Brentry Primary School

Learn Together - SHARE Success

Our Mission

We replaced the concept of a vision for the school with that of a mission. It is our mission to continue to develop as a school and community to the point where all pupils leave us as confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens. The key skills, qualities and attributes inherent in achieving our mission have been selected with pupils, staff, parents and Governors. They are divided in to five areas - Safety, Health, Achievement, Responsibility and Enjoyment. The initial letters of each area contribute to our school mission statement: Learn Together - SHARE Success


We try and link everything we do to our mission. Our curriculum has been designed in light of our mission and is the driving force behind achieving it. The annual School Development Plan makes clear reference to it, and the priorities we set are aimed at bringing us closer to achieving it. The diagram below illustrates our mission and is known as the Mission Star. It is visible around the school.