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Read any text. 3 times a week.

Sign your Reading Record.


Every child will have the option of up to two reading books. One will always be a teacher-assessed book to support your child in making the most progress in their reading. The second text may be a sharing book or a personal choice text.


What is my Phonics book?

Our Twinkl Phonics have a Rhino Reader symbol on the cover. These books support our students with their fluency in Phonics. Every Rhino Reader text is linked to a Phonics Level. 


Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6


What is my banded book?

If your child is confident with all the Phonics learning covered in Levels 1 - 6, they will be moved on to banded books. These books challenge your child's fluency and comprehension of the text, so even a book with no words can be the greatest test of comprehension! Students will encounter a range of genres, fiction and non-fiction, within the banded selection in their classroom. Banded books are intended to be read comfortably with only a few mistakes or unfamiliar words per a page.




What is my sharing book?

Children in Keystage 1 are provided with a sharing book, as well as their teacher-assessed book. This is because your child's Phonics book primarily tests their fluency - how well they recognise the letters and their sounds. Your child will need support to read their sharing book, but will encounter characters, settings and questions that will encourage curiosity and comprehension. It is important students have opportunities to read both their Phonics book and their sharing book each week.


What is my personal choice text?

Children in Keystage 2 will be invited to take home a personal choice book, as well their Phonics or banded book. This is to ensure our pupils are reading regularly for pleasure. Your child's personal choice text may not be a book; it could be a magazine, a recipe book, a newspaper, a graphic novel. It is possible that it will not be the right level of challenge for them, so they may read through it quickly or may need it read to them entirely. As long as your child is showing interest in a text, we are happy for you to sign their reading record and celebrate their love of books!