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Red Nose Day 2017

Dear Children, Parents and Carers

It’s Red Nose Day time again! Friday 24th March 2017

We will be raising money for this brilliant and fun charity as usual, with activities organised by Year 6. This year’s theme is “Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Relief”. Here are the ways that children can get involved:

  1. Red Noses for sale: £1.00 each. On sale next week at the healthy snack stall. Hurry – we usually sell out quickly!


  2. Sing & Dance for Comic Relief’: Children who wish to can prepare a song/dance and compete within their classes. Each class winner will perform in front of the whole-school at the Red Nose Day assembly on Friday 24th.


  3. ‘All in Red’: Children can wear non-uniform, as long as it’s red, on Friday 24th for a £1 fee.


  4. ‘Coin Trails’: Each class competes to bring in as many 1p and 2p coins as possible, to see who can make the longest coin trail in the playground. The winning class gets to choose a facepaint design that Mr Clarke has to wear for a whole day! You can bring coins in during the week, but make sure they’re in by Friday, when the trails will be made.

Thank you for supporting all these events. We will let you know how much we raise after Red Nose Day.

For more information on how Red Nose Day supports people in the UK and abroad, please go to

Miss L Evans and Darwin Class