Brentry Primary School

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Closure Days

As you will know, the old school building has been undergoing a major refurbishment over the course of this year. The plan is to move out of the temporary classrooms at the end of the academic year (in July) and move back in to the school at the start of the new academic year (September). This will give the builders time to finish off the refurbishment, and clear the temporary site over the summer holidays.

Because of this, Bristol City Council have allocated us additional closure days so that we can pack everything up before the break, and set the school up for the children afterwards. We will combine these with In-service training days, to give us the time we need. Therefore, the new dates for the end of Term 6 this year, and the start of Term 1 next year are as follows:

  • Term 6 2018/19 finishes on Wednesday 17th July 2019
  • Term 1 2019/20 begins on Thursday 5th September 2019

Apologies that we haven’t confirmed these dates until now, but we had to be as sure as we could be that everything was running to time with the refurbishment before we could finalise arrangements.