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Phonics & Spellings

At Brentry Primary School, we are passionate about the teaching of phonics.  We believe it is an important part of your child's education which enables them to become effective communicators.


The children are taught their letter sounds using a scheme called ‘Letters and Sounds’.  This is a fun and interactive way to support children in learning how to read and write. To help us to deliver this scheme we use ‘Read, Write, Inc’ resources.   If you would like to purchase your very own set of sound cards, which we use daily in class to help the children learn/revise their sounds please ask.  The packs cost £5.


In Year 2 the children continue to build upon their understanding of phonics.  We deliver sessions which link to phase 5 then phase 6 of the 'Letters and Sounds' programme.


An Overview of the Phases Relevant to Year 2:


Phase 5:


The children learn how to recognise and use alternate ways of pronouncing the graphemes (letters) and spelling the phonemes (sounds).  For examples they learn to recognise that the sound air can be spelled using ere - 'everywhere', ear - 'bear' and are - 'care'.  


The children also learn alternate ways to pronounce the graphemes (letters).  For example the 'c' in city.


Whilst completing phase 5, the children will recognise an increasing number of high frequency words automatically. 


Phase 6:


Phase 6 teaches the children to develop their skill and fluency in reading and spelling. They apply their phonic knowledge to recognise and spell an increasing number of complex words.  


The children begin to add prefixes and suffixes to words.  For example, adding 'ing' to root words.


Please if you have any questions about how we teach phonics pop in and ask.


In Term 4, we are continuing our work on Phase 6.  We have started examining spelling rules, such as always adding an 'e' when a word ends in a 'v' sound.


Below are some games and links that you may find useful for supporting your child with their understanding of phonics:




Our weekly spelling tests on a Thursday, link to the phonic sessions we have delivered that week.