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Phonics and Reading


In Potter Class, we teach reading and writing using phonics. We use the Letters and Sounds format using Read Write Inc resources. 


The sounds that the children have learnt in class will be added to this page. The words given will be an example of a word your child should be able to read with the new sound in it. 


There are some links below with printable resources you may find useful. 


Please read with your child at least 3x per week to help them practise their new skills. 

We have begun teaching the initial sounds. Below are the sounds your child should know. Please help them to recognise them in their reading books. 


All single sounds of the alphabet- look at this link if you want to learn how they are pronounced. 


Special Friend Sounds 

sh-shop, fish 

ch- chat, chip

th- that, this 

ng- song, wing 

ai- rain, snail

ee- tree, keep

oa- boat, goat


Tricky words 











Below are some suggestions of what you can do at home: 


  • Reading your child a bedtime story - look for their new sounds in the book
  • Are any of your new sounds in your name? 
  • Practising reading skills - phonics book, phonics game, word cards (at least x4 per week) 
  • help spot the 'special friend' sounds in new words
  • Look at tricky words (in Reading Record)
  • Writing tricky words, simple words (written above) 
  • Play listening games e.g. What animal makes this noise? Eye Spy, Can you see the colour .....