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Phonics and Reading


In Potter Class, we teach reading and writing using phonics. We use the Letters and Sounds format using Read Write Inc resources. 


The sounds that the children have learnt in class will be added to this page. The words given will be an example of a word your child should be able to read with the new sound in it. 


Please read with your child at least 4x per week to help them practise their new skills. 


In class we have a Reading Reward chart. Each time a child reads 6 times at home their Frog (their name) moves onto a lily pad. They will get a reading sticker in their book so you know this has happened. When they get onto a final Lily pad they can chose a prize from the prize box. Please write in their Yellow books to record if you have read with your child and to feed back on their progress.


Please see information below for parent support. 

Term 4


The children should be secure with all phase 2 sounds. They should be able to blend cvc words and starting to segment them to begin to spell words. 

This term we will be finishing learning all of the phase 3 sounds. Children should be secure with these to read and write by the end of the year. Below is a lost of the sounds we should know. 


sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, ar, or, igh, oi, ow, ur, oa


Tricky words

the, I, A, my, to, he, she, we. be, me, was 


Parent Support

Phonics can be very tricky to get your head around. It amazes me every year how quickly the children pick up the new sounds and begin to learn to read. At Brentry we would usually hold a parents phonics evening along with a phonics morning in school. Unfortunately we are unable to host these events this year. I have added our usual Powerpoint to this page with some added details, I apologies for how wordy it now is! Below are also some added videos and information. I hope this helps to try and explain reading at Brentry the best way we can. I hope to ad some videos of the children as the year goes on so you can see their progress and how practising their phonics helps the development of reading. As always if you need any extra help or support please email or phone me. 




Below are some suggestions of what you can do at home: 


  • Reading your child a bedtime story - look for their new sounds in the book
  • Are any of your new sounds in your name? 
  • Practising reading skills - phonics book, phonics game, word cards (at least x4 per week) 
  • Practise reading and writing your child's name. 
  • Play listening games e.g. What animal makes this noise? Eye Spy, Can you see the colour .....