Brentry Primary School

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Term 1


October 5th - National Poetry Day


Brentry's Annual Poetry Slam


Our classes will be preparing for our annual Poetry Slam held on National Poetry Day. Every pupil will join their class in reciting a poem, listening to others and providing positive feedback about our brave performances. What better way to celebrate sharing poetry!


Check out our performances here:


October 5th - National Poetry Day


THIS IS ME Poetry Competition Deadline


Don't miss out on entering this year's Young Writers poetry competition. The theme is THIS IS ME. As well as prizes for the three winners from KS1 and KS2, there are incredible national prizes to be won too, including the chance to be published in a real poetry anthology!


Congratulations to our competition winners Eliza, Lacey and Iris!

Term 2


November 10th - BBC 500 Words Deadline


BBC 500 Words


Looking to exercise your creative juices over the half-term break? Why not look into BBC 500 Words writing competition. The theme is to 'write a story you would love to read'. It can be about ANYTHING! If you're feeling brave, ask to share your story with your class. All the best writers ask for feedback before sending off their final draft.

More information can be found here:


Term 4


March 4th - English Week


Brentry Spelling Bee


Get practising those spellings, because the 4th of February marks the beginning of English Week. As is tradition, we will be causing a buzz with the Year 6 Spelling Bee.

March 4th - English Week

Bedtime Stories


There's nothing like snuggling up in your cosiest PJs with a hot chocolate and a good book... well, there is CERTAINLY nothing like doing exactly this with 30 other classmates. Come back to school after dark to join us your teacher for a Bedtime Story.

March 7th - English Week


World Book Day Tea Party


Dress up as your favourite book character and get set for a book bonanza. Don't forget to share a Recommended Read with Mrs Stinson - the more enthusiastic the better!

March 7th - English Week


WBD - Book Swap


There's only one thing better than reading a good book - that's sharing it! On WBD, we all brought it a pre-loved book to swap with someone else and share our love of reading.

March 8th - English Week


Library Scavenger Hunt


KS1 got to know our school library a little better with a scavenger hunt. They continued their investigation outside, where the searched for objects to help their favourite storybook characters. Meanwhile, KS2 ventured to a library in our local community: Henbury Library.