with us. Please bear in mind though that the start of the day when the children are coming into the classroom and leaving it at the end of the day are particularly busy times for the staff. It is best if we arrange a meeting with you at a convenient time when we can give you our full attention. 

Back to School meetings will take place next week so I look forward to giving you more information and meeting you then.

Here are some photos of Anning Classroom ! 

Mrs Collins

Year 1 Class Teacher

Picture 1
Picture 2

Last Year !

End of Year Treat !


As a special treat for working so hard all year Chaplin Class went to play at Blaise yesterday. We walked there with Monet Class. First, we had lots of fun  in the playground. We got very dizzy on the roundabout, swung high on the swings, bumped up and down on the see-saw and played in the sandpit on the pirate ship. Then we cooled down with a delicious ice lolly ! Before walking back to Brentry we had another play in the big playground where we zoomed on the zip wire , climbed up the spider's web and came down the wiggly slide. We all enjoyed our special morning out.

Reading Buddies

 After lunch our friends from Year 6 have been coming to Chaplin Class to listen to us read this week. Our new Reading Buddies write a comment in our reading record books and then read a story to us. We will continue to do this three times a week until the end of term.  Thank you Year 6 children for helping your younger friends as you near the end of your journey at Brentry.  

Tuesday 11th June  

Puxton Park Trip

Today we visited Puxton Park with Brunel Class. We had lots of fun even though it rained for most of the day !


First, we met Farmer Macauley who told us about the animals on the farm and where some of our food comes from. We were allowed to stroke the guinea pigs and rabbits in the Pets Corner. We also met some tortoises and birds. Then, Farmer Macauley showed us the big farm animals. We saw some cheeky sheep and some very friendly calves. We were able to tell Farmer Macauley all about hens as we are experts with having our own Brentry chickens. We loved the piglets who were being fed by their Mum. After that Farmer Macauley took us for a ride around the Farm on a very bumpy tractor ride. We saw the cows in the milking shed.

Next , we ate our lunch and had a well deserved break. As it was still raining we played inside on the soft play equipment for the afternoon until it was time to go home. Lots of us were brave enough to go down the wavey rainbow slide. Mrs Collins wasn't ! Finally, it was time to get back on the coach and return to Brentry. We all enjoyed our day and a big thank you to Mrs. Tucker, Mrs V-G , Miss Moore and Mrs Ransom ( Jean) who came with us.


This week we have been learning about the environment through science and art.

On Monday we went outside and did a scavenger hunt with Miss Millard, looked for bugs with Mrs Moore and identified the trees on our field with Mrs Collins.

On Tuesday we were very lucky to have a Forest Schools Session.We walked up to our wildlife area collecting 'natural treasure' on the way. We used our senses to look at the trees,flowers and grasses on our walk. Once we got to the wildlife area Vicky, our Forest Schools teacher,showed us how to whittle a stick with a potato peeler. We made a sharp point at the end of a stick and then stuck a marshmallow on the end. We watched Vicky make a fire and then we were able to toast our marshmallows. They tasted delicious ! We also were allowed to do some pond dipping, go digging for bugs, make some natural potions and build dens. We loved being outside and learning. Thank you Mrs Moore for organising it and to POMs for paying for Forest Schools to come to Brentry.

On Friday it was Art Day! We continued with our environmental theme. First we went to visit Miss Millard in Brunel Class. She taught us about the importance of honey bees and we made some pictures of bees and hives using paint and our fingers. Next, we went to see Mrs Ford in Monet Class. She told us about the Continents of the World and we made a map of the World on a paper plate. Finally, we came back to our own classroom where Mrs Collins talked to us about recycling. We used collage to decorate the recycling symbol and visited the 'glitter station' to put a bit of sparkle on our art work. We all agreed we had a fun day and produced some fabulous pieces of art!


Wow ! What an end to Term 5 ! We were really excited to welcome MOJO ACTIVE to Brentry on the last day of term. They brought with them a huge climbing wall and an obstacle course. We had a whole school warm up led by Miss Millard and her Year 6 helpers. After that we took turns to complete the obstacle course and attempt to climb the wall. We were amazing at climbing and Mrs Collins said we were really brave. Everybody had a go and a special mention must go to Alfie, Charley, Mayson and Logan who all managed to climb right to the top and ring the bell!

A big thank you to Miss Millard and Mrs Jack for arranging a great day.

Jack and The Beanstalk

We have had fun learning our class story this term. We became really good at retelling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with actions. We sequenced the story and drew story maps. We thought about questions we would like to ask Jack and the Giant. Finally, we wrote our own stories BUT we changed some of the parts of the story !! We chose a different character instead of Jack, changed the giant, the castle and the hen that laid a golden egg. Mrs Collins loved reading our adapted stories. They were very original !

In Science, we grew our very own beanstalks. Good luck now you have taken them home. We would love to see any beans you may get from them or any golden eggs you find at the top of the beanstalk!


Mental Health Awareness Week

This week we have been thinking about our mental health. We have been thinking about the different emotions we sometimes feel and how we can help ourselves and others when we are not feeling happy. Some of us have bought green ribbons from Year 5 this week to remind ourselves that our mental health is important.The money raised will go to a charity called MIND. On Friday we wore green clothes too ! Here we are looking green !


Picture 1

Summer Term !

We hope you all had a great Easter break and ate lots of chocolate ! Wow ! It's the Summer Term already! Hopefully the sun will begin to shine and we will be able to get outside more this term. Our topic in Term 5 and 6 is called 'Let the Brush see the Paint' and it is an art based topic. We will be looking at the work of two artists Piet Mondrian and Wassily Kandinsky and trying to paint in their style. We will also be studying Plants and Materials in Science and looking at Victorian toys in History.Our Class story will be Jack and the Beanstalk and we will be doing some non fiction writing too. We also have lots of fun activities that take place in the Summer like Sports Day and our Class Trip. Fun, Fun, Fun !

Virtual Museum Spring Term

Welcome to our Virtual Museum for the Spring Term. Most of the activities we have been doing you can see already if you scroll down this page but here are a few more photos of the activities we have been enjoying this term.

Our Topic about Castles was great fun. We learnt about the different parts of a castle and their tricky names like battlements, portcullis, drawbridge and moat.
Picture 1
We made flags for our class castle and designed shields. We learnt all abouts knights and how they were protected in armour. They all looked the same especially when their visors were down so needed a special shield to show who they were. Here are our shields on display in the classroom.
Picture 1
We learnt to tell our class story George and the Dragon by Chris Wormell. We made up some actions to help us remember the words. We were great story tellers! We then sequenced the main parts of the story and drew story maps before we wrote the story ourselves. You are welcome to come and read them. We are very proud of what we wrote.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Mrs Price made some stained glass windows with us just before Easter. They looked beautiful when we put them up on the window and the sun shone through them.
Picture 1
During the Autumn and Spring Term we have welcomed Madame Harvey into our classroom fortnightly and she has been teaching us some French words and songs. We have really enjoyed  learning a new language and learning about a different country. Madame Harvey will now be going on holiday but we look forward to seeing her again when we are in Year 2. Thank you so much Madame Harvey we have had great fun with you !
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Picture 2
On the last day of term we helped Mr Clarke celebrate a big birthday ! We gave him a surprise assembly and saw some funny photos of him when he was much younger and had hair ! He opened some presents and we all had a special cup cake to celebrate.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Friday 14th March

Red Nose Day 

We love dressing up in Chaplin Class and on Friday we were at it again !

This time raising money for Comic Relief. We all wore red and managed to raise £25. Well done everybody !


4th March - 8th March

We have had a brilliant week. We have been so busy and have really enjoyed all our Literacy Week activities as well as learning so much !

On Monday, we visited Henbury Library. We got to meet the Librarian, Lucy, and she told us all about the Library. She gave us some forms so we can all join and choose up to 20 books to borrow. We also found out that we could borrow DVDs, comics, audio books and lots more. We then were able to sit and look at all the fantastic picture books they have and read some stories.

On Wednesday night some children sneaked back to school in their pyjamas for a bedtime story. We all snuggled up to enjoy some stories, talk about our teddy bears, drink hot chocolate and eat ( a few !) cookies before bedtime.
On Thursday, we invited our parents in to see one of our lessons. The lesson was about our new reading comprehension lessons... VIPERS ! Thank you to the parents who joined in with our lesson. We read our class story, 'George and the Dragon' by Chris Wormell. Mrs Collins asked the class lots of comprehension questions about the story. These questions were about the vocabulary in the story and we had to explain some of the parts of the story . She stopped the story half way through and then we had to predict what the dragon was afraid of. We came up with some brilliant answers. Mrs Collins read the rest of the story and asked us even more comprehension questions and then we had to sequence 6 pictures from the story in the correct order because Mrs Collins had got them muddled !At the end of the lesson we had to retrieve ( recall) what George ,the mouse , had eaten at the Castle.

Later that day the parents came back for our Family Read. It was lovely to share books with our Mums,Dads, brothers and sisters. Thank you to our Year 6 pupils for coming to our class and reading stories with us.

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. Mrs Collins thought our costumes were super and thanked our parents for all their hard work in making us look like we had all just walked out of the pages of a book, comic or information book. We shared our costumes and saw the other classes costumes in Celebration Assembly in the afternoon.

A great big thank you to Mrs Ochiltree for arranging another fantastic Literacy Week. We all had so much fun and learned loads !


Picture 1

Thursday 7th March 


Today we were allowed a tour of the building site with Mrs Jack and some of the Project Managers. We had to wear special jackets and hard hats. It was really interesting to see what the builders have been up to. We got to see our new classroom for next year when we will be in Year 2. There is still a lot to do but we are very excited about the changes.

Friday 1st March

The Banana Project Nepal. Wear Yellow Day !

Today we all wore yellow ! It looked as if the sun was shining in Chaplin Class all day. We were raising money for the Banana Project in Nepal. We learnt about what Fair Trade means and we all agreed that the banana farmers deserved to be paid a fair amount of money for the hard work they do. This would mean they could afford food and clothes and to be able to send their children to school. Here we all are in our sunshine yellow clothes.Thank you for your donations.We raised £25 in Chaplin Class.

International Week 11th February -15th February

We have had great fun this week learning about different countries. We have learnt how to say good morning in a different language each day, found out about Valentine's Day around the World and had an 'Around the World ' Day where we got to visit three other countries. On Friday we dressed up in costumes from around the World. Lots of effort was made and we all looked amazing ! 

In the afternoon, we tasted some delicious foods from around the World. Thank you to Obaa-yaa's Mum for the amazing Ghanian rice. We all wanted more !!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Monday 28th January

Today Para Olympian football player Jack Rutter came to school to do some exercises with us and to give us a motivational talk. We worked really hard to do as many exercises as we could in 4 minutes and asked our family and friends to sponser us. All money raised will go to support Jack Rutter and to buy us some new P.E equipment. Afterwards we listened to Jack talk about his inspirational life story and how if we work hard and believe in ourselves we can achieve our goals just like Jack did. We all enjoyed the challenging exercises and listening to Jack speak. Here are some photos of us in action. They are a bit blurred as we were moving so fast !

Thursday 24th January

Today in Numeracy we took another Smartie Challenge ! This time we were given a small box of Smarties each. We had to sort them into colours and count how many of each colour we had. Then we had to answer questions about our smarties understanding the language: more than, most, least , less than ,fewer than,fewest

It was great fun but the best bit was when we had finished we were allowed to eat the smarties !


Monday 7th January 2019

We hope you had a fantastic holiday and are ready for a new term. This term we have two new topics. For the first half term we are studying 'Our Local Area' and after the Half Term Holiday we will be studying 'Castles'.

During the 'Our Local Area' Topic we will be learning about the United Kingdom, Bristol and our local area of Brentry. We will be looking at maps and making our own.

P.E days will remain on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning ( so please can children come dressed in their P.E kits on a Thursday).

We are all looking forward to a new term in Chaplin Class and will post more news as the term goes on. Please pop into class if there is anything we can help you with.



Friday 21st December


Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year to you all !


Many thanks for all the cards and generous gifts I , Mrs Tucker and Miss Welsh have received from you. They are very much appreciated and we will all need elasticated waistbands next term !

Here are some photos of Chaplin Class enjoying their Christmas Party on Thursday.I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. See you back here on Monday 7th January 2019.

Virtual Museum


Welcome to Chaplin Class' Virtual Museum.


Chaplin Class have been learning about history that happened millions of years ago. We have been learning about dinosaurs and how we know that they lived on Earth.


We started our investigations by reading the book 'What's Under the Bed' by Mick Manning.


Picture 1
Picture 1
We found that there were lots of things under the ground such as pipes,roots,tunnels,clay, animals,coal, fossils, gems, magma and a hard core in the centre of the earth. We drew our own pictures of what is under the ground.
Picture 1

We saw that special scientists called paleontologists have found evidence that dinosaurs lived on our Earth by looking under the ground and finding dinosaur fossils, teeth and bones.We then went outside to see for ourselves what is under the ground and see if we could find any evidence of dinosaurs ! We did a ...


Here we are outside digging...

Here are some of the things we found..
Picture 1
We decided to write to Bristol Museum to see if they could help us identify what we had found. We knew the fossils were ammonites and trilobites but we weren't sure which dinosaurs the bones were from. Here is one of our letters...
Picture 1
We became experts at dinosaurs and learnt to label the parts of dinosaurs and recognise different dinosaurs.
Picture 1
We became such experts that one day we received a letter from The British Museum in London asking for our help. We needed to investigate 15 pieces of dinosaur poo ( coprolite) and see whether the dinosaur was a herbivore ( a plant eater) or carnivore (meat eater). Here is the letter..
We had a great time looking through the dinosaur poo. Some of us found feathers and meat in the coprolite and some of us found leaves and twigs.
Picture 1
We recorded our investigations for the Museum and told them in our reports whether the coprolite belonged to a herbivore or a carnivore.
Picture 1

We had learnt a lot about dinosaurs and hoped we may one day be as famous as one of the first fossil hunters... MARY ANNING.

Mary lived a long time ago and we enjoyed learning about her life. We wrote about her story. 

Picture 1
We made some ammonites or 'curiosities' which Mary used to call the fossils she found. We used clay to make them. We rolled the clay and twisted it into a spiral shape. We used a pencil to make marks on them.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Mary used to collect her curiosities on the beach at Lyme Regis in a fossil bag. We have designed fossil bags and are currently making them in class. We are sewing them. We will put our fossils in them and take them home at the end of term.
Picture 1
We have read lots of stories about dinosaurs. Our favourite was 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' by Ian Whybrow. We learnt the story in our Talk for Writing lessons. Once we had learnt the story by heart with some actions to help us we wrote story maps and then wrote the story ourselves. Mrs Collins was very proud of our writing.
Picture 1
We have loved our Dinosaur topic. We have learnt a lot of new things and had lots of fun too. Thank you for visiting our Virtual Museum. We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the work we have done this term. 
Picture 1

Monday 10th December

Thanks to POMs we watched a pantomime this afternoon !. It was 'Dick Whittington' and we all had such a great time. We joined in all the songs and actions. As it was a pantomime of course there was lots of booing at the baddie and "Oh no your not" shouts. The children thought it was brilliant and wanted to see it again ! 



Monday 3rd December.

When we came into Chaplin Class today we spotted an Elf on our whiteboard ! We hope he is going to be good. Mrs Collins took some photos of him when we had gone home. He seems to be enjoying himself in our classroom. We will be writing about his adventures !

Friday 30th November

This week we have been learning our number bonds to 10. To help us do this we have done the SMARTIE  CHALLENGE ! We were each given 10 smarties and we had to make as many different number sentences as we could using our 10 smarties. At the end, we were allowed to eat the smarties. We did our work very quickly so we could get to the eating part of the challenge !!

Friday 16th November

Mrs Collins and Szymon P found out that they had a birthday on the same day so we decided to plan and have a party on Friday afternoon. We decided what we might need for a party and wrote shopping lists. Mrs Collins went shopping. We decorated the classroom and made birthday cards. After playing some party games we shared some party food and sang 'Happy Birthday' before watching Szymon blow out 6 candles on a birthday cake. Unfortunately, we couldn't find enough candles for Mrs Collins' to blow out or a cake big enough to hold them all so she just ate the cake ! It was a lovely end to the week.

Friday 16th November

Today was an exciting day in Chaplin Class. In the morning Eagle Heights came to visit Brentry Primary School. Alan, from Eagle Heights, had brought 4 birds of prey to show us and talk about how they were adapted to catch animals and fish for their food. It was really interesting and amazing when Alan let some of the birds fly over our heads ! What a fantastic experience for us all to be so close to these beautiful birds.

Dinosaur Poo ! 


Today we were sent a letter from The British Museum asking for our help. The Museum had heard we were dinosaur experts. They asked us to investigate some dinosaur poo ( or coprolite) to see if we could identify whether the dinosaur had been a carnivore or herbivore. The Museum sent us 15 pieces of coprolite wrapped in tissue paper. We carefully unwrapped it and broke up the coprolite to see what we could find. Some children found leaves,twigs and flowers in the poo. This must have meant the dinosaur was a herbivore. Some children found meat, feathers and bones in their samples. These dinosaurs must have been carnivores. The children worked very hard and we will send our results back to the Museum.

Monday 12th November

This week it is Anti-Bullying Week. Today we have been wearing odd socks and we have been talking about why it is OK to be different and celebrating our differences. Later this week we will be exploring what makes a good friend in our P.S.H.E. lesson.

Friday 18th October

Harvest Festival

The children in Chaplin Class have been thinking about sharing this week. They have talked about how they kindly share with others. Some share bedrooms with brothers and sisters and some share sweets, toys and books with their friends. As it's Harvest Festival this week we shared some apple pie together. We thought of some great adjectives to describe the pie. Delicious, yummy,scrummy, appley,lush and crumbly ! We also learnt a poem called 'Apple Pie'. We are going to say it at our Harvest Assembly ! Here are some photos of us enjoying our apple pie.

Friday 28th September



Chaplin Class were very excited today to go on a Big Dig ! We were paleontologists for the morning ! We were amazed to find dinosaur bones, fossils, gems, teeth and rocks. It was very exciting. All the children were fantastic at digging carefully and sharing what they had found with their friends. Once we had finished digging we took our finds back to class. We talked about the fossils,bones and gems we had found. Then we made labelled drawings of them so we could record what we had found. We will write to Bristol Museum to tell them about our morning and see if they can help us identify some of the bones and fossils we found. Good work Chaplin Class !

Thursday 6th September 2018

Welcome to Chaplin Class 2018-2019 !

It was a real treat to meet our new Year 1 children today. They settled back to school beautifully and did some amazing writing about their Summer holidays.

We have started to give out new reading books and aim for every child to have a book by the end of tomorrow. There is a drop box just inside the classroom door where children can put their reading books and reading record books  when they have finished them . We will change their books by the end of the day. Please read with your child as often as you can as it will make a big difference to their progress. Of course it doesn't have to be you it could be a grandparent, auntie/uncle , an older brother or sister or even the dog !

P.E days are Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. We do not do Welly Wednesday in Year 1.

The children looked so smart in their new uniform today please make sure it is all labelled as when it gets lost it is much easier to find and give back to the right owner.

A water bottle is also important. Even when the weather turns cooler water is really good for the brain and we will encourage the children to drink lots. Their own water is much more hygienic than sharing a cup with others.

Please do come and see us if you have any concerns or worries about your child or if there is anything you are unsure of. We are a friendly team and would rather know if there are any problems so we can solve them. Also if there is any information you feel it would be useful for us to know please come and share with us. Please bear in mind though that the start of the day when the children are coming into the classroom and leaving it at the end of the day are particularly busy times for the staff. It is best if we arrange a meeting with you at a convenient time when we can give you our full attention. 

Tomorrow there will be a letter going home with more information about Year 1. Back to School meetings will take place next week so I look forward to giving you more information and meeting you then.

Mrs Collins

Year 1 Class Teacher


Last Year 2017-2018

Friday 15th June

Last week Chaplin Class had a lovely trip to Court Farm with our friends in Brunel Class. The children learnt all about the farm animals and were able to see the cows being milked and helped to feed the very cheeky lambs. The tractor ride was a very bumpy favourite! After a picnic lunch the children enjoyed playing on the wooden fort play equipment. Everone had a great day out. A big thank you to all the helpers on the day and to the children who were so sensible and well behaved. Some members of the public even commented on how wonderful they were ! Well done Chaplin Class.

Friday 4th May

An exciting week this week in Chaplin Class as we had two visitors from our class story Jack and the Beanstalk. We were lucky enough to interview Jack himself and The Giant ! The children wrote questions they wanted to ask the characters the day before they came in. There were some really good questions and some very honest answers from Jack and The Giant. By the end we almost felt sorry for The Giant ! Our characters were brilliantly played by Belle and Mylo.  Thank you Belle and Mylo were amazing !

We also planted some beans which we hope will grow into our very own beanstalks and if we are really lucky maybe there will be some gold coins at the top of them. Watch out for Giants though ! We are writing bean diaries to record their progress.
In numeracy we have started a topic about measuring and have been measuring beanstalks to see how tall they are. Here are some of the children in action !
Of course, important as they are , school life isn't just about numeracy and literacy. Here are some more photos of Chaplin Class studying music, French and P.E. Finally, a class photo of Ethan's last day in Chaplin Class. A very sad day for us all but we hope he is now settling into his new Aussie life, making lots of new friends and enjoying his new adventure !
Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 13th April

Hope everyone had a very happy Easter break. Everyone has settled back in to the school routine well. Today we have had our skipathon in aid of Sports Relief. We practised during the week and by today were excellent skippers. With the help of year 6 we managed as a class to do 5,524 skips in ten minutes ! Here are some photos of us working hard to achieve a fantastic score. Now it's time to collect as much sponsor money as we can.

Friday 23rd March

Wow ! The children were fantastic in our Spring Festival today. They said their poem loudly,clearly and with smiles on their faces! Well done Chaplin Class !

It was our last swimming session today as well and the children have made great progress over the last five weeks. Back to P.E next term on our usual Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

I do hope everyone has a happy and relaxing Easter holidays ready for the start of the Summer Term on Monday 9th April.

Mrs Tucker kindly made Easter cakes with the children this week so here are some photos of Chaplin Class' Mary Berrys and Paul Hollywoods !


Friday 16th March.

On Wednesday in ICT Chaplin Class received a letter from a school in the USA.The letter was a from a Reception Cass telling Chaplin Class about their school. Using the word processing skills Chaplin Class have been practising with Mrs Jack this term the children have written a letter back telling the American children all about their class at Brentry. Mrs Jack will post it and we will wait for their reply ! 

Picture 1

Friday 9th March

We have been catching up this week after our snowy week last week. The children have been back practising their swimming and the swimming teacher commented today that the children are making fantastic  progress. They really are and some of our 'non' swimmers are really taking off. 

Today we had our postponed World Book Day dressing up day. Wow ! The costumes were amazing. Thank you parents for making your children look like they had just stepped out of a book ! Below are some photos of the brilliant book characters we had in Chaplin Class today.

I look forward to seeing parents next week at Parent's Evening on Monday and Wednesday. Finally, I do hope all the lovely Mums have a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday and get thoroughly spoilt. You deserve it !

On Thursday we had the opportunity to try out our hockey skills. Mr Swann, from Westbury Hockey Club, taught us some skills and then let us play some games. We were very good at using the stick to control the  ball and some children even scored some goals. It was great fun !
On Thursday, Mrs Hamblin, our reading volunteer brought in her baby bunnies, Charlie and Copper. They were really soft and fluffy and we all enjoyed a cuddle !

Friday 9th February

International Week

Chaplin Class have had a very busy International Week. Each day we have been learning how to greet each other in different languages with the help of some of the children in the class. We have been learning Hungarian, French, Polish, Arabic, Iranian Farsi, Spanish, Gaelic,Punjabi, Bengali, Czech,Welsh and German. The children have also been talking about the countries they have family living in. Not only have we been learning lots but we have been eating lots too ! Thank you to all the parents who have cooked or donated food from around the World.It was all delicious and we enjoyed trying new tastes. Apart from learning and eating we have had lots of fun and enjoyed dressing up in costumes from around the World today. Here are some photos of our week.

Friday 2nd February

There has been some fantastic writing happening in Chaplin Class this week. The children have been hard at work writing poems based on the poem 'Jelly on a Plate'.



Jelly on a plate,

Jelly on a plate,

Wibble wobble,

Wibble wobble,

Jelly on a plate.


The children worked hard on planning their poems, reciting them and even acting them out in PE before writing them. In numeracy we have been learning about odd and even numbers.

We are looking forward to International Week next week. We will be saying good morning to each other in a different language each day, learning about some different countries, trying some foods from different countries and dressing up on Friday!

Friday 26th January

This week we have been busy learning to tell the time. We have been looking at o'clock and half past times. Lots of practise can be done at home on this maths topic. Ask your child what the time is if your clock is on an o'clock or half past time. Hopefully they will be able to tell you !

Thank you for taking time to talk about your journey into school with your child. The children drew some brilliant maps of their journey to school. Next week (weather permitting ) we hope to go on a walk around the local area to explore what we like about our local area and how it could be improved.

In science we have been exploring our five senses and doing touch, taste and listening experiments. Our favourite experiment was trying to guess which flavour starburst Mrs Collins had given us without looking !!

Wednesday 3rd January 2018


I hope everyone had a great holiday and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2018. We have two new exciting geography based topics to cover before Easter: Our Local Area and after half term Castles. We will also be asking for your continuing support this term with daily reading at home and learning of keywords and phonics sounds. P.E days remain the same; Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

Looking forward to starting the new term ! Any concerns or questions please come in and see me.

Mrs Collins

Friday 15th December


A busy end of term for Chaplin Class with our wonderful performance of 'The Very Hopeless Camel ' on Wednesday, Christmas Dinner on Thursday and our Class Party on Friday ! Here are some photos of us enjoying our last week in school before the holidays.


Thank you for the lovely cards and gifts we have received and all your support this term. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 3rd January 2018 !

Friday 24th November

Today Chaplin Class visited Bristol Museum. The morning started with a Dinosaur Takeover Workshop run by the Museum and University students. We took part in four different activities.  We got to hold real fossils, took part in a dinosaur dig with Dino Will, decided which dinosaur would win the Battle of the Dinosaurs and learnt about food chains. The University students were really impressed with our knowledge !

After a packed lunch we got to visit Doris the Pliosaur. We enjoyed giving her a stroke and learning all about her playing with all the activities in her exhibition.

Mrs Collins said she was really proud of Chaplin Class who listened well during the trip and were really well behaved. Chaplin Class got a present because of this...our very own Doris the Pliosaur !

A big thank you to Mrs Tucker, Miss Ransom, Carolin, Maggie and Mrs Lazard who helped us on our trip. 

Here are some photos of our day out.


Wednesday 22nd November

An exciting letter arrived in Chaplin Class today from the British Museum in London

The children worked really hard to investigate the coprolites (dinosaur poop) and discovered what the dinosaurs had been eating ! In some of the coprolites they found twigs, leaves, flowers and nuts. These must have been herbivores and could have been poop from a Brachiosaurus,Triceratops or a Stegosaurus. In the other coprolites they found feathers, bones and pieces of meat. These must have been carnivores and could have been the poop from a Tyrannasaurus Rex, Pterodactyls, Velociraptors or an Icthyosaur. I m sure the Museum will be really pleased with their findings !

Week ending 17th November.

This week has been Anti Bullying Week and we have been thinking about what makes a good friend and how we can help our friends if they have a problem. On Friday we all wore our odd socks celebrating our differences. 

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Pudsey during Celebration Assembly on Children in Need Day on Friday. He delivered a cheque from Asda to the school.
Picture 1

Week ending 10th November 2017

It was great to meet so many parents at this weeks Parents Evening and have a chance to share your children's hard work.

This week we have been learning about Mary Anning. Mary Anning was a famous fossil collector during the Victorian times before scientists knew the stones were really the fossilised remains of creatures that had lived millions of years ago. One day Mary discovered the remains of an entire Icthyosaur in the cliffs near her home in Lyme Regis. She collected her fossils in her fossil bag.She became one of the most famous fossil hunters. Next week we will be writing about her and designing our own fossil bags.

Week ending 3rd November

After writing their news for me on Monday morning I know everyone in Chaplin Class had a happy half term holiday ! The children have settled back into school really well and have been working hard in numeracy learning by heart their number bonds to 10. They have been learning a poem to help them remember too. The children have taken a copy of the poem  home to practise. They all have some of our year 1 tricky words in their book bags to learn how to read and write too.

Next week I look forward to talking to you at Parents Evening on Tuesday and Thursday. If you are unable to meet on those days please let me know so we can arrange another convenient time. 


Thursday 19th October

The children were fantastic in our 60th Birthday Celebration Assembly today. They sat beautifully enjoying the performances by the rest of the school before performing confidently them selves. Well done Chaplin Class. Here are a few photos from the assembly.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
A big thank you to our friends Reagan, Mackenzie and Mason from Year 6 who came and showed us how to make paper aeroplanes to use in our assembly.

Week ending 13th October 2017

This week in Chaplin Class we have been learning about some of the inventions, fashions, films and TV programmes, toys and events that happened between 2000-2009. We will be telling you all about what we have learnt at the 60th Birthday Celebration Assembly on Thursday 19th October !

Picture 1
The children have been hard at work retelling the story of Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs. We have been 'hot seating' some of the characters to find out how they felt during the story. Thank you to William, Jack, Zaara and Adele for pretending to be Harry, Mum, Sam and Nan..
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week beginning 2nd October

This week in Chaplin Class we have been reading 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs' by Ian Whybrow. We are learning the story,with the help of actions, as part of our Talk for Writing program so that we can rewrite the story ourselves this week. The children have drawn some fantastic story maps for the story. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We have been working scientifically to investigate how liquids react with each other. To do this we made 'volcanoes' in bottles. We used water, oil, food colouring and alker seltzers if you want to have a go at home !
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

During our ICT time the children went on the website to practise our phase 3 sounds. This is a fun way to practise our phonics and can be done easily at home. Username: brentryp Password : kent.


A reminder that it is Mental Health Awareness Day on Tuesday 10th October and we are asking the children to wear something yellow on that day. In class we will be talking about the importance of talking to someone if you are feeling sad or have a worry.

Week ending 29th September


A busy week in Chaplin Class as on Wednesday it was our Big Dig ! The children had great fun digging and looking for clues about the past. They found dinosaur bones, teeth, gems, fossils and rocks.

On Thursday, we cleaned all our finds, drew pictures of them and displayed them in pots ready to send to the museum for identification. 

Today we have written recounts about our exciting Big Dig.

Here are some photos of the fun afternoon !

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11

Week beginning 25th September 


Last week Chaplin class were busy starting our class topic about dinosaurs. What a lot of long names to remember ! The children are now in groups named after dinosaurs, Pterodactyls, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Ichthyosaurs and will be working on specific tables for most lessons. We definitely have some dinosaur experts in the class ! We have been looking at what might be in the ground below us and this leads us nicely to one of our WOW events of the term...THE BIG DIG

The children will be archaeologists for the afternoon on Wednesday and will be digging to see what they can discover in some soil.This may be messy work so please can parents provide a change  of old clothes and wellies or old shoes in a labelled bag on Wednesday morning. If it is a rainy day we will postpone to Thursday.

Looking forward to seeing what the children will find !

 Week beginning 18th September.


Another week has flown by in Chaplin Class and I am really proud of the way the children have settled into Year 1. They are all working hard and supporting each other in their learning and play. They are a great team.smiley

So far this term we have written our Class Charter which are a set of rules we have agreed on to ensure we are all happy,safe and able to learn in school. We have also been learning about Charlie Chaplin. We've watched some silent black and white films,  written about him, drawn some pictures of him with charcoal, pretended to be him in P.E and even dressed up like him! We all think he is a very funny character!

Last week we had three very fluffy visitors in Chaplin Class for the afternoon. Mrs. Hamblin, one of our reading volunteers, kindly brought in her three baby rabbits, Bob, Bonnie and Billie. We all had a cuddle and learnt about how to look after rabbits. Afterwards the children did some fantastic writing about our visitors.

That's not the only animals we met last week. On Thursday Harold, the giraffe, came to visit us on the Life Education Bus. He told us about how to eat healthily and look after our bodies. We all enjoyed meeting him.

I am so pleased the children have been so enthusiastic about reading. They have been great at remembering their books everyday and putting them in the crate when they need changing.

A reminder that our PE days are Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Photos of some of the activities we have been doing will be appearing soon !

Thank you all for your support at the beginning of Year 1. Please do not hesitate to pop in and see me if you have any questions.

Jill Collins