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Year 5 – Simmonds Class

Welcome to Year 5 and Simmonds Class

Week ending 22nd October 2021


We have made it through our first term together in year 5 and it has whizzed by. This week saw the completion of our adventure stories, a fun Ancient Greek Workshop Day and the presentation of our home projects. Photos of some of the work is displayed above in the gallery section but the final class display is below. 

Homework has been set for the half term, a literacy task on upgrading sentences with additional details. I have also asked that the children check through the year 5/6 word list and consolidate a minimum of 10 spellings.

Have a wonderful half term break everyone and I shall look forward to seeing you all back on the

1st November. 


Week ending 15th October 2021


The classroom looks like something out of an Ancient Greek museum today as the home projects and authentic looking artefacts have made their way to Simmonds class. They look fantastic and I have set time aside this weekend to work through them and provide feedback on all the hard work that has been done. The children will be able to present them to the rest of the class next Wednesday, which will be our Greek Day. A letter has been sent to you through email regarding this and I hope many of the children will be embracing the day and dressing up in costume. If the letter has not made it to you, I have attached it above.

Here are a few photos of some of the projects that have been handed in. 

We have also been busy in class studying different aspects of ancient Greek life as well. We have learned about the Gods and Goddesses ancient Greeks believed in; the fair and equal political system they introduced, known as democracy, which is still used in the UK today; and we are in the process of planning our own adventure stories, based on the characters and events from the classic film, Jason and the Argonauts. Here are a few examples of the art work produced from learning about the gods and mythical creatures of this time.

Homework this week is a set of calculations that requires understanding and application of the column method for addition and subtraction that we have been using in class. The sheets attached cover three different levels and ask for the missing numbers to complete the questions. The appropriate sheet has been stuck into your child's homework book. As always, this is due in for next Wednesday.

A few more photos of the week's activities have been added to the gallery section above, including some science fun on finding the best thermal insulator and ball skills in PE. Do take a look. 

Have a restful and enjoyable weekend everyone. 


Week ending 8th October 2021


The week has ended with one of my favourite days of the year: Hello Yellow Day. With the children dressed in yellow, and indulging in all things happy and joyful, it was no surprise to have been able to capture these great photo booth moments.

In year 5, we discussed what "special powers" we all have to help with our emotions, resilience and with coping in difficult times. It was lovely to hear the children's responses and that the key message from the day was so evident: to those who are struggling, you are not alone.

It was also poetry week and Simmonds Class performed, "What do people need?" by Benjamin Zephaniah as part of it. I am in the process of putting the video clip on the page but here is what they looked like on stage.

We also found time to fit in some science investigation, conducting an experiment to discover which material made the best thermal conductor. Metal spoons definitely allowed heat to travel through them far more than the plastic and wooden spoons. Next week, we will be testing for the best thermal insulators.

Homework this week is to add any finishing touches to the home project on Life in Ancient Greece. A few completed pieces of work have already been handed in and are shown below to give any last minute ideas for presentation or content. If these are anything to go by, I am looking forward to receiving the remaining projects by the deadline of Friday 15th October

Have a lovely weekend everyone and many thanks again for all your kind donations for Hello Yellow: it's looking like we have raised nearly £250 for YoungMinds. heart


Week ending 1st October 2021


Another week has zoomed by and here we find ourselves in October already. We have covered a lot of numeracy concepts, completing our unit on rounding, ordering and comparing numbers up to a million, and also found time to build on our previous knowledge of Roman numerals. The homework task is related to this latter subject and I have attached the sheet in the homework section above, alongside the next spelling pattern of "ough" words. As always, these are due in for next Wednesday, 6th October. 

Within literacy, we finished our biographies on Ellie Simmonds and have begun to look at some "dub" poems by Benjamin Zephaniah in preparation for an assembly performance next

Thursday as part of poetry week

We have had quite an artistic week, designing Christmas cards for your order form, which hopefully has made its way back to you today. Please take a look at the end product and return the form, duly completed and signed, if you would like to order any of the items on the list. Some children went on to create Greek vases, using authentic images and patterns, and Greek masks, depicting the comedies and tragedies of ancient times. 

A few pictures are displayed below to show some of the work completed, as well as some shots from our PE lesson where we practised a variety of jumps and landing position. Further photos of the class' artwork have been put into the gallery section above.




Week ending 24th September 2021

After a somewhat challenging and exhausting week, the children have been rewarded with Fun Time Friday today as a big thank you from all the staff: it was a delight to witness their patience, good behaviour and engagement in lessons. Ice creams and sunshine were the order of the day, as the photos below reveal.

Earlier in the week, we continued our work on understanding place value; identifying properties of different materials, including thermal insulators and conductors; identified how artefacts can be a great source of historical evidence, learning about the events in the original Olympic Games and began to look at the Christian idea of God. We used our class reading book, "Kaspar, Prince of Cats," by Michael Morpurgo, to extend our inference skills for comprehension ........and were therefore well in need of a good run around in our Friday afternoon games session! Here we developed our throwing skills, applying the "cradle" position to help secure the resulting catches. A few photos from the week's activities are shown below.

Homework this week focuses on  time adverbials, words and phrases that add the detail in a sentence of when something happened. The children have been introduced to these through their biography work, such as "some years later;" "after that;" finally;" "in the future..." Two sheets of questions have been stuck into each homework book, but copies of each set have also been added to the homework section above, in case the book did not make it home. (In this event, choose the set that best fits your child's level of challenge). Completed sheets are due in next Wednesday and a spelling test on "ible" words will be held next Friday.

Reminder: History projects are due in Friday 15th October. If you have any questions about the task, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 


Week ending 17th September 2021

It has been another successful week in Simmonds Class with the children being awarded 10 minutes extra play time today for winning "Best in Assembly." Great attitude and all round good behaviour once again: well done. We have tackled place value in much larger numbers this week so the homework task is related to this. Your child has been provided with a homework book with the relevant sheet of maths questions to complete stuck inside: this is due in by next Wednesday, please. IF your child feels he/she would prefer a different level, then you can find all three sheets in the homework section above.

The biographical writing on Ellie Simmonds continues apace and we hope to have this finished next week. In RE, we considered why some people believe and do not believe in a God, while in history, we looked up Greece in an atlas and listed what we could find out from the map about this country. The children have been fantastic so fully deserve a weekend off and I will look forward to seeing them again next week. Remember: indoor PE on Monday afternoon so PE kits are needed.



Week ending 10th September 2021

 It has been a great first few days and I have to say, I am very impressed with the attitude, enthusiasm and work ethic I have already witnessed from so many of the children. They have taken on board a number of new routines and expectations, so thoroughly deserved a little "indoor play" session at the end of Friday afternoon as they became familiar with some of the resources we have in the classroom. A few photos of how we have worked together, created a class charter and designed some "imaginative" classroom characters are shown below. We will gently introduce the full timetable next week, so PE kits are required for Monday.

NB: You should all have received an email regarding the Zoom link for our Back to School meeting, Monday 13th September, at 4:45pm. Email me if you have not received this (

and I can resend. Enjoy your weekend everyone. laugh


Year 5 and Simmonds Class Aut 2021

I trust you have all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday and that you have fully recharged your batteries in readiness for the new term and year group. After a longer break than usual, I hope you are looking forward to seeing each other again and excited about what the new term and new “normal” will bring as Brentry’s “now-year-fives.” I am sure there will be a great mix of emotions on return, ranging from delight and joyous anticipation to some more restrained feelings, wondering how things may have changed and how you are going to cope with it all. You will be pleased to know that we teachers have spent a lot of time considering this and putting together plenty of opportunities for you to ease back into the school routine gently, to ask lots of questions and to have the time to share all your thoughts.

For myself, I am really looking forward to having you in, getting to know you and letting you know about all the exciting things we cover and do in year 5. Here’s to a fun filled first week back!



NB: If you have to self-isolate or are unable to get to school for other reasons, please do take a look at the isolation page for ideas to keep yourself busy. Email me any work you would like me to take a look at or, indeed, pass on some photos of what you have been up to.










Week ending 16th July 2021


Best week....EVER!! laugh

What a great way to finish off the year: we completed some fabulous woven mats using plastic strips; had a zoom call to meet Mrs Ochiltree and found out all about the exciting things we can look forward to in year 6; took part in a whole class water fun afternoon (and yes, ganged up on Mrs Jones!) and finished the week in style with a games morning and popcorn filled film afternoon. The absolute best part, however, was hearing that our very own Bella Lawrence had won the year 5/6 category in the UK's Speak Up for Nature (public speaking) competition. As a result, Brentry Primary is now recognised as a beacon school as a Force for Nature and Bella herself will receive a personalised medal, T shirt and £200 voucher for Go Ape. Huge congratulations go to her and, of course, to Mrs Fennell who drove this project forward and gave so much of her time, energy, effort and enthusiasm to this great cause. Many thanks and heartfelt gratitude goes to her. A selection of the week's photos are shown below and many more can be found in the gallery section.


Do enjoy a fantastic summer break with your families and know that your children have made me a very proud teacher. It has been a difficult time in so many ways, again, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my year with them


Week ending 9th July 2021


Another week has raced on by and it is almost unbelievable how busy we have still been as the end of term draws near. We began the week with some outdoor maths work, finding the area of irregular shapes (photos in the gallery section above) and continued the shape unit with some lessons on coordinates in all four quadrants with our visiting Mr Woodley. We had our next yoga session and look forward to our final one next week. It is definitely a great way of keeping calm and flexible at the same time, as well as a lot of fun. smiley We have continued with out art topic and completed some great examples of images in the style of Andy Warhol, together with submitting our home projects. Many of these are shown below.  

The sun shone for us on Friday morning and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Blaise as a thank you reward for Simmonds Class earning their 30 gold stars. Dizzy heights were reached, on the size of ice creams as much as the apparatus, and the day was topped off with an outside lunch on return and a golden time on football, card trumps and lego modelling. Huge congratulations go to all the children on their conduct throughout the day: they were a credit to Brentry School and made the supervising adults very proud. heart


Week ending 2nd July 2021


The end of term seems to be fast approaching and we are frantically trying to finish off topics already begun. The Pop Art lesson this week saw the final products of our Ben Day portraits in the style of Roy Lichetenstein. Who do you recognise in the selection of paintings below?

Lily and Imogen had fun making chocolate rice krispie cakes: and we in Simmonds Class enjoyed eating them.

This week, it was the turn of yellow team to hold the trophy on high, having earned the most amount of team points. Well done to you all, under the enthusiastic guidance of Captain Milo. 

Some fabulous Pop Art projects have been handed in already and I have been delighted with the originality of the final results. Remember, the deadline for these is next Monday, 5th July, (though I have told the children they may have a few extra days if needed, considering the sunny weather and the prospect of a weekend away!) I have put a couple of power points, in the homework section, of lessons we have done or discussed in class. Do take a look if you are still trying to make a decision on what to do your project on.


Week ending 25th June 2021


Well, what a week this has been: the sun has shone; our mobile phone cases are complete; we have been treated to ice cream and then enjoyed a fabulous sports day to top the whole week off in style. On top of all that, we have learned about drawing, measuring and calculating angles; features of mystery story writing; drawing in the style of pop artist Roy Lichenstein....and are now, deservedly, only 3 gold stars away from our whole class reward target. Keep pushing to that finishing line, Simmonds Class. yes

Reminder: Pop Art home projects are due in Monday 5th July.

Take a look at the selection of photos below from the week's activities and don't forget to check out the gallery section above for a few more. Happy weekend everyone. laugh


"Best Day Ever!"

The teams are set and the games begin!


Week ending 18th June 2021


First of all, a very big thank you for all the kind donations you have contributed to the (postponed) summer fair. Your plentiful supply of bottles and chocolates are much appreciated and being safely stored for when the big event takes place in September. The children enjoyed a dress down day as a result and it seemed to have a very positive effect on their approach to their work. We have spent our afternoons working hard through the process of designing and making a mobile phone case for our DT project. As you can see from the photos below, we have followed a number of steps to achieve this: drafting a design criteria and some initial designs; selecting a preferred design;  measuring and creating paper templates to pin to the fabric and cutting out the felt, ready for sewing; practising a variety of stitches, in order to choose which one best suits our designs and now we are in the process of sewing our patterns together to achieve a final result. We definitely have some emerging designer talent in Simmonds Class, that's for sure. laugh

Mr Clarke came to visit year 5 this week and presented some well deserved certificates for all the children who entered the public speaking competition. We are sure this is an experience that each of them will take forward with them and be incredibly proud of. Congratulations once again to school winner Bella Lawrence and we wish her all the best of luck for the final round against other contestants across the UK. 

As Wimbledon approaches, Simmonds Class put in a spot of tennis practice during the games lesson this week and built up their skills to deliver some stunning forehand shots. 

It was the turn of Red Team this week to win the most team points and here they are, celebrating in style, under the leadership of Captain Elizabeth. Congratulations to them. 


Week ending 11th June 2021


A big welcome back to you, following the half term break, and there's plenty to look forward to in the final term of year 5. Do please keep a look out for all messages related to the Summer Fair, starting with the

non school uniform day next Friday, 18th June.

Any donations here, of chocolates or bottles for the tombola stall, will be gratefully received. laugh

Huge congratulations go to Bella Lawrence this week for winning the public speaking competition in Thursday's assembly performance. The panel of judges were incredibly impressed with the quality of all the speakers but Bella's passion and natural delivery won the day, as did her heartfelt acceptance afterwards. Her entry will now be put forward, in the final round of this UK wide competition, against 19 other schools. We will let you know the results as soon as we receive them.

The athletic season has begun and the photos below show some relay practice the runners of Simmonds class took part in during their games session on Wednesday: plenty of potential spotted to become the future Usain Bolt or Dina Asher Smith! 



We have completed some tricky maths work this week, focusing on making conversions between different units of measurement. I have to say, the children have worked really hard on this and they earned a further 3 gold stars in one day towards their target of a whole class reward. Well done!

We have also started a new art topic, "Pop Art" and the final related project has been given out today. You can find this in the homework section above and the final projects are due in Monday, 5th July.

Here are a few pen portraits the children completed in the style of pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein.

Can you recognise any Elvis', Marilyns, Harry Potters or even a hidden Mr Bean?

Finally, this week's team point champions are Green Team so many congratulations to them. 


Week ending 28th May 2021


The final week of term 5 has certainly been a busy one and the children fully deserve their half term break. They completed some fantastic persuasive writing, on the back of our public speaking workshop last week, and a selection of the children are (hopefully!) busy rehearsing their speeches for an assembly performance, once we return to school. The stand out speaker will be put forward to the national competition, following the result from our own panel of judges. 

The sun shone for us on Thursday after school, making our very first silent disco a great success. Photos of the event are shown below, many of them from our own in house photographer, Elizabeth. 

Our PE lesson this week focused on team work and following instructions to develop orienteering skills. Here are a few pictures of the activity, "Funny Faces," where each team had to interpret symbols and maps in order to place the equipment in the correct positions. 

Other than a few finishing touches, our art topic on Flowers and Plants came to an end, with a great lesson on shaping wire to create 3D structures. It may well have resulted in a few sore fingers and thumbs but the end products were fantastic. Here are a few examples of the wire shaping through to the completed flowers and the final whole class display.

All that is left now is for me to wish you all a very happy (homework free!) half term and I look forward to seeing you all again for the final term of year 5. 


Week ending 21st May 2021


Firstly, many thanks to all the parents who logged on to Zoom this week for their parents evening appointment. It was really nice to catch up with you all and update you on how your child is getting along: all very positive, and a testament to how well your children are managing such a strange year. laugh

We have continued apace with our topics: fractions, decimals and percentages in numeracy; persuasive writing in literacy; all about sound in science (despite the on going noise from the very loud lawnmower!); Christianity in the 21st century for RE, where we learned about the life of Mother Teresa and Flowers and Plants in art where, this session, we manipulated paper and card to create some colourful 3D creations of all shapes and sizes. Here is a selection of some of them. 

It was the turn of Yellow Team to hold the team points trophy up, which Captain Milo duly did, so many congratulations to them, earning 40 points through through their hard work and great attitude.

Do check out the gallery section above for photos of some completed decoupage examples.


Homework this week is to work through the two sheets attached: one on fractions, decimals and percentages; the other on adding and subtracting decimals. A few top tips have been given on the instruction sheet which are definitely worth a look as a reminder of what we have covered in class. Please remember: you only have to do the one sheet, for each topic, at the level that you think best suits you. Please ensure these are handed in by next Wednesday. Enjoy your weekend, though take an umbrella if you're intending on going out! surprise


Week ending 14th May 2021


Without a shadow of a doubt, the highlight of the week was our Tree Champions workshop on Thursday, delivered by the brilliant Jenny Stewart from Speaker Trust. The day was jam packed full of games, activities and speaking tasks, all designed to help develop self confidence, communication skills and the ability to speak in public. The children worked steadily throughout the day to put their ideas about trees and nature into a speech, which they then delivered to the rest of the class. As you can see from the selection of photos below, Jenny captured their interest and passions fantastically and the children's final performances genuinely brought a tear to the eyes of those adults watching. Up to 5 of the children will be invited to deliver their speech again, alongside children from other schools around the UK, as part of a competition.

Results will be given at the beginning of next week. 


Still image for this video

We have also been busy with more science experiments, investigating ways of hearing sound over distance. We had great fun making and testing out our string telephones to understand how sound travels. 

On Friday, we continued our art topic on Plants and Flowers and began our own examples of decoupage. This technique is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cut-outs onto it in a series of layers. Each layer is sealed with glue until the "stuck on" appearance disappears and the result looks like a painting. Here are a few photos of the work in progress. We hope to complete the finished product on Monday.  

Homework this week is to practise learning the Talk for Writing story map to help recite our persuasive letter. The letter itself has been added to the homework section but the story map is pictured below.

Finally, congratulations once again to Blue Team who gained the most team points this week.

I look forward to speaking to those of you who have booked an appointment for next week's parents evenings. If you have not done so yet, please check your emails for all the instructions or get in touch with me so that I can help find you an available slot. Enjoy your weekend. 


Week ending 7th May 2021

The weather has been kind to us this week and we were able to enjoy a fabulous art lesson on Hapa Zome hammer printing, a Japanese technique for releasing the natural dye from flowers onto fabrics and other materials. Take a look at the slideshow below to see the process we went through to create our finished products: foraging, designing, arranging and hammering. 

Further examples of our artwork are displayed in the gallery section. They show some additional pencil sketches and some coloured flowers, inspired by the works of Henri Rousseau, using chalks and pastels.


We have also learned how to change the pitch of a sound in science; use modal verbs and adverbs to support our persuasive writing and find fractions of amounts. The homework provides an opportunity to consolidate this maths work and a reminder example is given on the homework task sheet.

Please ensure this has been completed by Wednesday.


Week ending 30th April 2021


We have had another productive and enjoyable week in Simmonds Class to end the month off and have completed our revision of all things multiplication and division related. We have introduced the key features of persuasive language and delivered some passionate and motivational speeches from past history. In science, we have built on our initial understanding of how sounds are made to learning about how sound travels. Below are a selection of photos that demonstrate how vibrations can impact how sugar bounces of a drum skin...

We also had fun practising putting each other in the recovery position. This was as part of the PSHE curriculum, learning how to keep calm when making important decisions and the confidence that comes with knowing what to do in an emergency situation. Take a look at the photos and video below to help you learn this procedure yourself: you never know when you might need it!

Recovery position.MOV

Still image for this video

Finally, having completed our first full fortnight this year of working hard in school, blue team were able to celebrate earning the most amount of team points with a grand total of 96 points between them. Here they are proudly holding the trophy aloft, behind captain Elliott.


Week ending 23rd April 2021


We have completed our first full teaching week since December (!) and it has been an absolute pleasure. We have begun our new art topic, "Plants and Flowers" and created the fantastic first set of sketches of the flowers shown below. As you can see, the children observed the details closely and used light/shade to great effect. 

We also finished our class display on Eastern Europe. 

We also revised the formal written methods for long multiplication and division. The homework this week is related to this and the sheets can be found on the homework link above. Please ensure that this is completed and sent to me by the end of Wednesday. Thank you and enjoy a sunny weekend. 


End of term April 2021


I hope everyone has had an enjoyable break over the last two weeks and you are all ready to return to school on Monday 19th April, for as "normal" a term as possible. There are plenty of exciting lessons and activities planned for term 5, kicking off with our new art topic, "Plants and Flowers." Here we can take advantage of the spring blooms, the good weather and build on our sketching techniques developed through our work on landscapes last term. We will then move on to learn from the work of various artists and create prints, models and sculptures of our own.

Our literacy unit will focus on the features of persuasive writing, alongside regular revision of the grammar and punctuation rules we have covered so far. In numeracy, we will consolidate methods for multiplication and division before moving on to discover how decimals and percentages are related to fractions, using the knowledge of fractions we learned last term. We will look at what sound is through our science sessions, following the unit plans from last year, and participate in plenty of investigations involving musical instruments and good vibrations. laugh PSHE looks at relationships, giving us a number of opportunities to discuss and share our ideas about managing feelings and identifying how relationships can change over time. I am particularly looking forward to utilising the great outdoors as the weather becomes kinder: we can monitor our bird boxes and deliver the PE lessons outside, including cricket, rounders and a spot of orienteering. Lots to look forward to, then, so I hope you are all fully recharged and as excited as I am.

To finish, I wanted to show this lovely sketch from Elizabeth, which she sent me through the holiday. It demonstrates the sketching techniques we practised through our landscape artwork, particularly the shading necessary for light and dark comparisons. Hopefully this will inspire you for our forthcoming work on sketching plants and flowers. Other photos (of your landscape paintings in progress and your project presentations) can be found in the gallery above. 




Week ending 26th March 2021


I feel congratulations, once again, are due to Simmonds Class as they have survived their first full week back in school since mid December AND completed their assessments to boot! They fully deserved their little run around this afternoon (some still drying out from this morning's sudden downpour!) in the great outdoors. smiley

We have also continued to develop our use of figurative language; our understanding of how to multiply fractions; considered the importance of forgiveness and taken part in some role play of real life scenarios.

Homework this weekend is to complete the project on Eastern Europe, but an additional activity has been provided for those children who have already submitted their presentations IF they would like. 

Enjoy a relaxing, hopefully dry weekend, and remember we end term 4 with a 4 day week: the last day of term is Thursday 1st April. 



Week ending 19th March 2021


At last, we have been able to meet up altogether in school again and complete a full day as Simmonds Year 5. What a day to return, too, with plenty of fun, laughter and bright red noses for Comic Relief Day. Many, many thanks for your support with this: the wearing of red, purchasing of noses and entering the competitions across the school led to a fantastic donation of almost £600. Congratulations to you all. heart

Huge thanks, also, to the class for their sterling perseverance and attitude to another 10 days of home learning. The work so many of you produced was fantastic and I never ceased to be amazed and delighted at the commitment and innovativeness from so many of you in your responses to the tasks set. I was doubly delighted, therefore, despite the excitement of seeing your friends again and telling a steady stream of jokes all day, you managed to complete some work in class today as well. laughWe searched for suitable places we could hang our bird boxes; we listened to and responded to "A poem to be spoken silently," and practised sketching landscapes to include perspective, shading and lighting effects. All topped off with a joke telling session and a whole class photo of Simmonds In Red.

A selection of these activities are in the slideshow below. For examples of the work completed this last week in isolation, check out the gallery section above. You will find inventive interpretations of 9 o'clock doodles; responses to the importance of Love; some great illustrations of how to feel good about yourself; some working sundials made from everyday materials .....and Harry's bearded dragon getting in on the act when learning how the earth's rotation impacts night and day!

Enjoy a restful weekend and I look forward to seeing the children next week. 


Week ending 12th March 2021


Our welcomed return to school did not last long and we find ourselves, once again, completing the joys of home learning as we all isolate for the required ten days and keep everyone as safe as possible. 

A huge THANKYOU to you all, though, for staying so positive in spirit and camaraderie, as well as producing some fantastic pieces of work with such immediacy. A selection of the bird boxes we made at the beginning of the week are shown below, and plenty of science experiments were trialled this afternoon, as you can see with the splashes of colour throughout the slideshow beneath. Enjoy your weekend and I shall see you bright and breezy at 9:30 Monday morning for our live literacy lesson.  

Grow a rainbow.mp4

Still image for this video

Make a colour spinner

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Week ending 5th March 2021


Well, congratulations are due once again for you have all made it through to the end of another lockdown. I am really looking forward to seeing you on Monday 8th March as we return to school and fingers crossed, we can settle in at a steady and comfortable pace. It will no doubt be a shock to the system, working through a full school week, but the activities we have planned should keep you entertained, awake and reinvigorate your love of learning. Most importantly, they will involve opportunities to work and play alongside your friends and classmates, and to discuss your responses to the events of the past 3 months. 

Enjoy a well deserved, work free weekend and in the meantime, take a look through the photos sent through from World Book Day on Thursday.

Don't forget, it's not too late to send your Masked Reader competition entries off to Mrs Ochiltree. The video and answer sheet have been attached below as well as in the home learning section. 


Week ending 26th February 2021


The countdown for our return to school begins! laugh

The final week of lockdown has been planned and the timetable has been displayed, as always, under the home learning icon above. It coincides with our annual English week, which includes World Book Day on Thursday 4th March, meaning there will be lots of opportunities for reading, dressing up as book characters and fun competitions, so plenty to look forward to. 

Below, I have displayed some of the work sent this week related to our new science topic, Earth and Space. As you can see, there are some lovely information posters, outlining the key features of the planets in our solar system, and some great pieces of artwork showing the different sizes, shapes, colours and positions of those planets. I especially enjoyed the various mnemonics you made up to help remember the order of the planets.

 The set of photos is finished off with Milo's inventive rocket and alien models as well as his play day out on the climbing frames with his sister. Great to see the arm splint is off and he's back to his energetic self!

Really looking forward to seeing you all in a week's time but enjoy the final week at home with your families.


Week ending 12th February 2021


Big congratulations all round to Simmonds Class: we have made it through to the end of term 3, and what a week is has been to end on, too. Your work has been outstanding and the Banksy art examples have been an absolute joy to receive. I was particularly impressed with those of you who chose to create your own designs and which promoted messages important to you. I am sure Banksy himself would be very proud. laugh

Your work on different tenses, grid references and fractions also demonstrated your continued hard work and I have no hesitation in wishing you a very restful and well deserved half term. 

Take good care of yourselves and your families. I will look forward to seeing you all back in action on the 22nd. 

Below are a few of the samples of work sent to me this week, while extras can be found in the gallery above. 


Week ending 5th February 2021


As the countdown to the half term break begins, I am delighted to see that the children continue to work just as hard as ever and are producing some fantastic work. I had some interesting moments, seeing how differently you all interpreted the 9 o'clock "doodles" and completed the pictures; some thought provoking moments as I read through your balanced arguments, ranging from environmental and nature issues to whether or not children should be allowed to eat chocolate or be set homework! Fantastic reads, one and all. I have also displayed evidence of your friction science experiments which were great to see  and looked fun to do. Keep up the great work ethic everyone and I shall look forward to our first live lesson at 11 on Monday. Make sure you have the maths sheets or some paper at the ready. laugh

As always, keep these photos coming in, even, as in the case of Milo and Bella, they show activities completed over and above what has been set on the timetable. It is lovely to see what else you are all getting up to. 

Look after yourselves and have a great weekend with your families. 


Week ending 29th January 2021


The end of January is upon us and almost a full month of lockdown home learning is complete. Yet again, I have received a wealth of work from you over the week (spot the alliteration wink) and I have been delighted with the results. It shows me you continue to work hard and are really committed to doing your very best in these frustrating times. Thank you and, as ever, keep it going. 

Below, I have added some of the photos from the science investigation you undertook this week: fortunately, I have had no injuries reported, as a result of you all dropping heavy objects from a great height, and you learned more about the effects of gravity. Do also take a peek at the gallery for some great examples of work completed this week. It is always nice to share and celebrate the efforts that you are putting in and so many of your tales and photos of what you're getting up to keep me smiling. laugh

Top Tip for next week: Do be aware that the literacy task I want handed in is your COMPLETED balanced argument. I have asked you to write a paragraph or so at a time on three of the sessions next week, but I would like the entire finished piece handed in by the end of the week, please. yes

Enjoy a restful weekend in preparation and I look forward to seeing you all at the Zoom calls.

REMINDER: Feel free to send recommendations for the next class book as we will be concluding the BFG.

Still image for this video


Week ending 22nd January 2021


Hello everyone laugh

It's been another busy week and I have been delighted with the array of Coats of Arms I have received, alongside the key lesson tasks that I asked for. It seems the vast majority of you are finding the workload manageable and are settling more independently into the discipline of home learning. Well done to you all.

As before, my highlight of the week was our class Zoom call. It really is a tonic to see your smiling faces, catch up with your news and generally be able to reassure each other that we are doing ok. yes 

Obviously, a big shout out to poor old Milo who managed to break his arm while out scootering. (Did you spot my relative clause there?! wink) I am sure you will join me in wishing him a speedy recovery. Soldier that he is, he has continued to work hard and even found time to help his younger sisters with their school work too! Photos of his exploits, and other great photos from some of your class mates, are shown below, as is a selection of the outstanding examples of work you produced this week. Keep this up, Simmonds Class. 

(For future weeks, if you don't see your work/photos here, they might be displayed in the gallery section above, as I often receive too many photos to show on this one page.)


Week ending 15th January 2021


Congratulations, Simmonds Class, on your first full week of home learning: you did not disappoint. laugh

I received a wealth of work from so many of you. I particularly enjoyed seeing your portraits of Great Britons and your culinary delights of traditional British cake making. I have displayed a selection of some of the photos sent to me below: you may notice a few additional delicacies creeping in but no less delicious, and see if you recognise the famous characters in the drawings.

Still image for this video

I would like to finish off with a big thank you for all the other work you have completed this week: pictured, written and mathematically calculated: WELL DONE yes

It has been truly difficult to choose which examples to show you here but I have selected those which I hope will support your future work and inspire you to continue such commitment to home learning. There are pieces of work beautifully set out and presented; some innovative pieces of writing, using the stimulus of 9 o'clock tasks; ways of "screen shotting" your work so you can avoid writing it all out by hand...and I've finished off with some lovely photos of Marla's birthday present hunt: a great idea. It was so lucky we held our Zoom meeting on her special day so we could sing "Happy Birthday" to her. 

I look forward to our next call, same time on Wednesday 20th. Until then, enjoy your weekend, keep up the hard work and I'll be posting the next chapter of The BFG for our story time session soon. Keep a look out!


Friday 8th January 2021

The first week has been and gone but it has been a delight to receive some emails and collages from you to keep me up to date with your news and work. Thank you, too, to those children who sent me some of their numeracy and literacy tasks as well: a fantastic effort which put a real smile on my face. laugh

I, myself, had a thoroughly enjoyable day today, working in school with a few of the KS2 children. We managed to fit in a winter animal "paper plate" art activity in the afternoon and I have added a few examples of their work alongside your own. Please do keep your photos, messages and work samples coming, throughout the weeks ahead: together with our story times and Zoom meetings, they will be much welcomed opportunities to keep in touch with each other, share our good ideas and practices and most importantly, keep us smiling.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Wednesday's catch up session.


Week beginning 4th January 2021


The traditional “Happy New Year” greeting seems somewhat out of place following the recent lockdown announcement from the government but I hope that you are all well and that you have enjoyed some family togetherness over the past two weeks. With another period of school closure now required, home and online learning will be the order of the day so I will be organising a weekly timetable of lessons and activities which you can access from this class page. Please bear with me while I set this up but for those of you who are keen to get going, take a look at the homework and home learning sections above. Here you will find a list of activities, ranging from a collage of “all things British," an activity to help launch our new geography topic, Modern Britain, through to revision video clips, power points and worksheets for literacy and numeracy. All related sheets are attached, in a format you can edit rather than having to print anything off if required. (For some ideas on the collage task, scroll further down this page and look at some of the examples completed by last year's class.) Have fun – and don’t forget to take a photo and email any work to me at

A reminder: At this point, it is not an expectation to do these tasks. I am sure this new lockdown will need time to acclimatise to and the last thing we all need is more pressure! Activities are there if needed. laugh

Please do not hesitate to use my email address for any other queries or news. Keep well, stay safe and a big hello to all your wonderful children. 



Week ending 18th December 2020


We have celebrated making it through to the end of another tough old term with a whole range of singing, performing and artwork activities, not to mention an afternoon's reward of Nerf Gun battles and electronic games. laugh The link above takes you to our Christmas treat, sharing a couple of songs with you and a "reading aloud" of a poem we composed ourselves in our chosen groups. I have no doubt you will enjoy the video and be suitably proud of your children - some definite child stars in the making! (I have also added the clip to our class gallery). Below are some photos of the Christmas stars/snowflakes, snowmen garlands and holly wreaths which we managed to make between rehearsals and, of course, some action shots of the Nerf Gun Battle which was a deserved finale to earning a class reward of 30 gold stars. Great fun was had by all - though I may be seeking revenge on one or two particularly predatory snipers at some point! wink


Nerf Gun War

We did also managed to complete our history topic on the Transatlantic Slave Trade. This resulted in a thought-provoking debate about whether or not the statue of Edward Colston should have been taken down and an insight into the legacy of the slave trade today. Below is the final display, showing the children's work and some of the key points of our learning. 

Display on the Transatlantic Slave Trade

To end with, I would like to finish with a heartfelt message of gratitude to the whole class for working so hard throughout their first two terms in year 5, indeed, right up to this last day when they were frantically completing the finishing touches to their artwork. yes They all truly deserve a restful and enjoyable two week break and I shall look forward to seeing them all again, fully re-charged and refreshed, in 2021

Have a very Merry Christmas yourselves - and stay safe. 


Week ending 11th December 2020


Hooray! Those end of term assessments have been completed and we are now all looking forward to an enjoyable final week of term with some fun and exciting activities to indulge in. Today the children voted for their class reward and it was a split decision between the two top favourites. Please make sure you check the details of how this will operate: these have been outlined in the letter that will be sent home tomorrow.

Below are a selection of advice posters which were produced as a result of our RE lesson on "Where do you get your guidance from?" Some thoughtful suggestions, I'm sure you'll agree laugh

Also, check out the photo gallery above: there are some great examples of the work we have been doing in PE as well as some science experiments conducted today as part of our learning on irreversible changes

Our Christmas Jumper Day


I have given the children a short punctuation task for homework this week and that needs to be handed in by next Wednesday, please. Spellings for this weekend and over the Christmas break will be their chosen selection of words from the year 5/6 list, found in the spelling section above. I have given the class the target of knowing at least 50 by the end of the academic year so it would be great if they know around 20 by the time we return in term 3 to keep on track with that expectation. yes


Week ending 4th December 2020


Congratulations, Simmonds Class, on achieving the 30 gold stars required for your class reward - we'll take a democratic vote next week to decide what that reward will look like. laugh By the looks of these photos, you feel jolly pleased with yourselves - and deservedly so: it's been a strange old time but you have worked hard throughout and matured hugely in your attitude towards school and each other. Keep this going. yes

The homework this week relates to the work we have covered on written multiplication methods so I have sent some squared paper home with each child so the layout of calculations should be easier. Finished work should be handed in by Wednesday of next week, please, either in the books provided or through emailing me a photo of the workings out. I have asked the children to revise the spelling patterns learned so far this year as the secondary task: that includes -ible/-able words; -ough/-augh words; the -igh phoneme (e.g. i-e; -y and -igh); contractions and homophones.

The term seems to be racing by but we are hoping to finish our newspaper article; our maths work on perimeter and area; to continue our work on the transatlantic slave trade; the importance of the Qur'an for Muslims and to end our science unit on materials with an experiment on irreversible changes. We will also need  to some complete some end-of-term assessments - but once that's all done, we can begin enjoying the countdown to the Christmas break with some music, art and craft activities. Watch this space!  



Week ending 27th November 2020


What a busy week this has been! Simmonds class have absolutely surpassed themselves. They have taken many new concepts on board and covered a huge amount of work this week, the only downside of which has been the endless amount of marking I have had to keep up with laugh

In numeracy, we have learned how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 & 1000 while in literacy we have practised writing with direct and reported speech (quite tricky - so the homework task is related to this to help consolidate the key points). We also developed our understanding of what bullying involves, following on from last week's anti-bullying week and looked at the story of Muhammad in RE to discover the origins of the Qur'an. In history, we looked at the somewhat harrowing conditions of life in the middle passage as part of our history topic on the transatlantic slave trade. The children found it almost impossible to believe that other human beings could be treated in such a way but I was thoroughly impressed with their insightful questions and clear levels of empathy for the Africans enslaved in this manner. You deserve to be very proud parents. yes

The photos below show a selection of the sieving and filtering experiments we conducted in our bid to discover different processes for separating mixtures. Once again I was delighted with the children's efforts, not least because they contained the flour and sand to their desk tops and not the classroom carpet!

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to email me with homework or any queries: 


Week ending 20th November 2020


Anti-bullying week 2020 has given us the opportunity in Simmonds Class to review what bullying is; why bullying happens and what we can do to try to stop it altogether. We listened to Andy and the Odd Socks' new song which uses this year's theme of United Against Bullying and discussed how we all have a part to play in this process. We then used our ideas to create a Snakes and Ladders game, reminding us of ways that can make bullying situations better or worse. A selection of photos are below, alongside pictures of the crazy sock pairings that allowed us all to celebrate how unique and different we all are. Many thanks to those who donated towards the Odd Socks Day - all monies will go directly to the anti-bullying alliance.  

We moved on in our history topic to learn about African heritage and culture, identifying the many skills, ideas and materials that Africa was prosperous in at the time of slavery, many of which continue today.We looked in more detail at traditional African masks, one of the elements of African art that have most widely influenced European and Western art, and made examples of our own. I think you'll agree from the photos below that the children picked up on the decorative, bold colouring needed for their designs. 

We have also continued to work hard in literacy and numeracy this week, completing our talk for writing newspaper article and learning all about different types of number, such as factors, multiples, square and cube numbers right through to prime numbers, the latter of which we will be investigating in more detail next week. The homework task is related to factors and multiples - and I have promised the children that I would clarify that the key task is to complete Sheet 1 attached above. ONLY IF the children would like to have a go and they have time, then they may also work through Sheet 2. More homophones have been given for the spellings homework task and I will be setting a test on these next Friday.

Finally, the children took part in another session of Forest School on Wednesday afternoon which I know they thoroughly enjoyed as usual. Many thanks to the organisers, as always, in providing this great opportunity. 


Week ending 13th November 2020


This week has seen the launching of our new history topic: The Transatlantic Slave Trade, including Bristol's own role. We were introduced to a string of related vocabulary and learned about how ships travelled across the Atlantic to West Africa and traded guns and other goods for people, who were then sold in the Americas for items such as sugar, tobacco and cotton. We discussed what we already knew about slavery and raised a lot of interesting questions: we aim to find the answers to these questions over the course of the topic. yes

This discussion led onto our PSHE lesson and an examination of the possible effects of cultural differences. Once again, the children participated with many thoughtful suggestions and we had a lot of fun with some role play, demonstrating how we could turn potential conflict and argument into a learning moment.

Here are a few snapshots of the budding actors in Simmonds Class. laugh

We also began a new literacy unit this week: understanding how to write a newspaper article. We have already examined the features used for this genre and completed a VIPERS lesson to consolidate and now look forward to structuring our own versions using the Talk for Writing technique. 

In numeracy, we built on our previous bar chart work and interpreted data on a variety of line graphs. We have moved onto reading information on tables and will become familiar with two way tables and time tables throughout next week. The homework task, apostrophe and contractions, is due in by next Wednesday, alongside the spelling list of homophones

A few parents have yet to sign up for their 10 mins consultation phone call next week. If there is any problem with booking an appointment for this, please let me know on Monday and I can find an available slot for you.

I look forward to speaking with you then and enjoy your weekend. 

Don't forget this!


Week ending 6th November 2020


The first week of term 2 has flown past and it seems that the week's break has well and truly re-charged the batteries of children in Simmonds Class. We have tied up the final touches of our history topic on Life in Ancient Greece with a retelling of the battle of Marathon and a discussion about how true the battle of Troy is. Check out the gallery above for our models of the Trojan Horse. The slideshow below shows a selection of the home projects submitted. As you can see, the children were very busy over half term so many thanks for your efforts and commitment. We now look forward to beginning our new topic, learning about the transatlantic slave trade, particularly the role Bristol played in it. 


We have started a new area of maths: statistics covers all types of data collection and interpretation, such as tables, pictograms, bar charts, line graphs and timetables. The homework task provides an opportunity to consolidate the work we have covered so far on bar chart revision. 

In literacy, we have built on our prediction skills; learned how to use the apostrophe for contractions and reminded ourselves about the different tenses: past, present and future. We have also found time to get the apparatus out in PE to compose a sequence of jumps, balances and rolls. We have revisited British Values and suggested examples where we use them in everyday life - and in RE we have also begun to look at the skills and qualities that can help us work through the (unpredictable) journey of life

Enjoy your weekend everybody - and look out for the messages about our parent consultation evenings in the week beginning Monday 16th November.



Week ending 16th October 2020


The weather has been much kinder to us this week and we have been able to get out in the sunshine far more during our break and lunchtimes smiley This has definitely had a positive impact on the children's learning for they have completed some fantastic play scripts on Theseus on the Minotaur; followed the story of Pandora's Box effectively in order to answer some prediction and summarising questions - and managed to write pages of notes on the film, "Jason and the Argonauts," in preparation for our adventure writing next week. 

The numeracy tasks proved quite testing this week, covering the concepts of estimation and approximation as well as the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. The class worked extremely hard through the activities given - and we are nearly there - but some further consolidation will be needed for this to be totally secure. I have not set homework today but if any of the children would like to remind themselves of what we have covered so far, I have added the pyramid sheet we looked at in school for them to have a go at (homework section).

The RE lesson was eye-opening this week as we looked at how people view the world from different angles. The children were fascinated by these pictures that can be interpreted in different ways to highlight this point. What do YOU see in each one? 

We also continued our science topic on materials with an investigation on which materials dissolve in water to make solutions. There was quite a bit of scientific language involved but we determined a number of materials that were soluble and some that were insoluble by the end. I was particularly delighted, too, that the experiments were completed with only one small spillage of water! Congratulation Simmonds Class. yes Next week, we will be conducting a test to see what happens when certain liquids are mixed with water - and will investigate what factors, if any, aid the process of dissolving. Here are a few photos of the scientists at work. 

Finally, many thanks for all the Christmas Card orders you handed in - some really great designs were sent off and I know they will make your friends and family members smile when they are received. For further art work completed by Simmonds Class this week, take a look at the photo gallery above: we used scaled grids to help draw a whole range of mythical beasts, Gods and creatures in accurate proportions. Most authentic, I think you'll agree. 

Have an enjoyable weekend everyone. 


Week ending 9th October 2020


This has been a really enjoyable week and topped off with our fantastic #HelloYellowDay today. The children made a great display of dressing up in colour and brought a whole heap of joy and happiness into the class as a result. Just take a look at the photo booth below. laugh

We have made a good start on our new unit about play scripts and had a first go at converting story text into this genre. Having learned about the Greek myth "Theseus and the Minotaur," we will be developing one section of the story and writing that up as a script next week. In addition, we have revised the column method for addition and subtraction of larger numbers and have applied this to solving word problems. We will continue with this unit next week, covering the inverse relationship between + and - and then progress to multi-step problems. 

You will see that the homework task this week introduces the first home project of the year and is linked to our history work on the Ancient Greeks. As is usual, the children have been given three choices, one of which is a model artefact. We have been working hard at school to minimise the amount of items going to and fro from home - but we did not want to stop the opportunity of letting those children that would like, to showcase their artistic and creative talents. laugh Therefore, in the event that your child makes a model artefact, please leave it "quarantined" for 48hrs before bringing it in to school and we will then display it proudly - and separately to our everyday resources.

Many thanks for your support with this and I look forward to seeing the finished products.

There are a few more photos below, detailing our science investigation today into what material makes the best thermal insulator. Worth a look, if only for the fun of seeing how much like a swimming pool Simmonds Class looked after the ice cubes had melted!

Also, take a browse through our Christmas Card competition entries, found in the class gallery. Please remember that orders need to be returned to school by the deadline next week.

Have a great weekend everyone. 


Week ending 2nd October 2020


Another week has zoomed by and the class are really showing signs of settling in to the expectations of year 5 and motivating themselves to achieve them. laugh We have consolidated some basic punctuation rules; refreshed our VIPERS comprehension strategies; completed sequences using different powers of 10; solved problems involving negative numbers and converted Roman numerals into recognisable numbers - phew! On top of all of that, we have also created posters to advertise the Olympic Games; designed and painted vases in the style of Ancient Greece; identified electrical conductors and insulators and considered what type of God Christians believe in. Some of the work produced has been displayed below. 


Week ending 25th September 2020


The class have produced some fantastic writing these past two weeks as part of our unit on biographies and I have been delighted with their efforts. The same can be said for their work in numeracy too, where they have covered place value in numbers up to a million; compared and ordered numbers and this week, begun to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. The homework task is related to this work and has been attached to the link above, alongside the required spellings for our first test next Friday. 

Science, RE, history and enrichment activities have completed the timetable and a selection of photos have been added below so that you can take a peek at what we have been up to. 

As you can see,  we have had great fun as would-be scientists, completing our own electrical circuits and trying to find the best electrical conductor. We then spent Wednesday afternoon exploring the great outdoors under the direction of Adam from Shine: he led us through our first session of Forest School where we took part in a whole range of activities centred around teamwork and investigation. Many thanks to Adam for his time and energy - not to mention his vast knowledge of all those creepy crawlies! laugh

Finally, we would like to wish Mia a speedy recovery: there are a few coughs and colds going around at the moment but Mia has succumbed to a nasty chest infection so the children in Simmonds Class thought it would be nice to send her a Get Well Soon card with some heartfelt messages inside to let her know how much we are missing her. heart


Week ending 11th September 2020

The first week seems to have flown by much quicker (and more smoothly!) than anticipated and it has been great getting to know some of the characters in my new class. The children have settled in quickly and completed a number of the activities outlined in the Recovery Curriculum to help ease their way back into the school day and manage its routines and structures. Other than a few splotches of mis-directed hand sanitiser on the carpet, the new systems have been adhered to well and I have been really pleased at how the children have coped with the slightly shortened lunchtimes. Keep it up, Simmonds Class! yes

We did investigate who Ellie Simmonds is and what she has been able to achieve. We will be building on this next week as we learn more about her life and begin our first writing piece: a biography. The photos below show part of the "Colour scavenger hunt" we were able to complete, courtesy of a very sunny afternoon, and some examples of the "Classroom Character" art work will shortly be displayed in the gallery section above. 

Alongside our first (gentle) maths lessons on place value and an introduction to some science based around materials, next week promises to be equally as enjoyable. laugh


Hello Simmonds Class and Welcome to Year 5





It has been a long old time since school was open for you as a whole class so I hope you are looking forward to seeing each other again and excited about what the new term and the new "normal" will bring as Brentry's "now-year-fives." I am sure there will be a great mix of emotions on return, ranging from delight and joyous anticipation to some more restrained feelings, wondering how things may have changed and how you are going to cope with it all. You will be pleased to know that we teachers have spent a lot of time considering this and putting together plenty of opportunities for you to ease back into the school routine gently, to ask lots of questions and to have the time to share all your different experiences of the past 6 months. 

For myself, I am really looking forward to having you in, getting to know you and letting you know about all the exciting things we cover and do in year 5 - so, enjoy the long weekend, make sure you get some early nights now in preparation for the 8:50 arrival and I will see you bright and breezy on Monday morning. 

Tell your parents, by the way, if they want to see an overview of some of the expectations and content for the class, they can take a look at the information I have attached in the letters and curriculum sections above. yes 

Simmonds Class Update 

16th July 2020


Hello everyone laugh


Huge congratulations to you all – we have made it to the end of term and the end of year 5.

I want, once again, to thank you for all the hard work and commitment so many of you have shown during these past months and for all the support you have given to both the school and your children. It has been a testing time but it has been so rewarding to see how well you have all coped and, in some cases, excelled. A very big well done from me. yes

I have, on request, popped a few revision ideas under the rainbow icon, in the event that you would like some to help pass the time, but these are absolutely not a requirement.  I think we can all agree, you have earned your right to a break but they are there if you need. 

For the summer break, I hope the sunshine returns a bit more permanently than of late – and that you enjoy a restful few weeks now with your friends and families. I look forward to seeing all the new year 6s in September, fresh and excited in their red fleeces, no doubt all looking very grown up! Take care everyone. heart


School re-opens on 1st September but children will return on the 4th September following three Inset days. 

Simmonds Class Update

10th July 2020


Unbelievable though it may seem, we have reached the final week of term - and the last week of year 5. It has been a strange and uncertain time but also a time when we have seen the very best of people and their support for each other. heart I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, children and parents, for the fantastic way you have dealt with this lock-down period. The work has been brilliant; the commitment to keeping your spirits up has been wonderful, often putting a smile on my face and providing some laugh-out-loud moments; your thoughts, ideas and care for each other has been evident, time and time again - and best of all, for me, were the constant stream of photos. laugh


Below are this week's pictures. As you can see, the in-school bubbles made some delicious baguette pizzas - and the home-learning activities produced some great examples of Romero Britto artwork; information posters on yourselves - and bees; and some thoughtful descriptions of where Leon went on the next part of his journey. Sabrina also conducted a lemon juice experiment to clean up her pound coins - just look at the difference between the before and after results!  yes


Simmonds Class Update

2nd July 2020


Hello everybody laugh

With only two more weeks to go until the end of term, it has been fantastic to receive the stream of work still being completed - and at such a high level. The art work continues to amaze me: this week, Andy Warhol would be extremely impressed with your offerings, as I was, and the PSHE letters of advice were utterly reassuring - I see there are a number of potential teachers out there for the future!! A selection of your work has been displayed in the slideshow below. I look forward to being back in school next week to see the two bubbles but will, of course, continue with the home-learning timetable as usual. 

Enjoy your weekend - and let's hope the sunshine returns. 

Simmonds Class Update

26th June 2020


Hello everyone. laugh

What a fantastic week this has been - not just because of the glorious sunshine, but also for the successful Zoom calls I was able to have with the two Y5 bubbles in school: it was an absolute delight to see your smiling faces and gain a picture of what life in the Brentry classroom looks like right now! A huge thank you to Mrs Collins for sorting out all the techie side of that - not my strongest point, as Wednesday's bubble discovered - and a big thank you, too, for Mrs Price who averted mutiny by allowing a later play-time after I talked for too  long: no surprises there, eh?!   

The work that has been completed this week continues to showcase the excellent art that you are all producing throughout our Pop Art topic: there are plenty of examples of your Lichtenstein portrait versions in the slideshow below so see who you can recognise in there: a few Year 5 children have been mixed in amongst the celebrities...

I have also added some examples of your maths, writing, science, ICT and PSHE tasks as they are all worthy of mention and display - finishing off with a few great photos of Leila and Tayler at the Wild Place and Lexie exploring the woodlands as well as whizzing along on her new Segway.

Thank you so much, all of you, for your continued hard work and efforts to make the very best of these strange times. 


Still image for this video

Simmonds Class Update

18th June 2020


Hello everyone. laugh

The weather seems to have turned quite considerably this week but it has certainly not stopped you producing your usual fantastic work. I have been delighted with the efforts you have put into your celebrity Pop Art portraits, Lichtenstein-style; your maths work; the science tasks on Changes; the PSHE statements on true friendship (some tear-jerking thoughts there) and the continued commitment you are giving to your writing and grammar rules: I have received some truly exceptional pieces this week. yes

Do please keep this going. It makes my day - every day - when I see the hard work you are putting into each of these tasks.

The slideshow below your work examples give you a glimpse into some of the additional activities some of you have been entertaining yourselves with: Sarah looks as if she has been in the wars (hope you've healed up now); Jack has been busy gardening and cooking (and I happen to know he has just purchased a new motor-cross bike too); Archie is keeping fit with a spot of cycling and some accomplished fishing; Humaira has experimented with some crayons and a hair-drier to make some alternative art pieces; Ellie has been enjoying the great outdoors with some walking, swimming and fab back-garden sliding; and Lexie is fully back in the saddle with her horse-riding and jumping. I hope you love seeing these photos as much as I do - send your own in to me for there is always room for more!

My email address is: