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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors' section. This is a team of committed individuals made up of parents, staff and members of the community. They help lead and manage the school, taking a major role in areas such as recruitment, strategic planning and monitoring.


As the current Chair of Governors I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in the ‘community’ that is Brentry Primary School. I have chosen the word ‘community’ because the school is more than just the staff and the children but also the parents, carers, volunteers and Governors who are joined together to ensure that the pupils’ education and care is of the highest standard.


The Governing Body are all volunteers who have the ultimate responsibility for the leadership and management of the school in relation to the children’s education, finance, staffing, recruitment and the management of the school’s facilities. This all sounds very grand but the Governors can be best described as ‘critical friends’. They include parents, community representatives and people appointed by the Local Authority. They all bring specific required skills and talents to the Governing Body. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Governor should contact the school and express an interest.


The operational and daily leadership of the school is still firmly vested in the Head Teacher, who together with two members of staff also forms part of the Governing Body. Your feedback and ideas in relation to Brentry Primary School are always welcome and will always be considered and, where appropriate, acted upon. Remember we do not know unless you tell us.


If you wish to contact the Governors, please write to me via the school (Brentry Primary School, Brentry Lane, Bristol BS10 6RG) or email me via


Warm regards 

Mr Christopher Pullin

Chair of Governors



Governing Body                                  

Chair of Governors
Mr Christopher Pullin


Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Lee Hannan


Committee Chairs
Finance & Resources – Mr Lee Hannan


Committee Vice Chairs
Finance & Resources – Mr Jason Hyde


Community Governors  Term of Office 

Miss Claire Ransom                             Oct 2021 to Oct 2025                            
Mr Christopher Pullin                           Jan 2023 to Jan 2027
Mr Jason Hyde                                    Oct 2021 to Oct 2025

Mr Sam Kane                                      Oct 2021 to Oct 2025       


Parent Governors                            Term of Office        

Miss Samantha Brown                        Oct 2022 to Oct 2026

Mrs Lucy Matthews                             Oct 2022 to Oct 2026

Staff Governors                               Term of Office          

Mrs Hannah Jack                                May 2021 to May 2025


Authority Governor                         Term of Office

Mr Lee Hannan                                  Oct 2022 to Oct 2026


Mr Geraint Clarke is also a governor of the school ex officio


Associate Member                            Term of Office

Mrs Cynthia Reynolds                         July 2023 to July 2027


Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Joanne Hyde


Term of Office

An individual will be appointed to the governing body for a maximum of 4 years, at which time they are subject to re-election if they wish to continue.


Governing Committees


Finance & Resources
Peter Ellwood, Christopher Pullin, Geraint Clarke, Lee Hannan, Jason Hyde, Hannah Jack, Sam Kane, Lucy Matthews, Samantha Brown


Safeguarding Team

Christopher Pullin, Geraint Clarke, Hannah Jack, Claire Ransom, Lee Hannan, Lucy Matthews, Samantha Brown, Sam Kane


Link Governors

Wellbeing Governor - Jason Hyde/Lucy Matthews

SEND Governor – Samantha Brown

CP/LAC Governor – Sam Kane

H&S Governor - Lee Hannan

Pupil Premium Governor – Christopher Pullin

Prevent Duty Governor - Christopher Pullin

Numeracy Governor – Linked via SDP

Literacy Governor – Linked via SDP


Additional Links

Pupil Discipline - Lee Hannan

Pupil Discipline Appeals -  Samantha Brown, Jason Hyde, Sam Kane

Head’s Performance Review Committee - Christopher Pullin, Lee Hannan

Head’s Performance Review Appeals Governor - Sam Kane

Self-Evaluation Panel (SEF Panel) - Christopher Pullin, Lee Hannan

Pay/Appraisal Committee - Christopher Pullin, Sam Kane, Lee Hannan

Pay Appeals Committee - Lucy Matthews, Samantha Brown

Nursery Liaison Governor – Christopher Pullin

Association of Bristol Governor’s Representative (ABG) - Rotated

PTA Rep - Lee Hannan

GDPR Governor - Jason Hyde

Online Safety - Jason Hyde



Pecuniary Interest

Christopher Pullin - Son-in-law owns the local cleaning company called Cosmic Hygiene, which the school has a cleaning contract with.

Lee Hannan - Is employed as Project Director at Local Partnerships LLP. 

Samantha Brown - Partner owns the company Definitive who won the recent contract to install security fencing on the school grounds (August 2023)

Jason Hyde - Wife is Clerk to the Governing Body


Class Links

Potter Class - Samantha Brown

Anning Class - Lucy Matthews

Brunel Class - Jason Hyde

Parks Class - Sam Kane

Bowie Class - Christopher Pullin 

Simmonds Class - Lee Hannan

Darwin Class - Lee Hannan







Instrument of Government

What a handsome bunch!