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Isolation Page


In the unfortunate event that your child should need to isolate at home, please follow the guidance below for each subject.

It is important that your child prioritises the 'current week's' tutorial videos on the White Rose website, as these directly mirror the learning taking place in school. Beyond that, your child may choose whether to follow the Year 4 Schedule provided on the Oak Academy Trust page or choose from the links I have provided for each subject below.

Weekly spellings can be found under the Spellings tab on the Bowie Class Homepage. Your child would also benefit from regular reading and times table practice throughout their isolation. You can use the links below to help them engage with their learning independently.


If you have any concerns or would like to share the learning being done at home, please don't hesitate to contact me:


Oak Academy provides lessons from across the curriculum: from English and Maths to Science, PE and Music. Though these lessons will not match exactly what your classmates are learning in class, they will focus on Year 4 skills and get you thinking. When isolating, you are expected to complete at least the Literacy lesson from this website. However, you can choose to follow the Year 4 'schedule' and complete the learning in all subjects for each day. 


Follow the link below to access the White Rose video lessons for Year 4. These lessons mirror the units being taught to the class in school, so you don't miss a thing!


It is recommended that you practise your timestables everyday while isolating. There are a number of sites you can use to do this. If you need a reminder of your Timestable Rockstars log-in, I have the details and can email them to you.

Spellingand Handwriting

The Year 4 weekly spellings can be found under the spellings tab on the year group homepage. However, learning remotely may provide the perfect opportunity to brush up on some of those tricky spellings, which don't follow the spelling rules. You can play the game below to revise the Year 3/4 spellings or download the handwriting sheets to practise your joins at the same time.


Hurrah! In terms 5 and 6, we begin our Art units. Our topic this term is a study of insects. Use the Youtube videos below to learn how to draw different kinds of insects. Consider what these bugs have in common as you draw them: how many legs do they have, do they have antennae, what colours are they, how many shapes do you need to draw their body?


In Term 4, our Geography topic will be called 'Extreme Earth'. We will research natural disasters, their effect on the local environment and the difficulties faced by communities struck by them. Get ahead with this topic by watching David Attenborough's recent series 'A Perfect Planet' on BBC Iplayer. In particular, episodes 1 (Volcanoes) and 3 (Weather).



In Science this term, we are learning living things and their habitats. Why not research your favourite animal? Where does it live? How has it adapted to its environment? What does it eat? How does its environment provide this? Can you classify the animal: is it a bird, fish, mammal, amphibian or reptile? Get creative with how you present the information. Perhaps you could make a powerpoint, a diorama, a leaflet, a poster or even film a documentary!


Duolingo can be accessed from home, so you can continue to practise your French (or Spanish, Eliza) learning. If you cannot remember your log-in, drop me an email and I can send along the details.


In need of a sing-song? Check out these videos created by Sing Up, which are guaranteed to get you smiling :)


Remote learning is tricky and you may be feeling sad about missing out on learning with your friends. Please remember how brave you are being by staying safe at home and what a responsible friend you are to protect your classmates from catching the virus. If you are feeling down, you may like to fill out this interactive booklet, which will help you to reflect on the positive things that will come out of learning remotely.


Don't forget all the episodes of PE with Joe can still be found on Youtube if you are in need of burning off some energy!