Brentry Primary School

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Making Music!

P.E in the sunshine

Maths - working as a team to get the job done!

Gymnastics - creating and learning our own routines.




























































































































































































Our Completed Romero Britto Lanterns

All About Me montages

Our Pop Art Class Display

Further Pop Art examples

Our completed Plants and Flowers Display

Our Collages of "Britishness"

Testing electrical conductors

Our Ancient Greek Workshop Day

Humanist visitor, investigating thermal insulators and ball skills

Simmonds Poetry Performance

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Artwork inspired by Romero Britto

More examples of weaving with plastic

Making structures with withies and Op Art

Tree Champions Festival

Pop Art inspired by Andy Warhol

Learning how the body changes through puberty

Finding area of irregular shapes

Afternoon in the sunshine, supporting KS1

The Long Distance Race

Examples of decoupage

Coloured flowers inspired by Henri Rousseau

Flower pencil sketches

Presentations on Eastern Europe

Painting landscapes in progress

Home fun: sundials, earth's rotation, caught reading and bearded dragons!

How to feel good about yourself

The Importance of Love

Complete the 9 o'clock doodles

Our Graffiti Artwork: Banksy Style

Examples of Home Learning


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Simmonds Christmas Performance

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Scaled Grid pictures of Greek Mythology Characters

Christmas Card Competition Entries

Our comical classroom characters