Brentry Primary School

Learn Together - SHARE Success


Literacy and maths homework will be added to this page every Friday, to be completed and emailed to Mr Butters by the following Thursday. 


Please email completed homework to Mr Butters at


Spelling homework, with a new spelling rule to explore, will also be added here every week. The children will be tested on these spellings every Thursday.


Please encourage your child to complete their homework, practise their spellings and read regularly at home.


Thank you for your continued support smiley

Instead of your usual nightly reading, please read episode 4 of Storyhaven: 

Most of the class will be tested on the first set of spellings below. There are a few children who will be tested on the Nessy spellings. This is NOT all of the children who attend Nessy. Your child will know which spelling test they do smiley.

If you're keen to do some extra learning at home, please take a look at these excellent educational games and websites:
If you wish to purchase any books for additional homework ideas, please click on the document below for book recommendations.